Two more attacks on facilities housing US troops in Syria

CNN's Oren Liebermann reports on a rocket attack and a drone strike on facilities housing US troops in Syria that occurred after the US conducted an airstrike in Syria against what it said were Iranian-affiliated facilities after a suspected Iranian drone on struck a different facility housing US personnel in the country, killing an American contractor and wounding five US service members.
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  1. “Trump says U.S. left troops in Syria ‘only for the oil,’ appearing to contradict Pentagon”- (2019). At least Trump wasn’t hiding it. The Pentagon used the old “stay behind to fight ISIS” excuse.

    1. I blame the world for enabling these tyrannical dictators for decades.. take them out and take them out once and for all so the world can finally have peace

    2. @Jesus Chris that depends on what you classify as a large scale invasion. Also 20 years is not that long, but it certainly wasn’t 20 years. How about Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. And this is just a larger ones, there is also about a dozen smaller cases. This is the country that preaches non-involvement in other people’s countries, the irony is staggering.

  2. “Syrians attacking U.S. bases on their land” should be the title of this segment. Wether they got the weapons from Iran or king Kong is secondary information.

    1. Correct! Syria is the game land, what is your problem? When Your Syria attack Israel and lose, I enjoyed it.

  3. US government always wants war because it’s good for business but they don’t want it to look like they started it. 😂

  4. I mean does it matter if it’s Iran backed? What about us backing a group to overthrow governments? If we can do it so can they.

    Also maybe if we put troops in a warzone/conflict, we full send it and actually fight to win it with full might and not hold back.

    1. @Dr Sunday maybe it will happen if north Korea fire missile to any us territories same with Beijing and Russia.

  5. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏾
    Prayers out for those trying to recover from the passing of their loved ones 🕊️
    Prayers out for those injured 🕊️
    Prayers out for the troops, contractors 🕊️

  6. The only reason America does not seek conflict is because they are out gunned when it comes to drones and cruise missiles and would get throttled at the moment, lol 🤣

  7. USA:: currently occupying 1/3 of Syria a sovereign country.

    Also USA:: who the hell does Russia think they are occupying Ukraine.. a sovereign country

  8. You obviously have to pay the price when you steal other people’s oil. No such thing as a free lunch. 😂

  9. How could anybody rely on CNN as a source of truth of any kind. You’re the last news channel that I would believe on any issue

  10. This seems familiar to what’s happening to Ukraine…but since it’s USA they gotta cover it up😊

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