Sens. Murphy And Cornyn Discussing Measure On Background Checks | MSNBC 1

Sens. Murphy And Cornyn Discussing Measure On Background Checks | MSNBC


NBC's Sahil Kapur reports as Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. John Cornyn have been discussing a bipartisan measure to close loopholes in gun background checks.

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Sens. Murphy And Cornyn Discussing Measure On Background Checks | MSNBC


  1. Does Sen. Cornyn realize his home state of Texas is passing a law that doesn’t require any background check on people to by handguns and openly carry them?

    1. If you think I’m wrong, go to any gun store in TX and try to purchase a handgun without undergoing a background check.

    2. @Jacob Ross Private sellers and the mythical Black Market. The very same excuses gun fetishists use to dismiss firearms regulations. Texas just went straight to “Background checks don’t stop criminals from getting guns so there’s no point in having them.”

    3. @Jacob Ross I can go to a gun show, or my neighbor and buy a weapon and no check.
      He/She may have had a check, but not I.
      That is a massive loophole.
      Background checks are for “Federally” sanctioned gun shops and or dealers.

    4. @Reg U you can buy a shotgun or rifle, but not a handgun. People really should do some research (yourself included) into the subtleties of these laws.

    5. @Reg U unless you plan on concealed carrying something with a 16” barrel or longer, you still need to undergo a background check at a dealer to purchase a weapon you can carry concealed.

  2. We may as well just go back to promises of “thoughts and prayers ” America lacks the courage to confront our greed and selfishness. We are hapless and hopeless.

  3. Do I detect a re-election bid for Cornyn? I don’t trust him any more than I do Liz Cheney. What’s the catch? Why the change of heart? I thought he tossed that out at about the same time he sold his soul to the Donald..

  4. You know, if 5 and 6 year old kids can cope with active shooter drills, then gun owners can deal with background checks, waiting periods and red flag laws…

    1. 231 mass shootings in 146 days this year: let’s make it easier to buy guns
      16 alleged cases of voter fraud out of 160 million votes in 2020: let’s make it harder to vote…(Ari Berman)
      Infringement…no greater infringement then taking a human life because you had a bad day ..

    2. I agree with background checks and we already have them. I don’t agree with red flag laws which can strip rights from people before actually committing a crime unless their is proof of a direct threat to themself or someone else.

    3. @Muhammad the Prophet Umm…
      That is the description of a “Red Flag”, so what part do you not care for ?

    4. @Reg U, my understanding of “red flag” laws is basically someone reports someone else (perhaps a family member) of having some sort of ill intentions towards themselves or someone else, then that will be reviewed by a judge to determine if their gun ownership rights will be removed. Is that not correct?

      My concern is the level of proof needed to have someone’s ability to defend themself removed, and whether or not a crime has been committed like a verbal threat.

  5. Find all the illegal guns 1st before you come after the citizens right to bare arms when we have a duty to protect the homeland

    1. @Beverley Arscott The Military is used for the over seas never ending middle east wars and logistics and We the People are the military for the homeland and the enlisted are not allowed to operate on the homeland and a lot of them are not even citizens yet

    2. @Chris Thomas absolutely and back in the days the wicked government drafted our people and forced them to fight in wars over seas so it’s obvious we would automatically draft ourselves to fight for the homeland

  6. Only people willing to break the law should have guns! And soldiers killing people in their own countries! And people protecting politicians. That’s it!

  7. Let’s start a pilot program somewhere and see if any of this works. Hint: it won’t. Organized crime runs guns and it doesn’t matter how many serial numbers and background checks you do, bad people will get guns. Laws don’t harm criminals. This will work as well as dropping legal blood alcohol content to 0% to combat drunk driving. Responsible people will senselessly get caught up in the letter of the law and criminals don’t care either way

  8. What’s so hard about a background check before owning a gun? Let’s not let crazy people own guns.

  9. Every firearm owner is responsible until one decides that people ought to be shot. After that it’s too little too late and ~Thoughts and Prayers~.

  10. A bi-yearly psyche evaluation should also be added to. And before anyone gets on my case about this, dont forget alot of news outlets talk about how ‘damaged, sad, and unwell’ these mass shooters are, wouldn’t it make sense to add a psyche evaluation so you kno the person purchasin the gun wont go on a mass shootin spree and hurt others, or shoot themselves if they’re also diagnosed as suicidal?

  11. My fear is they have lost themselves, I wonder if one of there children or relatives were in school or just shopping ,and you come home from work to find out for no reason they were dead some guy with a automatic weapon decided to go on a shooting spree because he could.

  12. There will never be any deal the criminal GOP syndicate is part of that will be anywhere near what it should really achieve.

  13. Whatever Cornyn tells you is a false or misleading statement. He knows exactly what loopholes are in these bills and what they mean. They put them into the bills to stay on the good side of the 2nd amendment nuts.

  14. Republicans don’t want background checks because a good portion of their supporters can’t pass it

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