1. General Wesley Clarke was such a smart, sharp, athletic and energetic man. He should have been elected president in 2004.

    1. You forget that the joker Clarke nearly caused world war 3 in Serbia?Were it not for the British general who refused his direct order to attack Russian troops who had flown into Serbia and had taken over the airport. The war in Serbia was not sanctioned by the UN. America with the aid of the Albanians fomented the war.

    1. @Hugo Phuquerself bruh, they havent lost 50k? Then what happened to the 70k Ukrainians Zelensky sent to defend Bakmut? , dont tell me they all retreated? Lol

    1. @King VB They say slavery is gone but it really isnt and is still here but its a better slavery system I guess you can say. It doesnt matter whos in charge,were all still born to be slaves forced to go to school to be a spoke on a wheel and work and pay bills and if not,youre kicked out your home. If thats not slavery,human trafficking and prostitution,I dont know what is. Let that sync in yalls heads for a minute.

  2. Need a new contract to restart ATACMS manufacturing specifically for Ukraine. Then follow up with mobile Tomahawks to smash supply routes even deeper.

  3. I voted for Wesley Clark in the Democratic primary during the second half of George Bush Jr.s first term. He would have been a great president. Kerry got the nomination, but Clark was my choice in ’04. I still think things would be different and better if the people got behind him. Not my world, I just live here.

  4. the Ukrainians should never be underestimated. They are tougher and smarter than Putin thought, and we should not forget the price that they are paying for the freedom of all of us.

  5. You heard him saying it (with regard to the UA-springoffensive) : ‘We really need those ATACMS there !’. Well, provide them with these longrange missiles then.

  6. Theres a stronger unity and willingness to defeat an invader as an defender especially when attacking soldiers are not sure or half hearted about their cause, i think a full offensive as Gen. W.Clark have said take the fight to them

  7. It’s common knowledge that here where I live in the USA that Ukrainian pilots are being trained on the F-16s. It’s been openly on the news for weeks now. Flying hours have also changed, there’s way more flying at night around the city. I’ll support whatever it takes to keep Ukraine supplied, trained, and strong. Russia has to be sent packing.

    1. @rand mayfield Lets put it in another way,without lend lease,Russia would be speaking German now

    2. @rand mayfield Exactly,my grandfather did many trips across the Atlantic in the convoys to Liverpool and Murmansk,toroedoed twice as well.
      Something many keeps forgetting when the war is mentioned,its usually the soldiers who did the fighting that gets all the credit.

    3. @Master Mariner I have a keen interest in WW2 history and have always been amazed at the massive tonnage and loss of life that took place with the Merchant Marine service during the battle of the Atlantic. I remember seeing Das Boot back in the early 80’s and was amazed that almost 40,000 German submariners perished. The scale of destruction leaves me gobsmacked every time I think about it.

  8. in my opinion, they should tactically retreat, but since they want to stay, its good to focus forces and double down at the moment to help achieve success. it is possible to counter russia in bakhmut. but still can be flexible.

  9. Great commentary! May Our Lady of Zarvanytsia, Andrey Sheptytsky, Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky and all Ukrainian saints, First Testament Prophets (Elijah, Ezekiel, Joel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos etc), Jewish holy men and women, St Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, all the angels, St Benedict, St Mary MacKillop, St Joseph, St Oscar Romero, St John Paul II and St George ask the Almighty to help Ukraine. May it be freed from Russian oppression. May all who have died RIP and may relatives and friends be comforted.

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