1. Pay attention to details. She is counter sueing the plaintiff for $1 PLUS for him to pay her defense fees. She didn’t want to settle so he is asking 300k. You got trip up by defense, hope you never have to testify!!!!! Lol

    2. @Sada Kamber believe he was going for a few million at first, but that was shot down.. guess cause his case is utter bs

    1. how sickening is it that one can’t even ski in peace you get these greedy lowlives trying to make money off you with one of their “porcelain” scam ripoffs.

    2. ​@Simulation L maybe next time Gwyneth should rent the resort to herself if she is so afraid of others on slope.

  1. Anyone seen the moped video where she pulled in front of a bus, with her child riding behind her? Really scary and very reckless…

    1. woooow that is some of the worst driving of all time. well, I have seen that kind before, particularly from women (just ignoring all other vehicles as if you can psychically command everybody to make way), but it’s really really bad.

    1. @J It more closely reflects the intended expression of the original commenter, who simply missed an apostrophe. @JANUARY’s “correction” unnecessarily expanded the contraction.

      The reason I thought this worthy of correction is connected to clarifying the common “must’ve”/”must of” confusion (i.e. it’s important that people are exposed to the correct form).

      Probably more than you wanted to hear… 😼

    2. @January I admit I missed that bit…

      Your new correction is just dandy!

      Let’s not bicker about the “couldnt”… 😼

  2. Wow, I once hit the whole que of skiers full speed, many of them fell, by accident… nobody was injured, I said I’m sorry, they were talking something about @&&es and morons and everything was ok…I’m lucky I’m not living in America…I would probably get life sentence for this 😮😂

    1. Imagine having 4 broken ribs on a slope and the person takes off without getting help or the injuried or giving her info. She is having lunch and messages while victim is in first aid care.

  3. I also skied once. It was in 1989 on Dombay. There was a bottleneck, there was no way out and no brakes.There was a crack and the skis fell off, without injury. You need to be able to set up the fasteners your self. I don’t trust rental skis. I took a screwdrive with me.

    1. Narrassitis are good at that. Who was yell f words on slope with kids? Who never stayed to give her information which is a rule and have respect for others. Caught her lying. Acting the best.

  4. If your in an accident and you’re not injured you most definitely inquire on the other person. Her answer makes me side eye her character

    1. *If you’re in an accident and you’re not injured, you most definitely inquire about the other person. *side-eye

    2. I am sure she has had to put up with all kinds of people in unwanted interactions. Might have made her a bit cold.

  5. I never thought to bring my insurance card to the slopes. Gwyn told me she’s been rammed from behind much harder in the past…

  6. As much as I dislike Paltrow, this case is entirely frivolous. Skiing is a dangerous sport, there are accidents all the time. If you are so afraid of getting hurt don’t ski. Pretty obvious what happened here, there was San accident, he saw who she was and thought “payday”.

    1. Nah I’ve never seen somebody blink so much while talking. Seems like she’s either nervous or lying.

  7. Hit 200k today. Thank you philip for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 14k in June 2022.

    1. ​@Stam Warden investing is the fastest way to Financial freedom. It’s not too late to start preparing for a financially and secured future, investing is building wealth..

  8. If you are a good skier (and Utah has spacious slopes too) … unlikely you bump into someone on an easy slope. Most likely this Moses skied into her for what ever stupid reason. In anycase someone must have seen him skiing down after her shouldn’t that be looked into? It is always the person uphill skiing behind that is responsible as has the visibility and more control. It is an informal rule on the slopes.

    1. It’s a formal rule. It is an absolute rule…but most skiers are ignorant of it. Few take lessons and lessons are no guarantee that this First Rule of the slopes is imparted effectively.

    2. Thank you! Wish they would have emphasized that or have a ski professional opinion so people can judge the accident on details than making accuses for the rich celebrity ( who had no respect for anyone on the slopes).

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