1. The “Gripen” is class. The nordic countries are arguably the best in Europe (world) in terms of sustainability.

    1. @Hanna W Waldhorf Astoria NYC from US 1988 comedy movie “Coming To America” with Eddy Murphy , Bellamy , Don Amisch playing Homeless people one night while Hackeem walks with his sweetheart HE gives Them money : “Come on Mortimere , we R back …” ( Back To Wall Street …) …. Democratic Representative Hackeem nowadays a “reality” genuine judging by NBC s comments weeks ago ….

    2. I am a Swedish-speaking Finn and we are grateful for England and your support!

      Love from Finland! <3


  2. Finland has a 250000 person army and the entire country is literally built on underground bunkers.

    1. Should anyone point out that Russia is ranked number 2, right after the US. GFP only ranks perceived active duty strengths Even using their 50 indices, it does not provide a complete picture.
      Current events show that GFP didn’t exactly get it right on Russia-Ukraine. Sweden and Finland are likely in the top ten in military capacity worldwide when ALL relevant factors are considered

    2. @David Lloyd Really? You do know that they all do regular refresher training alongside their full-time counterparts and have just handed the “fully professional” US forces their asses on a plate in the “Cold Response” exercises? I guess that makes the US #2 then, although the last time the US and UK held joint naval exercises, it was revealed at the end that a Royal Navy hunter-killer sub had not only got past the US defences but was matching the carrier at the heart of the US carrier group move-for-move directly beneath them for 3/4 of the exercise.
      And the Swedish have even quieter subs!

    1. @Kelly Tom I know that was a long time ago and Putin is the one acting like Hitler these days.

  3. JAS was especially developed to take out MIGs, so they bring something else to the table to what US planes does, maybe not better but different.
    The more tools there is in the toolbox the better.

    1. @Fade I never said that’s what I believed, did I? The US isn’t gonna do anything too scared and risky to directly interfere, their aircraft still flying so….what cutting edge software are you talking about😂 let me guess you can’t say because it’s a secret. Run along kid , go play with your action figures


  4. I swear, Turkey is one of the most difficult allies to deal with in NATO. They have great capabilities and control the canal into the Black Sea, but man they are problematic with lots of stuff usually tied to their leadership

  5. Russia would get absolutely stomped if they ever tried anything. Sweden and Finland will magnify that stomping.

    1. @autentyk Russia would play themselves even more if they would do something MAD.

  6. If Russia is having this much problems in Ukraine, I can’t imagine they would invade Finland or Sweden that seems to have a more war ready mindset.

    1. Having spent some time in Scandinavia, I would call it Defense ready rather than War ready. But yes.

  7. Sweden is considered a country equipped with very advanced technology. If we can compare to the Russian technology in terms of military machineries the Russian technology has a lower quality.

    1. @Manny C because more than 50 countries arming and giving satellite information to Ukraine

    2. @Internet Vulture you have absolutely no knowledge on the subject. Your comment shows that. Russia does not have advanced weaponry. They have old cold war stuff. Sweden is advanced.

    3. @Manny C if u think Russia is losing think again….as far as I remember Russia has invented new weapons the past twenty year many times…those are nowhere in the battlefield

  8. Sweden has made well engineered military weapons for a long time. At one time no country could make an anti aircraft machine gun of the performance of the Swedish made Bofors 40mm. All combatants in WWII wanted it. It became the armament of choice of the US Navy shortly after the US joined the war.

    1. Let’s be honest, Sweden has no military. They spend around $6B on their military, that’s basically nothing. With 24k active soldiers and 100 fighter jets, even compared to Ukraine their military is weak. Yes, they make some planes, so do many other countries and they don’t need to be a part of nato for nato to use these planes. The only benefit NATO will enjoy from Sweden joining is geographical, they will be able to beef up their defenses there and have better presence in the Baltic.

    2. @EtTor The Swedish military was ranked as the 5th strongest in the world in the early 1990’s before the disarmament at the end of the Cold War. The Swedish military could always be re-armed.

    1. @Gameday Swede Saab-Scania is one company, just two divisions, or three if you consider the aerospace and car divisions of Saab separately.

  9. As a Canadian, I’m super happy and proud to have Sweden and Finland join the alliance. They are strong, democratic, peaceful, and free-market nations which share so much with everyone else in the West. It’s time the free-world unites in mutual defense against naked aggression from large autocratic countries who have old world and outdated “spheres of influence” mentalities, not least of all that “might is right”.

