Sen. Booker: ‘This President Has No Larger Strategic Plan” In Middle East | The Last Word | MSNBC

In an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reacts to the U.S. strike that killed a top commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Aired on 01/02/20.
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Sen. Booker: ‘This President Has No Larger Strategic Plan” In Middle East | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Bud Fudlacker clearly here the point is not whether you served but rather did you use your rich daddy to dodge the draft and get out of even having to serve

  1. Even though the u.s. has a very powerful military, the Iranians are no joke, plus Russia may back them up if this thing goes south. trump is out if his league me thinks. I dearly hope peace prevails here. I 🙏✌

    1. Dan Johnston so with that logic Obama had us in three wars and bombed 7 different country. He must of been mentally challenged, by your logic he

    2. peace is not going to happen, these people are TRULY LOYAL to their commander in chief……..second the the highest

    3. @John Is going to make you mad
      Wow, where did that come from? I really feel sorry for people like you, nothing decent to say.
      Take care and try to mellow out man..too much coffee maybe?

  2. America loves a good shoot out. If you can’t do it at home with gun violence you might aswell go abroad with the missiles and tanks eh?

    1. @Justice Boofer And now you are making veiled threats at me personally… I’m not above hunting you down and taking you to court.
      I can only assume that you might have the means to carry out your statement. I live in Florida, a “Stand Your Ground” state.

    2. @Justice Boofer You are a cowardly little seppo serf. If you think you could possibly survive an encounter with me, you should speak to my father, i will give you the map but you have to buy your own shovel.

    1. Ian G No. And this foray with Iran is potentially a disaster with an impulsive, not very bright individual voted in by similarly benighted, badly educated males and folks who just didn’t like Hillary Clinton. Hillary would not have tossed NATO. She. Is a lot more intelligent than Trump, and more cautious.

    2. ako tairi Thank you for your information . That doesn’t change the fact that Erdogan is awful, Syria deserves better. Yes, The Kurds, like other countries, lost their homeland.

  3. Sure he does. Start a regional war with Iran to lift up the oil price that Vlad needs to stay above 100 to maintain the sick man of Europe aging Russia. His buddies in US defense industry and Israel will also benefit.

    1. @Individual 1 The West will collapse before Russia does.
      It is inevitable.

      I wish I could see your facial expressions when you realize this.

  4. No more flying, no more plubic gathering of any kind. Stay away from large building. They will retaliate… Trump just diminish/ putting all Americans lives at risk. Trump my son’s won’t be fighting your war. Trump and his family should be first in line, then all the republicans in office, followed by all his supporters. This buffoon is beyond incompetent, unable and to govern. Obama was America’s blessing and now trump and his administration is our curse. They will be the death of this country.. I’m kids won’t be fighting your war.

    1. @freeesurfer I’m definitely not afraid, this is concerning, this is when your common sense should kicks in.

    1. @Utha no he was not right, wrong, Obama dropped 100k drone bombs in the east , didnt u get the memo lol oh and gave Iran a path to nukes, death to america , who said that , u idiots , u brainwashed clowns , so many of ya

  5. Food for thought: The kurds in syria were the driving force in defeating ISIS in Syria. The Iranians, especially this general, were the driving force in defeating ISIS in Iraq. See a trend here?

    1. @Rodney Boehner Neither do ‘they’. That’s what ISIS do and he was going after ISIS so your comment makes no sense. I don’t like the enemy but if you hate them so much I hope you’ve enlisted. If you want a war – go do it. Trump has caused this but his kids won’t be enlisted will they? The General at least lead from the front instead of hiding behind a desk while others were being killed.

  6. Trump just killed someone travelling under a diplomatic passport. That is more than an act of war. Trump’s actions should be condemned. Trump is a war criminal.

    1. @Bilan Gumus any action that targets non-combatants I oppose. The question is, is that the status quo, or an outlaying case.

    2. Z Don’t think that this will end anything, we have made a martyr of this man, a lot more lives, US and Allies, will be lost. It was over the top stupid and a war that we didn’t want to get into. We now have to get into a maximum defense mode. This may be something that will happen more personally to all of us. He got us out of northern Syria and maybe into a war.

