Sen. Alex Padilla: ‘Time Is Of The Essence’ On Voting Rights Legislation 1

Sen. Alex Padilla: ‘Time Is Of The Essence’ On Voting Rights Legislation


Senator Padilla (D-CA) breaks down the voting rights legislation he is working on with Senators Ossoff and Manchin to ensure that all Americans are able to vote with ease

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  1. Instead of making voting easier, the GOP have always made it more difficult for people to vote, at least when it comes to people that don’t look or think like the majority of their base

    1. @Bryan
      They never have been, are not and never will be.
      They only way they can win is by lying to people and repeating them enough times so they believe them
      Did we ever get at least a DEPOSIT from Mexico for the Wall?
      The cheaper and better Health Care?
      Did they ever invest in our infrastructure?

    2. You’re absolutely right and on the other hand have it they are pushing this white outrage to their voters to make them believe that the white vote is being stifled by Brown voters. And they simply can’t stand for that. Which is ridiculous minority voters are no longer minorities we outnumber the rest of these delusional white voters so we need to put our voices together one state at a time

    3. @Bryan oh Brian Brian Brian once again please educate yourself immigrants do not flee the trash holes that they come from so that they can come be a part of our voting system God I hope you don’t have children

  2. Patriotic Americans want every eligible American citizen to be able to easily cast their vote for WHOEVER they choose.
    Republicans are not Patriotic.

    1. @President Elect Keith Why would is there a need for BLM and Antifa protests? The state and local authorities know who is protesting and who is committing the crimes and they are arresting them. Protestors who commit crimes get arrested, fined, and jailed. Well over 3000 arrests made in all 50 states. So what exactly do they need to investigate?

    2. @The Tweatles It’s hatred for you TRAITORS thanks to YOUR hatred of America, science, common sense, the Constitution, and your hatred for laws against incest.

    1. @Mark M No, it’s not. I mean, technically it IS because we’re the ones who vote but you can currently blame the 2 DINO’s Joe Manchin & Krysten Sinema for their refusal to vote yes to get rid of the filibuster.

    2. @Bryan STFU. The only illegal votes came from Trump supporters who were arrested for using the names of their dead relatives to VOTE FOR TRUMP!!

    3. @Bryan I give up, Ivan – you and your colleagues are ruining the internet for the rest of us. I don’t get it – you love our culture and yet you want to destroy us. Putin sucks, man, the whole world knows that. OK you win – I will only call you out if it’s a true life or death issues like Covid. Have at it, comrade.

    4. @Steve Stifler Voting is more than a technicality, it’s the foundation of democracy. Republicans are destroying the foundation and the Supreme Court is going to let it happen. The only way to stop them is with massive and consistent turn out. That’s going to take logistical and tactical support. It’s going to take the will and ability to fight.

    1. You’re right on both counts. All adult citizens of legal age, have had the Right to Vote in America since 1789 under the U.S. Constitution, starting with Article 1, Section 4 about choosing House members, and Electors, and then strengthened and expanded with the 12th, 14th, 15th, 19th amendments and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In Art 1, Sec 4 it states: “Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations [created by the States]” and at the end of each Amendment, The Constitution clearly states: “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”.

    2. It’s the only right that’s already been dealt with by having to amend the United States Constitution 5 TIMES and THEY STILL WON’T STOP!!!!!

    3. @Bryan

      They have NEVER found People that are not Citizens voting.
      They just keep playing FOOLS like you to believe them.

  3. Oregon has voted by mail since 1998. It works well for everyone because it allows all people to vote no matter what their situation e.g. no transportation, disabilities, elderly, homeless. This needs to be a national resolution. And, of course, an honest Postmaster General is necessary!

    1. @Mark M Well, easier most definitely. As countless areas are made nearly impossible to vote by design, to prevent minorities or high Democrat areas from being able to vote properly.

      But secure? I’m not sure what else is needed. The elections are already secure.

    2. @Adam Taylor Nothing else is needed. Zero is the limit, there was no and is no voter fraud. Logically the math is clear, any additional security measures beyond what was used in the last election are unnecessary.

      I say it is possible to have voting easier and more secure because it is, not because we have a security problem.

    3. @Mark M I was just wondering what you meant by more secure when the last election was already completely secure.

    4. @Adam Taylor I agree that the last was secure. Elections can be far easier without sacrificing security. What is being done in republican state legislatures has nothing to do with security. If they were honestly looking at security we would see something different.

    1. Dictatorship?… the voters voted in a Republican majority!………the democrats are just acting like big babies!


    1. I agree, working with republicans is a waste of effort. We need to put the effort into working with our people. The only way government will work for us is if we MAKE THEM.

    2. @Bryan lucky for us illegal votes are not allowed, in any way shape or form. And all the audits helped to prove that there is no significant cases of illegal votes being counted, just fear being pushed so that the GOP grab as much power as they can.

  5. Sinema manchin and their rethug handlers don’t think so. Sinema prolly has lucrative job lined up with Koch/mercer, and manchin will prob retire giving the job real rethug. Dems walked into trap of working with rethugs on infrastructure, cuz now they will say, see we can work together, no need to get rid of filibuster

  6. Well you guessed it Abbott is at it again. Abbot should be the one they vote on an hopfully it’s an unanimous out for abbott

    1. The Supreme Court says districts can be drawn for political reasons as long as they aren’t racial biased. Of course, the Supreme Court also ruled that corporations are people and that money is speech.

  7. Not ending the filibuster is the primary threat to voting rights. Any further delay on ending the filibuster is tantamount to approving the current trend of GOP restrictive voting laws.

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