1. @A⃣K⃣4⃣7⃣ Depends on the instrumentation on board. But a balloon isn’t going to be of much concern. China has recon satellites for getting the information they want.

    1. I never heard their ‘regret’ or apology. They made that up on the news. It is fake. China told us not to “hype” and to “remain calm.” The arrogance of them. They are hated and our rage against those lying, cheating, stealing criminals is absolute!

    1. It is better to let the balloon continue to fly, blaming it on China for spying.
      Than shoting down and find that it is a harmless weather balloon.😁

    2. @Glenn Hanns Hahaha😏 they would still like to see what level of tech they have in it, so they would want it in one piece, and why not use their satellite to look around🤨? they are doing more then just taking pictures, they claim it’s the size of 3 buses so yes I wonder what in it too.

    3. What would you do instead? Shoot it down? They’re notoriously hard to bring down. In ’98 Canada lost control of one of their weather balloons and tried to bring it down before it drifted into Russia. They put over a thousand 20MM rounds into it, and 2.75″ rockets went right through it without detonating; and after all that the thing STILL kept drifting(eventually fell inside Russia).

  1. If the chinese are letting us see this balloon its clearly to pull our attention from
    Noticing what theyre really doing behind the scenes

    1. Absolutely. They’re not trying to hide this. Otherwise why would they send these when everyone is looking for the comet in the sky?

    2. Yea because there isn’t a bunch of different agencies who prioritize different things . I don’t think the cia is worrying about the ballon .

    3. No Scott, the Chinese want see what we do. What exactly is America’s capabilities. They want us to show our hand, we won’t. 😊

  2. Last year it was over new york and new jersey.. really I caught it with a flying object that is connected to it.. no lie..

  3. Unless we are planning to bring this device down, and capture it, I do not understand why would you allow a potentially dangerous, potentially deadly device to float over American territory. I hope that some governor marshals their state’s Air National Guard and shoots it down.

    1. It is better to let the balloon continue to fly, blaming it on China for spying.
      Than shoting down and find that it is a harmless weather balloon.😁

    2. hard to imagine it collecting much useful intelligence apart from what already could be gathered by satellites in space and human assets on the ground, both of which we know China has, so… there’s little reason to if it is really a spy balloon.

    3. Actually you wouldn’t if you knew the balloon had live data recording devices to measure things like missile trajectory and it’s tracking radars. Which gives countermeasure data for your scientists.

    1. It may be nothing more than weather Balloon, But why are we allowing some Chinese object that can gather Information to fly over our country openly, this is pure madness, and to make things even worse, they said that China has been doing this for years, imagine they have been openly violating our Country, without any fear of escalation from us, but when Pelosi visited Taiwan which has been a free country for many years, China literally threatened to attack our country and kill us, in another instance China destroyed our Spy plane flying over the International waters.
      I do not want war, but, China is starting to p*** me off, they i[are intentionally doing these things to try and scare us into some sort of capitulation, they must think that they can scare the entire World into submission, soon, there will be illegal to criticise China all over the world.
      the War with China is something that will happen sooner of later, if they are behaving like this now, imagine how they will behave when they have the power?
      we have had the power to wipe China out since 1940, but we have never used our power over them, we helped them, we feed and clothed them, we made their country, everything that China has is the technology that they stole from us illegally.
      China is a cancer.

    2. China is spreading a virus on us, that balloon don’t have any spy equipment on it, it’s filled with a virus again, god help us all

    3. They already told us it’s a weather balloon?? We constantly get chased out of their waters and air space, because the Glow BaH Lists running the USA, have no respect for borders. So why the double standard on a harmless weather balloon, of which they already admitted is theirs? Stop being manipulated by your REAL enemy,….to fight THEIR enemies. Remember the manipulation, and lies about , wέαρonς οf Μαςς DεςτrucτιοΝ? How many times do you have to be manipulated to finally wake up?

  4. It’s a bit strange that the us government hasn’t shot this thing down let alone make headlines like it has. Something strange in my opinion

    1. this got me fucked up cause all I’m thinking is that it’s something dangerous in there …. 😂☣️

    2. Whatever it is we can’t let this happen. On the verge of global conflict and this happens. Or this happens all the time but they don’t tell us. Maybe they have something planned for us by showing this.

    3. The chinese defense department told the U.S. goverment that its a civilian aircraft that came from china and drifted off course. It just shows how stupid they think we are.

    4. It’s certainly empty guys. If China want a war with US wouldn’t the rational thing to do be like capture Taiwan ? Rather than sending chemical weapons in a balloon ?. US troubled China many times with spy ships in South China sea and even with support on Taiwan, now China wants to return the favour and irritate US. What better way that to send a spy balloon fly slowly over the US while it creates global news.

  5. Kinda hard to believe that there isn’t a contingency for something like this, but even if there isn’t, just figure it out lmao. Like, we can refuel planes mid-air. The engineering problem of taking this balloon down without casualty should be child’s play for our personnel.

  6. Is it TRANSMITTING DATA? If so, it’s been stupid to let it continue. Montana would have been a good place to do that.

  7. Man if I “accidentally” flew my drone near a military base or an airport, you can guarantee that I’d be caught, fined, possibly jail time! What a sh@$! Show

  8. A Russian spy ship and a Chinese spy balloon all in the same month. Hard to believe that is a coincidence 🤦‍♀️

  9. This is like leaving a Peeping Tom in your yard to look through your windows and letting them just hang out as long as they want until they want to go home.😐

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