Sen. Capito Unveils Republican Proposal To Fund Infrastructure | MSNBC 1

Sen. Capito Unveils Republican Proposal To Fund Infrastructure | MSNBC


Sen. Shelley Moore Capito and other Republican lawmakers held an event to reveal their counterproposal to the Biden administration's infrastructure plan. She discussed how their plan will focus on "core, physical infrastructure."

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Sen. Capito Unveils Republican Proposal To Fund Infrastructure | MSNBC


  1. How much is the counter offer? $40.12? We need trillions, because the GQP has not adequately funded infrastructure for DECADES.

    1. There’s estimates floating around of about 5 trillion just to stand still on roads and bridges. There needs to be huge investments in broadband and car charging points like you say underinvestment for decades.

    2. @Nathan K With six of those years both houses of congress held by Repugnacants that blocked everything that Oboma tried to do.

  2. Stop talking about constraint spending when it comes to the people !! Y’all didn’t constrain Trump on spending !!!

    1. @sam-online And therein lies the problem. The Retrumplicans have no intent to pass this bill. The fact that they even believe day care is not part of it should (somehow) automatically exempt them from any bi-partisan attempts to negotiate this bill. What narrow minded fools. All this from a Canadian, who cannot fathom why folks in the US go through this Tom foolery to get nowhere. Our system here is not perfect, but IMO, it is more pro- active than the US.

  3. They want jobs yet won’t allow a package to upgrade infrastructure which would PROVIDE jobs… GOP are a waste of oxygen. Hunger for bi-partisanship, tell that to Moscow Mitch who admitted his entire focus is obstructing Biden.

    1. I can’t even think of a time when McConnell actually contributed something of value to our country, he the grim reaper alright but in truth he just a sorry old man who’s getting in the way of future generations.

    1. @N 827 have you been paying attention? dtrump is in legal trouble. he is most definitely caput. biden will be your president for 3.5 more years if you are an american

    2. @LotWizzard Have you been paying attention? Only person going to prison is Hunter! Cheating Joe to old age home.

    3. @N 827 i dont care about hunter. i dont care about biden. dtrump will never be pres again bcuz of his incoming criminal charges and he helped ruin the republican party. enjoy your next 3.5 years of biden and kamala

  4. Fine everything should be considered. Now are Republicans willing to look at funding our future in clean energy, our children’s lives by making sure every child has enough to eat and clean safe child care, pre-school and free community college? Are you willing to vote to allow the 1/6 commission to go forward, the voting rights act, George Floyd policing legislation to become law? These are bedrock issues that will determine if we survive as a nation nor not going into the 21st century. Put our Country before Party.

    1. Original Republican proposals had billions going to contractors w/o specific guidelines on spending Taxpayer Money.
      You can’t underestimate the amount of corruption in the GOP.

  5. I have no “hunger for bipartisanship” if one party acts in bad faith and against the interests of all but the rich.

  6. Trickle Down Economics doesn’t work and Tax Cuts don’t generate jobs. These wealthy Republicans are out of touch.

    1. Money is power. Trickledown economics works so far as it’s moving power upwards and away from the people. The rest of the stuff was a scam.

  7. The middle class isn’t paying for it, sorry GQP. It’s time for the top 1% to pay their fair share in taxes.

    1. Everyone who uses money is paying for in in the form of out of control inflation. Biden plays the same games with his income as the 1%

    2. @Nathan K you either get inflation, or economic collapse. There is no way to get back the wealth generated by the 1% so we have to print more money.

      Imagine an annual income of 2B dollars. And then think, some are Making 100B annually. Essentially, tax free.

  8. Nothing this party says has any merit looking at past performances as the disaster that America is in is their fault .

  9. They speak for the American people and they are the party of the Law, only when those things mean do whatever they want haha

    1. Dems are letting them do it. If roles were reversed, the repubs would do what they wanted. Dems need to get a spine before these repubs destroy the country.

  10. “[We] stayed true to what our beliefs are…” Wouldn’t that require you to have actual beliefs?

  11. They didn’t actually raise their bottom line number when all they did was extend out spending from 5 to 8 yrs. it’s all smoke & mirrors (as usual) from Republicans.

  12. It amazes me. 4 years of power and the republicans didn’t once have an infrastructure plan. Now they want the ball

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