See what Republican groups aren’t funding Trump in 2024 campaign

CNN's Kristen Holmes has the exclusive report on former President Donald Trump's struggle to fundraise for his 2024 presidential campaign as some big-name Republican donors have said they won't support him. #CNN #News


  1. Thank you. I appreciate you keeping us informed. Really, I’m impressed. I will always appreciate Austin Myers. Our government has no idea how much people are struggling right now. Your truthful advice on mental health, homelessness, gun violence, mass killings, elementary schools, hunger, lack of access to healthcare, racial tensions, hatred, fentanyl overdoses, gang violence, police brutality, violations of human rights, mass illegal immigration, the collapse of the financial system, the extreme economic downturn, record-high inflation, and the Great Depression has been very helpful to me and helped keep this story alive. It has been a true blessing. Can it really get any better than that? You are brilliant

  2. The House Republicans’ hearing on Twitter’s “role in suppressing the Biden laptop story” 2/8/2023

    1. Hey Thermopolis why the f*** are you so angry about people that believe in law and order and freedom and Liberty,? Also why do you hate yourself so much that you have to be a bully to other people?

    1. Briden it’s a puffed-up liar that promise is everybody he’s going to shower golden doubloons on them. Well wake up honey.
      Bryden is lying to you because he’s desperate.
      Biden is not a king. He promised to erase the college money owed using a executive order and just supreme Court told him that he wasn’t a damn King

    2. You only has 50 yrs and now potus to change the laws. But never do out of greed. Bidens donors use the same breaks as trumps.

    3. What do you mean by that? Are you one of the dumbasses who thinks this guy is going to prison too? I bet you are, LMFAO!

    1. When George starts showering with his teen daughter just like Biden did then I worried funny how all politicians lie but he’s bad 😂😂😂

    1. @Rod hilarious I know. That I don’t have cable news so I watch CNN, FOX NEWS, PBS along with 50 other smaller news sources online. So you only watch what you agree with??

    2. @Franklin only poorly educated compare education to a paper certificate.

      Only poorly educated would assume that working class = poorly educated. I am working class, I am not poorly educated.

      Only poorly educated take “poorly educated” as a compliment, with no desire to educate themselves about the person they think is complimenting them.

    1. @JoeJoe’s Bizzare Sniffventure I read where you said “I get my info from my eyes. I see an old man who’s supposedly meant to be president sniffing kids, and I know from that,”

      I also read where you said you watch no news at all.

      So again, the question remains what are you watching (with your eyeballs) that forms your opinion on biden and makes you think you saw him sniffing kids. Where is it you are getting the idea the DNC is bad and the RNC is good, where are you getting the impression that all of the dem base are groom…

      Does all your news come from youtube videos? Facebook? Is this where your right wing slanted “unbiased” news comes from?

      Where are you finding out what is going on in politics?

      Do you have a magical top hat that once belonged to Joseph Smith, founder of the mormons, and the seer stone that goes with it? You put the stone into the hat and bury your head in the hat and then you see biden and learn about what is going on in politics from visions?

    2. @jimbob3030  I can’t be armed reading it. I partly don’t really care what you have to say cause your assumptions make an arse out of you and the other groomers

  3. The revelations into Trump s financial life are likely to be a key point of contention heading into the final month of the presidential campaign. Trump, who has built his public image as a successful businessman and as a billionaire, faces a series of financial challenges, according to the Times reporting.

    1. @James Guy Photography look it up, former Presidents get Secret Service protection for life… Who wouldn’t take that?

    2. @James Guy Photography Biden may be President, but the Secret Service itself is a Government Agency that is not hired by the President.

    3. @caseyclark5392  And again, it’s optional. If Trump believed THE DEEP STATE was out to get him, he wouldn’t let himself be surrounded by armed Biden employees 24/7.

    4. He is self funded .. CNN is making this silly story up yo discredit his approach … people here need to read and look into something outside of CNN known world wide for telling lies

  4. That entire line of possible candidates makes me shudder. He had to refund money to his base, he was non stop hounding them for money and they gave until they were literally out of their homes and bankrupt.

    1. Lol, go ahead and provide your links and sources saying people gave Trump so much money that they became bankrupt and lost their homes… I don’t believe you.

  5. Like previously, Trump doesn’t need “donations” like democrats. 10% for Joe Biden, oh i mean the big guy.

  6. Such a divided country 😭. Sad. Trump direspected the oath he made to the Country the Constitution the People 😝

  7. Pretty much in 2023, if someone in politics accuses someone of something it’s because they are guilty themselves😊

  8. The billionaires will save themselves, of course. So the grift is now focused on blue-collar folks who can’t afford to be taken advantage of anymore. Pathetic.

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