1. The person uphill on the slope, just like a rear ender in a car, is responsible to watch out for those in front of them. Those skiers downhill from them are NOT looking back, they are looking where they are going. One reason I never skied when it was crowded. I live close to the slopes so could get away and ski midweek. It can be very dangerous on a crowded slope. Sounds to me, unless the information regarding the positions on the slope is wrong, HE is at fault and is trying to get some bucks. I don’t have to like Gwenyth. Right is right.

    1. Actually, if you are going downhill and you are changing direction, you have to make sure you are not cutting anyone off.
      Same in car traffic if you change lanes.

    2. There are no rules in skiing. The f you talkin about 😀 Ppl just use common sense and have fun sliding down the mountain. If you get hurt, well, you signed up for that yourself by choosing to do such an activity.
      Thats like skateboarding and after a fall, looking for someone to blame other than yourself 😀

    3. @Samagoselen Wrong. The rules are set out by the International Ski Federation FIS and are generally accepted. Most owners of skiing slopes/lifts display them and demand patrons to follow them. Ski slopes are usually private land, and rules are not governed by law. Exactly the same applies when driving on private roads and car parks such as farm land, or at your local shopping mall, Home Depot or cinema.
      The rules are set by the owner. Sadly, a lot of skiers are ignorant and don’t know anything.

    4. @der_ radierer Well, i understand that there are safetly guidelines and rules, but not in a way that after a normal skiing accident where 2 ppl collide you should be able to sue someone because of that. That’s like going to play paintball and then suing because someone shot you in the back of the head and you got brain damage from that. Don’t want to fall, to break bones, to collide with other ppl, then don’t go skiing, simple. Ofc USA is mecca of lawsuits, so i guess this is normal.

    5. @Samagoselen
      It remains to be seen if he will be successful. iI doubt it.
      But he has the right to try, even if he’s only a gold digger who abuses the system. That’s the reality we live in.

    1. @Linda C she wears readers so if she has to look at evidence she’s gonna wear her glasses. Girls in her 50s…

    2. @Dragon Screech Argh! I have to wear glasses all the time.

      Mental Note: wear contact lenses if I ever have to go to court.

    3. @Bobby S that’s what’s so freaking funny. She has her black readers in her hand. Just put one of Paltrow in your search on YouTube. You will see plenty of thumbnails with her wearing other glasses. Glasses she probably doesn’t need

  2. The smirk and dropped eyes as she apologizes looks, to me, like an act and lousy at that, too. She then gives an eye contact toward him (?) as if to say “you believe me, don’t you”? I think she clearly isn’t sorry and that her acting sucks.

    1. You got for professional $4,000 a day four of them for you your two children your future husband and his two children so basically that’s one professional ski instructor watching one of y’all and nobody said hey you’re going close to this guy nobody you’re talkin about $12,000 a day are you just Reckless are they just incompetent you’re paying $12,000 a day

    2. @Jim Kirk uh, hes a wealthy optometrist. He started asking $3 million and nows hes down to $300,000. At a ski resort, which isnt exactly where needy people hang out (except maybe the workers). He doesnt need the money.

  3. If the skier was out of it from the crash, an apology may be made out of confusion, not as an admission of guilt, especially if you’re being sworn at and want to de escalate a person. I know I have a saucy mouth, and it’s fight or flight. If I feel wronged, it will tell where to go and how to get there very succinctly, if I don’t want conflict, I’ll apologize EVEN if I did no wrong.

    1. Not being a fan of Hollywood types isn’t a valid reason for administering guilt. Sounds to me like you’re straining to do some explaining . I don’t really care one way or the other but right is right and wrong is wrong. And for saying that, unabashedly, “I’m F-ing Sorry”

    2. @A Bite Of Life What? Their explanation had nothing to do with celebrity. They are saying that in conflict situations some people will apologise even when they’re not technically the party in the wrong, to de-escalate the situation. That’s just a fact of human behaviour.

  4. Man one time I snowboarded right into a young child by accident, and I made him cry. I felt so bad. The parent went to care for the child, and did not regard me at all, he wasn’t angry at me but understood that these things can happen when on a public resort. It happens. Get over it.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. Like it happens, that’s par for the course. If that’s a chance you are willing to take, then dont go skiing.

    1. @Taran Jeneyou’re allowed to lead on cross-examination, or on direct if the witness is adverse

  5. She needs just to give him the money because I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her… historically she’s not a very nice person.

    1. all the evidence shows He is at fault. and the swearing is irrelevant. saying sorry is irrelevant. I don’t even know who she is. But If shes famous I am proud of her for swearing in public,.

  6. Based on his daughters testimony, he is a narcissist and doesn’t like to admit he ever does anything wrong.

  7. What’s her screaming got to do with him skiing into her back. She’s aload to express her emotions. This frivolous lawsuit is due to the Supreme Court allowing this. They opened the flood gates and this has been the result

  8. She is SO condescending OMG! I honestly cannot stomach her. That said, I think the “fine” doctor is looking for a payout…sadly

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