1. @gilani alnoor Good one.
      I like Wendy’s myself.
      Not the local one so much but generally they are good.

  1. He looks like he is cosplaying Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars with all that Gold 😂

    1. @Bruno Heggli I liked ‘Children of the Corn’. Does that count? “He wants yoooooo, Malachi!” 😱

    2. @Bruno Heggli I believe the correct title is ‘Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver’ 🤓

    1. It’s not like the movies, where they have a million retakes whilst using a fake prop.

      Putting a extremely heavy crown with gold and gems stones on somebody’s head is probably not an easy task for anyone to do.

    1. It doesn’t matter whether “consort” is in the title, Camila is the “queen consort” which is what Queen Elizabeth wished. Camila can never be queen regnant and will never be mistaken for that.

    2. No, that’s just you projecting your feelings/ideas onto her.
      She would have no envy or misconceptions about her status, just appreciation I’m sure.

  2. Love it the Brits, they know how to throw an epic ceremony. So glad I got to witness once and a life time event.🎉

    1. @Ryan van Rensburg still once in a lifetime with the number of mall shootings going on

    2. @Sundae Express I smoked three fatties while watching the entire ceremony. Then I went out to Burger King for munchies, the only King I truly respect.

    3. @Rasputin love machine So high are you, in fact, that you think you’re Aunchient Pistol 🤭

  3. If Diana were still alive, this could have been a Cersi Lannister moment season 6 episode 10 😂

  4. Such a fantastic and momentous occasion. Yes there are those that moan and complain but my goodness what a moving and wonderful spectacle. Every country has their traditions and pageantry and this is the UK’s. The pitiful small gathering protesting with signs ‘not my king’ were brave as those that showed ‘he is my king’ outnumbered them by thousands. Well done Charles, the armed forces, the church, the wonderful musicians and singers and all involved.Some may mock but we are so, so proud.

  5. Can’t I just be a normal bloke king without having to wear all of these weird outfits. I just want to go back to my garden and chat with my plants.

  6. Did anyone else notice all the names carved into the backrest of the throne? 727 years worth from what I read. I wonder who they all were.

  7. The bishop was struggling with placing the crown on Charles’s head ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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