1. Wasn’t this editor of the Business Insider convicted of securities fraud and also tried to pull the same smear on Dave Portnoy?

  2. Harassment should be prosecuted. But in cases where these women lie, there should be severe consequences.

    1. @Antoni Wojciech This NDA was a part of the settlement, not a part of her employment agreement.

    2. @MK Self Sure, so do show us the contents of the NDA, please , that you claim to know.
      I mean its 6 days already. We should know by now.
      1, Who she is
      2, Whats the settlement about, from her
      3.Does she support the hearsay.
      Come back with facts

    3. @Antoni Wojciech The victim has honored the NDA, since 2016. Yet you want her to speak out now and defend herself? How can she say what the settlement is about and what she supports when she is obligated to a NDA? Do you even understand what you’re saying?

    4. @MK Self NDA means not speaking to anyone… what about is, is that, you dont understand? You are the typical, dont tell me i am stupid by ……
      NDA means anyone and everyone. The fact that she already spoke to her “friend” She has already breached the terms of the NDA !

  3. Rich people always get endless lawsuits like this. We have to assume there is something to these allegations because he paid her.

    1. @gacj2010 he did it clown. You wouldn’t have even care about this if he didn’t say he was buying Twitter and letting Trump back on.

    2. @mrcabdriver what happens all the time? Rich, powerful men, assault women/men with no money or power and then pay them off to keep quiet? You’re right, that does happen all the time.

  4. When anyone who do not follow them, they will find out anything to destroy that one . This is a great dirty game but it is a main strategy they always use to get their success. Nobody in this world avoid to make mistake ( the mistake by you were heartless or to be trapped then after that they will use this one to control you or they forge , calumniate a completely perfection) but they will used that mistake to control and force you must follow them or destroy you without a little pity. It is very sad ! Only over one year the country and whole the world there are too many kind of people like that grow up
    in the freedom, liberal countries because they want to earn money , to get or keep position , right , fame …so that they can do anything even to harm anyone as long as they occupy the things that they want they do not scare honour , conscience , doctrine ..: the white colour they can say it is the black colour, they do not feel to be shamed. They join together to cover their mistakes , their wicked things …and ignore everything is happening around them … their right , money , position , fame are number one . While the righteous guys who tell out the truth will be disturbed, be harmed about their honour , money , spirit even their relatives . A real freedom liberal regime is little and little collapsing, is it ? Why ? They hate freedom , liberty but the freedom , liberal countries still allow them come and live and act silent against the freedom , liberal guys . To want keeping the freedom liberal regime , the country must not has these guys , the guys live two faces . The country is only peaceful , secure and happiness without these guys.

  5. Accusations are not credible. The settlement doesn’t mean anything per say.

    Some people settle, to stop a person from talking about it.

    1. And some people settle because they don’t have time to go back any forth to court when you have so many great projects going.

    2. @Troy Cote and also the alleged victim didn’t have ANY evidence, other than her word. He said, she said. And that’s not evidence.

    1. Yeah, and his hair parting is on the left and he touches his glasses with the left hand. Illuminati confirmed 👌

  6. They’re trying to “me too” him now. That’s what they do when you try and challenge their power.

  7. None of it matters. Guilty or not he will walk away unscathed and she will write a book, while all of us pawns argue over things that don’t matter. Its all BS.

  8. An important news story – or tabloid gossip? Inquiring minds want to know why CNN has become so pathetic.

  9. “No, no. We are trying to bring the truth to light. There’s no bias here.” (paraphrase)

  10. Why need a settlement, most likely with an NDA, if it’s all lies? Why not have your day in court and prove its false? Easier to pay and make it go away

  11. What Billionaire has NOT done something like this. Does having OBSCENE amounts of money
    make you any more accountable, a better person, or a CARING person, lol.

    HOW SAD!

  12. Poor Elon, he will now learn when to shut up. Leave the Twitter alone, stick with your Tesla, and wait for Johnny Depp case to end so you can hang out with Amber.

  13. Mr. Stelter- Judge not others or you will be judged, for you will be judged by the standards you apply to them.
    And why take offense to the speck in thy brother’s eye, but take no notice of the beam in your own eye?
    You hypocrites! First cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then you shall see clearly to cast out the speck from your brother’s eye.

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