See path the suspected spy balloon may have taken

As a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon continues to float over the US, CNN's Alex Marquardt explains the possible origin of the balloon, what it's equipped with, and its suspected path. #CNN #News


  1. The Canadians didn’t shoot it down either. I’m guessing that there’s a lot we don’t know about what’s going on.

    1. Canada lays down flat and lets everyone subjugate them, so it’s no surprise that they ignore the balloon or anyone who taunts them. But the Pentagon and the most powerful military on earth? This is something unique.

  2. This is a very bold move by china. And it’s even more bold that they admitted to it and right before a high stakes meeting between the two countries. This seems to be a power play by china and bwoy did they win this one. It could also have something to do with Taiwan. Who knows

    1. Biden loves China!
      This is how China is paying him back for all that strategic oil he gave them, remember?

    2. It doesn’t just SEEM that way, it IS that way. It’s a giant middle finger to America. SHOOT IT DOWN!! IMPEACH BIDEN!!!

    1. @mtb416, Ask the Trumptard, Trumpty Dumpty if he still has his china bank accounts & he still isn’t in prison, Which is a travesty of Justice, many died under his lack of command.

    2. That’s not just a “risk” that’s the main reason they did it. They wanted to see what we would do and how long it would take for us to notice and how long the white house could hide it.

    1. Biden ain’t doing that. !!

      Seriously I need to know what needs to really happen for our media to stop being this pathetic and stsrt askkng questions of Biden ???

      I can’t imagine. What it would take ? When they stopped mentioning Afghanistan 10 minutes after we left. I knew we were fucked

    2. Don’t need to do that… we already seen their reactions before when we flew near by international oceans that gave us the middle finger

    1. The Biden administration has been a total embarrassment from day one! They’re the worst group of incompetent leaders that continuously fail our country! 😡

  3. It’s amazing that it’s acceptable for a low altitude satellite taking 4K+ images. It’s a balloon with satellite attachments, shoot it into dust. Did your balls drop off?

  4. For all I know they could be floating a nuclear bomb in that balloon. They are showing America just how “exceptional” and vulnerable we really are. Don’t shoot it, capture it and find out just what their technology is.

    1. They should’ve been able to detect the payload and the devices on the balloon and if they don’t want to shoot it down, divert its path and push it out. Just letting it fly by and not intervening doesn’t look good and could be a risk

    2. I guarantee the military is not sharing all the info with the public. Maybe they have a plan to capture it and it’s secret at the moment. I mean any info they release to “the public” also is released to the Chinese.

    3. The first time when i saw the news title “ a Chinese balloon flied across the USA ”, I thought that was defamation to China from the USA. Until the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs indicated that balloon does belong to China. Wow, that’s cool.

    4. This year Super Bowl 57 will be playing in Arizona: Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles and let decode the Chinese Spy Balloon in news by using Gematria which converts words into numbers.

      1) Super Bowl = 41 in Reduction Ordinal

      2) Spy Balloon = 41 in Reduction Ordinal

      3) The Balloon was first spotted in Montana>>> Montana was the 41st state to join the Union

      4) Why did they blame it was a Chinese Balloon? China = 26 in Reduction Ordinal and Balloon = 26 in Reduction. USA considers China is its enemy.

      5) Next day the news mentioned they spotted the balloon flew over Kansa City which Kansas City Chiefs will be in the Super Bowl next week against Philadelphia Eagles.

      6) Nick Piantanida who was the Hot Air Balloon Diver who passed away in Philadelphia in 1966 so from 1966 to 2023 is equal to 57 years. Arizona will be holding Super Bowl 57 Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles next week.

      7) The Whole story was fabricated to pay tribute to Super Bowl 57 by using the Chinese Spy Balloon because USA considers China is its number one enemy.

  5. This whole ordeal reminds me of that iconic 80s song “99 Red Balloons”. From what I understand, the original German language lyrics basically tells the fictional story of how World War 3 was started after a red balloon was mistaken for a nuclear missile. The song was released during the Cold War when the whole world was on edge, minutes away from “nuclear midnight”.

    1. @Boris Probotkin

      Do you have some time for me?
      Then I’ll sing a song for you
      Made of ninety-nine balloons
      On the way to the horizon
      Maybe you’re thinking of me right now
      Then I’ll sing a song for you
      Made of ninety-nine balloons
      And that something comes from something

      Ninety nine balloons
      On the way to the horizon
      They were thought to be UFOs from outer space
      That’s why a general sent
      ‘An air squadron behind
      sound the alarm if that were the case
      It was there on the horizon

      Only ninety-nine balloons

      Ninety-nine jet aircraft
      Everyone was a great warrior
      Thought they were Captain Krik
      There was a big fireworks display
      the neighbors didn’t notice
      And immediately felt aroused

      You shot at the horizon
      To ninety-nine balloons

      Ninety-nine Ministers of War
      match and canister
      Thought they were smart people
      smelled a great hunt
      Screams: “War!” and wanted power
      Man, who would have thought that
      That it will come to this

      Because of ninety-nine balloons
      Because of ninety-nine balloons
      Ninety nine balloons

    2. @Susan Wojcicki the Bolshevik Fits perfectly to this situation. Especially the Ninety-nine Ministers of War.😉

  6. How about shooting it down with a small weapon that would help slowly deflate it causing it to just slowly hit the ground

  7. The question is how come the balloon the size of 3 buses was not detected until it reach all the way to mainland america.

    1. They should have detected how and from where it was let into the air, unless our Radar systems are not good anymore.

    2. It was detected. Biden’s clown, Blinkin stated that there have been multiple balloons that penetrated US air space. The Biden regime was keeping it secret as to not upset the Chinese on the eve of Blinkin’s big trip over there. They know what a weak, corrupt leader Biden is, and now the entire world knows.

  8. Satellites, balloons, and aircraft all have different capabilities and limitations. Satellites have the advantage of providing long-range communication and remote sensing capabilities, but they are limited in their ability to physically interact with the environment. Balloons and aircraft, on the other hand, have limited communication and sensing capabilities, but they can physically interact with the environment. They can also be used to insert malware into a computer network, but they are not the only means to do so. Other methods, such as hacking, phishing, and exploiting vulnerabilities, can also be used to insert malware into a network.

    1. Interesting. We’re talking about the USA and national security though. You’d suspect of all things, they’d be checking for any EM activity coming from it and what frequencies, drastically narrowing down the intention.

  9. I think our modern military got caught off guard with this old school type of balloon. Japan sent balloons with bombs in the 1940’s. You can look that up on the internet.

  10. Did General Milley tell the Chinese that he’d let them know ahead of time, that the USA was going to shoot down their balloon?
    Like he said he would?!?

  11. Local news this evening in Billings Montana interviews local Woman who has cell phone footage of a huge explosion with debris falling. No comment by even the Governor. Why they feel the need to “tin foil hat” her is appalling. She saw it with her own eyes and has video footage !

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