Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Senate Must Hear From Witnesses | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Senate Must Hear From Witnesses | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. How can Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham & Martha McSally be taken seriously as unbiased jurors after their comments. If this were a jury selection process, all three of them would be dismissed based on their biased statements.

    1. @doug mayer That’s just plain wrong. They were supposed to get it in february, and didn’t get it until after “the perfect” call. 90 millions are still missing from that money. Do some research, or do you like looking stupid?

  2. Trump’s corruption and criminality is like a highly infectious and deadly pathogen. He will contaminate and destroy anyone and anything he comes into contact with. His corrosive and insidious nature is a full blown epidemic, with no known inoculation.

    Cohen, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Gates, Flynn, Stone,  Igor Fruman, Lev Parnas….
    When are people finally going to learn?

    1. Just stop. Pelosi took impeachment “off the table” because she was complicit in Bush’s torture, sometimes to death, of captives. Both major parties are almost completely corrupt. The lesser evil is still evil.

    1. @What The They did, but the subpoenas could have taken months to go through, and now we know Barr is up to his neck in all this, they never would have. Trump has made sure he’s got all his bases covered, he has filled positions with his ilk. IF Pelosi has made money illegally then it should be investigated, just like Trumps daughter & son-in -law made over 80 million just last year & got China deals, that should be investigated too.

    2. @Kathleen Hammett – Watch the Senate get Hunter Biden in weeks, Trump’s biggest problem with the Dems is the time they waste…
      The stripper in court with him right now with their son he denied and has never met will like the Senates tear-down as he’s hidden his assets from her, Senate doesn’t mess around and this whole thing is based on him, spotlight,,,,
      The courts forced the DNA test but the son is almost 2, still won’t meet him, this after banging his dead brother’s wife… What a dog…

  3. Where’s that fat owl Billy Barr ?
    I haven’t seen him on the news for ages .
    Hope the poor bloke’s not feeling sick .
    Anyone heard from him lately ?
    If you do bump into him , tell him there’s a really interesting trial going on in the Senate that he might be interested in .
    Apparently one of the possible witnesses , some foreign bloke , recokons he’s good mates with Bill .
    Anyway , got to go . Tell Bill to keep in touch .
    Everyone’s thinking of him .

    1. @Billy BloggsPlease excuse my ignorance , but what is this Durham Report about ?
      Haven’t heard about it here in Australia .
      Can you enlighten me ?
      By the way , if you see Bill , tell him hello from Australia .
      We all hope he’s well and will soon be able to resume the onerous duties every one expects of the chief law officer of the USA .

  4. Rick Perry, and Mike Pompeo, and the secretary of Trump state are all going to lie for Trump. They are in his Mob family.

  5. At last someone in power in the US of A did say the words “Trumps and his minions think he is a KING” and now thanks to the republicans there is a King in that country!

  6. “Lots of bad stuff going on…”  Thank you Ms. Klobuchar.  You have been low on my radar but now I respect you and wish you well.  We need to keep the microscope on all the players supporting Trump and are parts of the inner circle.

  7. She might not be progressive enough for the left but she’s ever so likeable, straightforward. Less spin than Warren.

  8. Looks like the drop out is going to get all the air time she wants since she funneled millions of campaign dollars into the media.

  9. With this new Hyde/Murder, Inc., allocations, if there are no witnesses and documents in this Senate trial, THERE IS NO TRIAL.

  10. So they signed a book that says they took the oath. Senators, your families, your partners, your children, your grandchildren, the people who voted for you, your state, the country, the world and HISTORY will be watching, recording and will KNOW how you respect an oath.

  11. Ah more hearsay evidence. Just add it to the list. Guess what, McConnell will tell you if you get witnesses or not and I hope he doesn’t and takes a vote for dismissal. You want witnesses you should have subpoenaed them when you had the chance. You failed to do your job. The Dems deserve the same fairness allowed to Trump in the House ……………none.

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