1. OFA…. This could have gone so much worse. It means so much to all of us that this young man had the presence of mind to take control so quickly…

    1. _”This could have gone so much worse.”_

      Yeah, a million-billion-dillion-jillion-gillion-gazillion times worse, because in other words, that bus would have crashed straight into oncoming traffic if he didn’t act as quickly as he did when the driver passed out, which would have caused serious – or even fatal – injuries to not only everyone on board, but also to the occupants of any cars it would have hit.

  2. Youth are capable of so much more than many give them credit. This kid showed up and took control.

  3. Respect to that kid. He saved many lives, including the drivers. Such an awesome kid who is brave and knows when to act. Heroic !!

  4. Even though I’m not American, I’m really proud of this young man. Wish we had more children like him all over the world. He knew what to do at the right time. He kept looking at the driver and knew she wasn’t all there. Heroic !!!

    1. What you not being American has to do with this situation. I’m sure you would say the same if it was the country you are from too right

  5. That kid is awesome and will definitely be a leader as grows! We need more kids like him to take action when action needs to be taken! Smart and fast thinking!

  6. God bless that young man, brought tears to my eyes and gripped my heart.
    Reminded me of what kids were like when I was a young man. I’m 68 years old now, this is what a leader looks like in the rough.
    Thank you young man, and thank you mom and dad for your guidance and your nurturing installments of not being afraid to speak up and act……

  7. This is what a cool calm hero looks like. He takes command and doesn’t waste time establishing a safe environment. What a guy.

  8. Kudos to the driver for recognizing the problem and, at least, getting a call off to dispatch before becoming incapacitated, and many kudos to the kid for stepping up. As a former bus driver, I can bet that driver meant a lot to that kid.

  9. What an amazing boy. They’re the type of people that brings hope for the future. Well done to the boy and his parents

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