See texts dentist accused of poisoning his wife sent days before her death

The Colorado dentist accused of poisoning his wife appeared in court and was formally charged with first-degree murder. According to an arrest warrant affidavit James Toliver Craig allegedly put arsenic in his wife Angie's protein shakes, but the dentist denies it. CNN's Kyung Lah reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Robert Hays You know God lets people choose to go to Hell too. I think the entire point was to just watch from the sidelines until everything is dust then say See these people are just bad, while these people here did nothing wrong. IE the wife.

  1. I also don’t understand the mistress. She flew into town while his wife was dying. She knows what he did AND this is at least the 2nd time!! Why would anyone want that?? Surely there must be other men in the world.

    1. I’m assuming because most women would find his dedication to them very endearing. He was willing to commit murder for her so she must be special!

  2. “Just for the record I didn’t drug you” , how can someone be smart enough to become a doctor and be dumb enough to incriminate themselves in the dumbest of ways.

    1. @Jon Stewart ugh no, anyone with common sense would still never send an incriminating text like that.

  3. My deepest condolences to the kids and her family. This reminds me of the Chris watts case he was probably going to kill the kids next too

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  5. I never understood why the faithful spouse has to die because the other spouse is living another life… you are always free to just leave someone without having to kill them.. people blow me smh

    1. He didn’t want to pay her money for the rest of his life. Not the correct decision, but it’s why it happens

  6. If your wife texts you “I had my protein shake and I feel drugged” and your response is “just for the record, I didn’t drug you,” then you obviously drugged her. idiot. any innocent person would not feel it necessary to clarify that. Their immediate response would be one of empathy and concern, such as “omg what’s wrong?” or “what you are feeling?” or “should i come over and check on you?”

    1. It would be rational to say something like “oh no, maybe I made it too sweet. I’m sorry about that hun. Try drinking some water and laying down. It’s possible you’re feeling dizzy from a spike in blood sugar. Hopefully you feel better in a bit.”

  7. Arrogance is a strong trait of Dentists. There shouldn’t be any reason to trust them beyond their fear of losing State certification.

  8. He wasn’t thinking straight because look how he was leaving evidence. He wanted to be with the new woman badly or unless she was threatening to end the affair if he didn’t leave his wife but he didn’t want to leave her emotionally destroyed. There’s more to this murder

    1. You’re not wrong very sloppy but I think he was just so full of himself that he didn’t think it could ever come back on him. I think they call it a narcissists or something. I don’t know he’s an evil POS . That lady should feel real guilt and shame rn

  9. I seriously wonder what his children are thinking you wake up one morning and by the end of it your mom is dead and two days later you find out your dad did it. Would they love him , support him, want him to die too? Why can’t people just keep their evil to themselves he murdered his wife and destroyed and took away from his children. This world is just a never ending cycle of evil. Rest in peace

  10. I’m sure that If he did get away with it and married the mistress, he would have become bored with her within 2 years and would start another affair.

  11. Murdering by Arsenic poisoning? It’s unbelievably slow and painful and he knew it. Is he even a human?!

  12. The folks saying it is a neverending cycle of evil are right. He could have gotten a divorce, and, this woman would still be alive today.

  13. Don’t understand why some people think they can get away with murdering their spouses. That husband is a dumb criminal

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