1. Makes me proud to be a human being. And an American. You have to admit this is a far better patriotic symbol than war. No killing, just progress towards a better future.

  2. “There can be no thought of finishing, for ‘aiming at the stars’ both literally and figuratively, is a problem to occupy generations, so that no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning.” Robert Goddard

    1. You know I was wondering how long it would take before the first moon landing denier had to post some snarky comment…wow..The very first one!.. It must so sad to go thru life with absolutely no scientific or mathematics knowledge.. Have you ever hear of a word called TELEMETRY??

    2. @John Michael now now, he might have an education and understand it’s pretty easy when you have radars, flight path data and observers all over the globe sending data for it’s speed, location, and trajectory giving an accuracy within meters of it’s final splashdown location. i mean it’s not like any of that is hard to understand so you’d have to be a real uneducated idiot to think it was some kind of hoax or CGI s so many of the brain-dead claim about anything to do with space or nasa.

    3. ​@John MichaelLooks to be the same video they used showing the splash downs from 50 years ago. Least they are saving money on the production. Next mission they are sending Trump..

    4. @John Michael Have you ever heard of the radiation belt? Do you know how many miles wide the radiation belt is? If yes sit back and think how at that time they had the technology to go through 24 miles of radiation and survived? That’s just one point. Back to you Mr moon man.

  3. By this time we should have a city on Mars. But here we are using old tech that circled the moon again. Not totally NASA’s fault. Hope SpaceX will do this shortly with new generation tech (reusable, cost-effective, etc).

  4. Great that they finally got the thing launched and to the Moon and back. However, that’s the only bit of all that incredibly expensive hardware left to return to Earth. It’s just so 1960s. It is unsustainable at the cost. The future is reusability. SLS is ridiculous. The RS25 engines made to be reused. They were reused on the shuttle. And with this system that has taken so long and cost so much has just used them once and thrown them away at the bottom of the ocean. Sorry, but I just can’t be really happy about SLS and Artemis as it stands.

  5. So much longer and more complicated than old splashdown recoveries of old Mercury and Gemini capsules where they dropped ‘frogmen’ into the water to install an inflated dingy-like skirt under the base, then opened the hatch and lifted each of the crew up to the helicopter!

  6. Nice they mention how the parachutes & equipment will be removed from the water too. Those things would be a marine hazard for sure.

  7. I’m so used to seeing this reporter blabbering his anti Trump nonsense I feel irritated seeing him reporting on anything else

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