Trump’s Pentagon: U.S. Killed Iran’s Military Leader Qassem Soleimani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Qassem Suleimani's death could dramatically increase tensions between the U.S. and Iran, which were already heightened by the New Year's attacks on the American Embassy compound. Aired on 01/02/20.
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Trump's Pentagon: U.S. Killed Iran's Military Leader Qassem Soleimani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Honestly y’all can just come take him they already planning to impeach they might just hand him over…it’s all for the US sacrifice one to save many

    1. @Magitrix Alyxra We helped get rid of an elected president of Iran back in the 50 & installed a dictator…the Shah. We created the Ayatollahs. We also sold weapons to them back in the 80s violating a congressional weapons embargo which created the Iran/Contra scandal. Those chickens are coming home to roost. We had an Iran nuclear deal that the Iranians were adhering to according to our western allies. Trump unilaterally pulled out because Obama’s name was on it. So it wasn’t perfect…..what did Trump give us in return? Obamacare was not perfect but 20 million people would not die due to a pre-existing condition. Trump has tried everything to disable it with NOTHING to replace it. Going into Iraq was going to be a slam dunk…it’s been 19 years & we are still dying there. We had no justification for invading Iraq & killing hundreds of thousands. The Iranians & Iraqis can use your same argument. Read more, talk less.

    2. You would literally prefer Trump to have been killed that a terrorist who has killed thousands of innocents? You are sick!

    3. @Paul Boutilier Pretty sure someone who kills innocent civilians on purpose is a terrorist. How does it feel to have no moral compass, Paul?

    1. Obama spied on Allies and American journalists. Obama JAILED whistleblowers. Obama killed Muslim Americans without due process. Obama used the IRS against the American taxpayers. Obama used taxpayer dollars to interfere in the Israeli elections. Obama lied about Benghazi and left our people behind to be murdered and blatantly lied about it. Obama assassinated Khadafy, collapsed Libya leading to the worst migrant crisis in history. Shall I go on?

    2. House of Shuffles Far more death and destruction is going to result from the assassination. Also, Trump violated the Constitution by not informing Congress about it so they could hold a vote.

    1. @looes74 looes74 ‘merica is the bestesthing that has been done in ever in the area of history and I will fight 💪 for her and potentially 🙏 I guess die for her…but metaphorical deth…knothe real deel

  2. Sounds like the 12 year olds talking about how they spent last night with my mother on Xbox and the Trump administration have the same IQ.

    What a twist.

  3. As a European, can you guys stop invading the Middle East so we get an end to these refugee waves, many thanks.

    1. @Roman Darius there is no one in the history of mankind more violent than the white man. Everything must be based on greed and weaponizing. Youre welcome sob

    1. You do know by going war with Iran the entire region will be disturbed the region has 3 nuclear power countries China Pakistan india its not gonna be a good situation for the world

    2. I’m groening or groaning or droning on and on about nothing not letting anyone else get a word in edgewise til I start frothing at the mouth and falling over backwardSimpsons’Rule

    1. He hates alcohol and i even have proof write in in google does donald trump drink alcohol go on images and tap the first image and it will say why donald trump doesnt like alcohol

    1. 2020 is OK Kaboom Zooom Kaboom Zoooooooooooooooooom KaBooom Hit and Run until IRAN Gives up nukes and Terror!

    2. @Brobdingnagian Loaph 2nd Boomer Gen! excellent! more realist less idealist on trip to la la la land.

  4. Trump phones Qassem Suleimani…

    TRUMP: “Knock, knock.”
    SULEIMANI: “Who’s there?”
    TRUMP: “You’ll see…” (hangs up).

    1. @dragon slayer4324 👄He’s getting the majority of his pay from Putin!!! They are robbing the rest of us!!! That’s why we want him GONE!!!

    1. @zbagz01 This guy isn’t your “Benghazi Hillary”. to attack an Embassy is to start a war with that Nation. *God are you people stupid.*

    1. WHEN the draft comes Cut off the first two knuckles on your off hand. if you cant pull a trigger with either hand you cannot serve.

  5. USA Bombing List – The Democracy World Tour:
    Japan: 1945
    Korea: 1950
    Guatemala: 1954
    Indonesia: 1958
    Kuba: 1959
    Vietnam: 1961
    Kongo: 1964
    Laos: 1964
    Cambodia: 1969
    Iran: 1980
    El Salvador: 1981
    Nicaragua: 1981
    Libya: 1986
    Panama: 1989
    Irak: 1991
    Sudan: 1998
    Serbia: 1999
    Afghanistan: 2001
    Irak: 2003
    Syria: 2014
    Iran: 2020?

    1. You also missed all the many gunboat diplomacy activities that teddy Roosevelt initiated for Dole and United Fruit conglomerates.

  6. Called Kim Jong Un ‘rocket man’ maybe he’ll deliver his Christmas present at the same time as Iran’s new years present 🤭🥴

    1. You sickos would like that? You want NK to bomb Washington? I would never say that about any President, no matter how much I disagreed with them. If you hate this country so much, why are you here?

  7. Me: “I think I’m going to join the military when I graduate high school”

    Me: *sees that there might be a potential war*

    Me: “I think I’ll just go to college”

    1. @Jane Wright During WW2 underaged teenagers lied about their age to join the military. Imagine todays SJW’s doing that.

    2. @Jane Wright definendless! Wars are meanto be multi-generational…the beauty of the hundred years war is that you didn’t have to bore your grandkids withe stories about it, because they were fighting in it! 22 years of peacetime in 243 years of existence is way more than plinky…(southern for plenty)

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