    3. @Z It is a status quo. Stop playing intellectual games with words to escape facts. The fact is that you are celebrating the dead of a ”murderer” while you don’t seem to see that by doing that you defend the same piece of the coin. Don’t act like the US is the bringer of piece in the world. Even the dumbest human nows that every war since the 50ths were for oil and weapon experiments. Don’t speak like you just got rid of a terrorist. You just created a monster.

    4. @Salvatore Patterson wow, you are so wrong man… it’s startling. We killed a Terrorist probably the #1 terrorist in the world. That’s a great victory for the US! You think Iran – the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world – would act any differently if their best military strategist was still planning more attacks? Are you daft? They are bad actors doing bad things all over the world. They would have, and will continue to behave as they already and always have been behaving. Your judgement is deeply and fundamentally flawed, if you think terrorists, would stop doing terror if we just left them alone. That is what you are suggesting. You realize that right?. By your completely backwards reasoning, we shouldn’t have killed Osama Bin Laden, because Al Qaeda might do something bad? You fight the bad guys, not let them live in luxury. Get that? What do you think every single Iranian asset in the world is thinking when they fall asleep? I’ll tell you: “am I safe?” If we can get their #1 guy, we can get ANY OF THEM. Please get some military friends who can educate you on tactics and how the world actually works. You gotta go back to the intellectual drawing board man, you seem really lost.

  7. What did America think was going to happen this war was instigated by the US . To blame Iran is ludicrous, ever since Trump got into the White House the war drums have been beating against Iran .

    1. @David Goldman Have you signed up to defend your brittle honor yet little boy . Ten seconds it took for you right-wingers to join deep state .

  8. How to distract from my impending impeachment,with more details coming out daily I need to drown this….🤔 I know,a war,that’ll do it!

    1. John Is going to make you mad he already has been impeached it’s just a matter of removal. Read it research it it’s not that hard we have the Internet it actually reads it for you. Because I think you might need help understanding it if it’s read to you

    1. @John Is going to make you mad not challenged not freaking out..there is War..War..War..all over the world.Just hate to see destruction and killing. Things gotta change for Earth and Humans Before All is Gone. Thats just how it is and getting worse with time. All about Power and Greed. Just tired of the chaos everytime you turn on the News.

    2. @John Is going to make you mad yeah because pulling out of those wars would have left a power vacuum that ISIS was trying to fill. Pulling us out would have resulted in ISIS completely dominating Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

    3. @ T McAuliffe: An ”anti-impeachment tantrum”.That’s precisely what this assassination is.Soon the calls will come not to get rid of a sitting president during a time of conflict.The senate trial is due soon,so provoking a crisis is a tactic by Trump and his team.

    1. @thewanderandhiscomp So your concerned that Putin himself gets more money? That means what to the U.S? He dies a bit richer in a decade or so? The guy lives in a palace and is given whatever he wants for nothing,

    2. @a. barker Well I think the reason that Republicans are supporting Trump to the end is because they’ve sort of written themselves into corner that they can’t see a good way out of. They threw in with Trump early when he was popular with many Republican voters because they wanted to hop on that gravy train of support and also secure the presidency for their party. But now they can’t untie themselves from him without appearing like political traitors to Trump’s supporters. As they say, when you spend long enough wearing a mask, it can be hard to take it off

    1. When he was running for president he said he had the perfect plan for the middle East (but wouldn’t divulge)
      So, no need to worry.
      He’s got this. (S)


  10. The stated aim is to dissuade Iran from taking provocative actions, the result is going to be the exact opposite. Its the nuclear deal all over again, amateurs who haven’t got a clue what they are doing and don’t have a clear end game.

    1. I love this statement. Majority of men and women with military uniforms are not rich. If there is a war, many will die while Trump’s children enjoying their lives.

  11. I thought Trump ran on the promise of “no more foreign wars..?” Yet another promise broken by Trump. *LOCK HIM UP.*

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