Simone Biles 'Has Nothing To Prove To You’ | MSNBC 1

Simone Biles ‘Has Nothing To Prove To You’ | MSNBC


Contributing writer for The Atlantic and host of the podcast “Jemele Hill is Unbothered,” Jemele Hill, and Righteous Media president Paul Rieckhoff, discuss Simone Biles’ brave choice to step away from the Olympics and why some are angry that she is taking a pause from the games.

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  1. If you are not 100% mentally you are in great danger of injury in gymnastics. It requires intense focus and confidence.

    1. @Bobby Kiefer Dude Tyson doesn’t have to do want Simone had to do u have to be 100% when u are in the air like she does. How u think she earned 30 metals

    2. @Quintez Wilkerson – Dood…If I put myself in the spotlight, and compete as the worlds greatest drummer and decide not to compete, for ANY reason, I am subject to public scrutiny. It IS that simple. It’s an opinion, not fact. Chill.

    3. @Chuck Luckles Do u have kids a daughter in fact, as a father hearing what she had to go through behind close doors that coach

    4. @Quintez Wilkerson – For sure. Her past and what she has overcome is simply very remarkable. A lesser person wouldn’t be sane after all that. But for today, maybe she just needed a break.

  2. She’s a young woman that has accomplished more in her short life than most of her critics ever will.

    1. @Shyreeta Allen It’s impossible to answer that without some combination of boasting and self-doxing. If you have a way of getting in touch by some private method, I would be glad to reply.

    2. @Paul Kryder I’ve thrown a kettle over a pub on more than one occasion. Biles has never done that.

    3. that’s irrelevant, because the same would hold true for any profession. I.E. if a surgeon started a procedure and then decided, “u know what, i’m not feeling it today. call another doctor”, that MD would not be hailed as a hero.

  3. Leave that woman alone, she needs personal time for her mind and soul, ffs. People make me sick.

    1. I know an athlete that almost made it to the Olympics this year for another sport. If the person that took her place had quit like Biles did I know she would be furious right now.

    2. Weak, quitters make me sick. She is only proving how weak this country is becoming and sad people like you support it.

    3. If she quit on herself that would be one thing; she quit on her team, and now we’re celebrating people who quit?

  4. Her mental health is far more valuable than any Olympic medal. She should be lauded for recognising her issue and the dangers of ignoring it. She has nothing to prove, The haters are not even close to the value this woman is to the community.

    1. Actually she had a lot to prove, and quit. When someone who actually wanted it could take her place.

  5. If Simone never does another back flip or any other flip she has shown the world who she is always take care of yourself.

  6. Obviously, she has common sense and brains on top of her astonishing gymnastic abilities. It’s hard to believe there are people assuming they have the right to criticise her.

    1. Only reason this being praised cause shes a female and poc….
      Telling women in general that its ok to quit isnt inspiring…
      Mind you that she placed alot the mental issues on herself by promoting and feding into the concept of being the goat..
      Why wont any these indiviuals acknowledge that….
      It goes against woke culture to analyze yourself..
      So you have to make an enemy outta anyone that criticizes you at all..

    2. @Flegpuppy You really do disgust me! Simone is a human being and as normal as you and me, She carries the weight of the country on her shoulders when she competes, She needs a break, As do we all.

    3. @Keith Walker By assuming the old man in your profile picture is actually you, I am going to be polite with you Sir.
      Athletes competing for their countries are like soldiers on the battlefield and the word quit should be in their vocabulary while they are in the middle of the competition because as you said they carry the weight of their country on their shoulders, which apparently for Simone Biles it was too much of a burden to carry. So in a very selfish and undignified way, she decided to quit. And that is not right Sir.

    4. @Captain Falcon who are you to decide what she should have done? Could you even keep up with her physical stamina or endurance ? You have a right to stay in your lane Captain Falcon 🏎️🤡

  7. Truest statement there: “people calling her mentally weak have never come as close to being as good at their job as Simione Biles is at hers”.

    1. if a construction worker was completely healthy, but decided, “you know what? i’m not in the right mental space today… i’m calling it!”, he/she would not be praised. so let’s not be stupid here.

    2. @Jason Um What a ridiculous analogy, and typical of the loser mindset that hasn’t even got the slightest conception of the amount of work, dedication, commitment and desire needed to achieve what Simone Biles has. No wonder you can’t begin to appreciate the unique pressures that come with that. Utterly absurd.

    3. @Jason Um – I am just asking you if the previous Bronze medal winner who protested THE National Anthem, waving a readily handy garb, has made it more easy to dish out scrutiny. What do you think about THAT? I’d think you’d be all over that idea.

  8. *All the very best Simone Biles.🤸‍♂️🙂 Simone is listening to her own inner-voice… …not to the opinions of haters.*

    1. Yep, as she should. I just wonder if she’ll have an inner voice called regret bothering her though going forward.

    2. @緑先輩 exactly. Simone has failed to uphold the demands of the State. She is a bad comrade.

  9. This isn’t the “new normal” , this can never be accepted as normal or anything close to it.

    1. If you cant enter the flowstate you should not do an extreme sport or you will break you neck! She made the right choice for her. End of discussion. She doesnt owe anyone anything.

    2. @Search Ing Exactly!!! She definitely doesn’t have to answer to the likes of them or anyone else for that matter. Their bias, bigotry & hateful attacks on her are deplorable, they’re deplorable.

  10. If anyone will go back and look at Simone picture, you can see in this Olympic her facial expressions says it all her smile started going away, and no one realize something was wrong, so I am glad she put her self first. Good for you young lady.

  11. With the level of difficulty for the moves she and only she does, if she is not mentally there, she could hurt herself. It’s her body, her decision.

  12. Jealousy breeds contempt.

    The same could be said about the “Pelosi Republican” remarks. The same could be said about anyone who puts YOU down; especially those who lack an understanding of your efforts or lack any empathy towards your true well being and the universal goal of becoming a better human.

  13. We, and the rest of the world, need to recognize that The Brain Is An Organ. No one would ask an athlete to preform with a pulled muscle.

  14. Extraordinary, intelligent, and strong. Beautiful mind, beautiful heart. What a lovely wonderful human she is. The haters have no shame, no strength, no honor. They shake their fists and scream out their failures. I know who I admire. No apologies.

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