Sen. Chris Coons: It’s ‘Important That We Get To The Bottom Of Jan. 6’ 1

Sen. Chris Coons: It’s ‘Important That We Get To The Bottom Of Jan. 6’


Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) is disappointed that there was not a bipartisan decision to investigate the events of January 6th, but is excited to see what the select committee will reveal about Trump’s role in the insurrection.

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    1. The empty threats of high handed vacuous morality. “Abortion is love?” What does it matter? The empty threats of a bunch of mud flaps guru screw fest hobo humpers.

  1. When Trump was elected, I stated he was going to be like Hitler. I got ridiculed by family and some friends. I was right. He must be held accountable for his actions. The average person would be committed or locked up in prison and the key thrown away.

    1. @bill wilson sorry can’t hear you, must be the rose colored glasses your wearing. Maybe you need to get your eyes tested, there wasn’t anything peaceful about jan 6.

  2. My greatest hope is that the Select Committee will use their subpoena power and bring Trump and every single last one of those who stood with him that day during the insurrection in to testify.

    1. If they have nothing to hide, they’d not fight a subpoena. Testimony for all to hear. Their chance for honesty.

    2. @Ray W I believe you but Pelosi was in on it & anyone that watches the footage of Jan attack the security guards were waving them into Capitol & why did Pelosi tell the national guard not to be at the Capital

    3. scenario 1: they ignore the subpoena and get up to 12 months in a minimum security county club.

      scenario 2: the perjure themselves and get up to 5 years in a minimum security county club.

      most likely scenario: they ignore the subpoena and get 10 days max.

  3. Remember when people was called patriots for joining the military and fighting for our country and not for being a sore loser.

    1. When you pay less taxes than a minimum wage earning person. When you hide in a bunker because there is a group of peaceful protesters. When you trust a foreign and hostile leader more than your countries own intelligence. When you discriminate and offend a real warhero. When you are all of this – than you are the chosen one.

    2. @Gluteus Maximus To be fair why should Trump trust people, I don’t want him back, but Washington is still a swamp and worse then ever

    3. Those were/are the heroes. Basically we were put through the wringer just now by somebody with the sensitivities of a five-year-old, and the charisma of a loosely-strung tennis racket.

    4. @Sandi Harris You know it’s been interesting watching this conversation and you just opened my eyes to something I kind of never thought of, or read of, so thank you. And, as a rather narrow-minded person (Aren’t we all?) I dId not expect further illumination on the matter from you. Won’t get fooled again.Have a great night.

    5. @Sandi Harris Remember when nobody stormed the Capitol in 2016 to stop the certification of the electoral college votes? Remember nobody died at the Capitol on the certification results being certified? I do.

      Your equating the two on the same level is as moronically neurotically impotent as your comments.

  4. Coons is always so clear and concise… a smart man and a great communicator.
    He also has a cuteness about him.

  5. Trump: “You know I don’t believe in justice.”

    Smart people with brains: “And yet, here it is”…

  6. Of the four Illinois representatives I wrote several years ago, Senator Durbin was the only one that responded.

    1. No I suspect donnie doesn’t know what the fifth is. But he would take the opportunity to give his spiel on how the election was stolen. You no his usual BS.

    2. raskin doesn’t know that amendment. they would never let Trump speak on his own behalf. his words would be inarguable.

  7. An Act Of War
    To Over Throw Constitutional Law,
    Even When ROE Limits To Primitive Weapons,
    Is Still An Act of War, And Thereby An Act Of Treason.

  8. Every time I hear these people talk about infrastructure and bipartisanship, the numbers get smaller and smaller.

  9. As much as I admire Biden’s optimism, he did not bank on the amount of ‘stupid’ in the republican states!

  10. Some people say that Jan 6 was like 911 in truth it was worse because after 911 hafe the contry did not side with the terrorist.

  11. The American people are excited to see, what the bipartisan committee will reveal about Trump’s role in the Capitol coup!

    1. All they have to do is replay the second impeachment tapes. The dems did a fantastic job of portraying the events of Jan 6.

    1. @Oliver Toeknuckle Proof Nancy did it? Potus was running that show, Director, actor and financier. The truth will be revealed.

    2. @Oliver Toeknuckle security isn’t the only issue here, if no angry mobs were breaking in due to election lie and conspiracies there would be no security issue

    3. Their desperation is obvious. The insurrection was Nancy Pelosi’s fault. LMAO. They have used up every excuse.

    4. @Lisa S what??? Both majority and minority leaders pick the security heads, one each to oversee the protections assigned to the capital. Who asked days prior to January 6 and during insurrection for national guard? Please I’m dying to know how you can blame Pelosi and what facts you’re basing it on

    5. @M L I’m blaming all of them for ignoring rumors of violence in January. The FBI knew of the threats. Everyone on social media saw comments threatening violence. I personally reported several threats. I just want them to be prepared for it. I never blamed Nancy.

  12. FORMER President Donald J Trump, actually said that he believes that the United States Constitution is “archaic” look it up.

  13. Chris Coons: “Not well informed about the underlying science.” = They’re stupid… But he’s a nice guy, I’m not.

  14. We’ve got people eagerly trying to roll back the Civil Rights gains, and some of the other achievements he cites as well!

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