  10. The Gripen is amazing, stunning! I never understood, why our (german) air force has not introduced this jet.

    1. @Perplexed

      The Eurofighter Typhoon needs a longer runway, a real runway. The Gripen can start and land from a highway. In case of a war, it’s nearly useless for a enemy to destroy your airports, because your multi-role jets can start and land anywhere.

    2. Try floating a BIG balloon of Hydrogen over Moscow. What can go wrong? The Richthofen 2, not like anyone is going to shoot it.

  11. No doubt about it, the Gripen is one of the finest fighter jets in the world today. Not the stealthiest nor the fastest, but cheap to buy, cheap to fly, and simple to maintain for an aircraft that is deadly in a fight.

    1. @tarmaque – agree. However, the greater the variability, without sacrificing capability, is better to meet variable threats from an aggressor.

    2. @Rikard Nilsson It is called ECM and is a standard in almost every modern aircraft, albeit some of them have it contained in external pods. F-35 also has ECM. Gripen is more costly than F-35, both per unit (scale of production effect) or in the term of general capability per lifetime cost. I really liked Gripen, but in Poland in 2002 we chose F-16 block 52 because of the better capabilities. Grippen lagged with weapon integration then.
      Gripen E/F is obsolete, F-16V is both cheaper and more powerful. The last hope was to sell that design to India as Tejas Mk.2.
      I think you should either buy F-16 or team up with Dassault and buy Rafale instead.

    3. @Rikard Nilsson Ok not cause we share almost the same name but your totally right. Cant compare stealth to the Gripen. It has other measures to make it stand out but I dont think people who are into the stealth thing understand that. The future is not about stealth its about electronic warfare and Gripen E have that. Seems like people always compare an apple with an orange. Many fighters have their own weakness and strength. In a joint defense/strike we are powerful as one.

  12. We all over the World 🌍 STRONGLY SUPPORT Finland 🇫🇮 & Sweden 🇸🇪 to join the NATO organization.

  13. If they’re NATO members or not, Sweden and Finland are undeniable part of Europe and nobody in Europe would deny them support. Ukraine already got more support than Putin expected. Sweden and Finland would get 10 times more.

    1. I wouldn’t go _that_ far. I think Ukraine is getting as much support as most countries can responsibly afford to give. Of course if it had been in NATO it would’ve gotten a no-fly zone and more direct support as well, but material support is always going to be restricted by economic and political factors.

  14. Glad to see our brothers and sisters in Sweden and Finland standing up for their security as well as our mutual interest in peace through collective strength to safeguard our democracies.

    1. @Anna Hallgren Bruh. You’re complaining about propoganda while literally spreading several discredited conspiracy theories. Your nonsense disinformation isn’t welcome here troll.

  15. Swedish person here. These “ad hoc” runways for our airforce have been a strategy since the beginning of the Cold War back in the 1960s. Many country roads in the southern part of Sweden have been deliberately designed to accomodate fighter jets with wide side clearance and straight roads acting like runways. If you ever visit southern Sweden, chances are high that you will travel on a “Gripen compatible” country road. There are obviously no signs, but you could tell immediately.

    1. @Seb That is pretty ingenious of the Swedes honestly. Country roads, attack aircraft compatible.

    2. Yeah I was wondering why the Grippen was so expensive lol.
      My country (Canada), was about to buy some Grippens beacuse the F-35 was expensive at the time. Lockheed got the production costs down though, so F-35’s went from costing $120M, to around $77M by the end of 2022. Their currently around $80M i think.

      I guess it makes sense if the Grippen is designed to be a fighter that can operate without much infrastructure. Taking off from a highway is no easy task.

  16. A contry with a view and indeed incredible technical resources, that’s not so common! By the way, Finland is sure not to be underestimated either, I worked for them in the 80’s, they were amongst the first to implement microprocessors in lots of domains, even before IBM built his first PC…

    1. “His first pc..”?? IBM isn’t a person.. it’s the name of a company and stands for “International Business Machines”..

  17. The Gripen is an absolute beautiful and deadly aircraft. I’m just glad Brazil has a partnership with Saab and bought this beast.👏👏🇧🇷🇸🇪

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