1. I couldn’t help notice the MSNBC YouTube comments have been a hotbed of activity as of late 😆

  2. This is a FANTASTIC interview. Really great questions Ari. Very different than what we normally see, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. (Click the P to learn about me)

  3. I don’t know if he’s the guy that did the Seth Rogen “Char and Ity” cartoon, but I keep seeing this interview through that lens.

  4. Loved the interview. Haven’t seen Rick and Morty. Have to now. Don’t subscribe to cable so I might have to get creative.

  5. “Are you a person, or are you a collection of reactions?”

    “Ari, please don’t interrupt me. It’s annoying and unprofessional.”

    “Do I care too much? Yeah, too much to be broke. Talk to the Emmy!”

    “Kanye is an incredible listener.”

    “You are a taste bud on God’s tongue.”

    “Rick is right, about half the time.“

    “Success means you’ve done it wrong enough. I really believe that.”

    Which of these is your favorite Dan Harmon quote from our interview? 😂

    1. “I gotta get on Ari Melber”

      “It tells Rick there’s something underneath him that doesn’t have to do with the ruthless hierarchical game of who’s more powerful”

    2. I’m new to this Show—

      What came first…the anxiety or the constipation?

      These gentlemen (Rick and Morty) are like a shared liver on dialysis, that doesn’t want to meet the New Friend that knows He’s on his way out-that certified TODAY- his Liver for Donation on His License at The DMV

      And the resolution is purposeful- to provide Cruise with privacy….he’s changing in.the second row over Melber’s shoulder

  6. “Talk to the Emmy” best line.
    I agree w/ him abt Joseph Campbell, not every story needs the heroes arc. Not one Hollywood exec. had ever heard of Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey before George Lucas started talking abt it in conjunction w/ Star Wars.

  7. Dan Harmon is our generations version of Mark Twain and Johnathan Swift… he’s a genius, with a deep humanity, who brilliantly uses comedy to overcome existential paralysis and bring joy to the unwashed self-aware masses

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