Russia losing steam in Bakhmut, Ukrainian official says

CNN's Ivan Watson reports from Ukraine about the ongoing battle for the crucial city of Bakhmut, where Russian forces are losing steam, according to a Ukrainian official. Then, Ret. Maj. Gen. James "Spider" Marks and Alina Polyakova, President and CEO of the Center for European Policy Analysis, speak with CNN's Erin Burnett about the latest in the war. #CNN #News


  1. Headline: “Russia losing steam in Bakhmut”
    Me: The Russian military is steam powered? I knew they were raiding museums but damn!

    1. @moiseshuerta3984  neither does Russia but Ukraine wasn’t trying to convince the world they had the 2nd powerful military on the planet. Ukraine just proved Russia doesn’t.

  2. How can a country fire missiles and bombs at its neighbor and not expect to be fired upon in its own territory?

  3. Fight on Ukraine, the entire civlized world has your back! I personally pray for your victory and may God bless your courageous people!!!

  4. Putin’s daily time in my estimation: 50% keeping the lid on domestic opposition. 25% working to shore up ‘allies’ Belarus, China etc. 25% conducting the war and putting the economy on a war footing.

    1. 80 % trying to stay in power, the remaining 20% is whatever he thinks he needs to do to stay in power and stay alive.

    2. @Paul B You could be right, as all this other activities are indirectly supporting his main aim – self preservation.

  5. “They come at 4:00 am… knocked the doors with sledgehammer…” It reminds me of the Gestapo. That’s what they did too. Can you see the irony of Moscow claiming to de-nazify Ukraine when they’re using Nazi methods on their own people? My heart with you Ukraine. Keep up the fight. Slava Ukrainii.

    1. That’s so true, if they wanted them to become part of them, they wouldn’t of killed thousands of Ukrainians civilians and not commit war crimes. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇮🇹

    1. Dude Ukrainians are done. Stop watching this. I was listening to American commanders and they say that Ukrainians lost like 200k troops already and they are done.

  6. 3 months from now “Russia had no intention of taking Bahkmut, we were fixing Ukrainian Army” 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Zelenskyy: _”Wanna hear a joke?”_ Putin: _”Yes.”_ Zelenskyy: _”Bakhmut.”_ Putin: _”I don’t get it…?”_ Zelenskyy: _”No. And you’ll never get it!”_

  7. Glory and Victory to Ukraine/Ukrainians soldiers in the best hero, Skill Fantastic, strategy/tactics brilliant, Victory and stay strong, Slava Ukraine, GBU 💪🇺🇦 💖✌✌✌👍👍👍


  9. I LIKE HOW THE Russian truck driver says about Ukraine on the skynews report at the China Russia border,i think Ukraine is becoming one of the worlds best millitary.,Glory to Ukraine

    1. They certainly are. I couldn’t imagine the suffering post war they will have to endure. Seeing drunk men and drug addicts throwing themselves at you, and picking them off, I mean they’re still human. And I feel for the superior Ukrainian warriors. Lots of trauma coming because Putin wants more, and his lackeys do not have empathy for others. That will be their failure. This is why the east is terrifying. No regard for human life.

    2. @GOE378  no we just gave them our 2nd rate weapons. Russia can’t defeat farmers with hand me down NATO weapons

  10. Russia 12 months ago: we will disarm ukraine
    Russia 6 months ago: we will disarm eastern Ukraine
    Russia 3 months ago: we will disarm Bakhmut
    Russia in 6 months: never mind

  11. since they are holding Bakhmut, might as well focus forces and double down to help in success. it is still possible to hold it and have an opportunity. in my opinion i would say tactically retreat. but still stay flexible at the moment. i pray for ukraine and its soldiers.

    1. The real meme is Russia using mercenaries to drain Ukrainian forces, then sending the real army to wipe out the rest, that is unless allies send men not just equipment.

      Ukraine doesn’t have that luxury. I wouldn’t smile anytime soon, nor pretend to be a youtube expert like you guys, y’all are the embodiment of the meme. Lmao

    1. god is specific to ukrain ? doesn’t care when a russian prays ? why ? Is a prayer for ukrain stronger than for russia ? If so you have to tell that to russians beleivers, do it now ! Because they are making a mistake with god or you are making one. ?? When was prayer effective in wars or elsewhere. ?

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