Senate Votes To Advance Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill 1

Senate Votes To Advance Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill


Just moments ago, 17 Republicans joined all Democrats in voting to move forward on a procedural motion to debate a bipartisan infrastructure bill announced earlier today. NBC News national political reporter Sahil Kapur joins The ReidOut with this breaking news.
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  1. Rebuilding bridges would creat many jobs, along with highway upgrades and such. Badly needed.

    1. Tamps area. One construction company just walked away from a job they were doing on SR 54. Been working that stretch for almost 20 years, and not done. Someone retired on that deal for sure.

    1. @wily wascal bro Dems are absolutely nuts bidens town hall showed how demented he was, no one’s even watching or cares about the hearing. You guys will get slammed this year if the elections are actually fair. But I seriously doubt that

    1. @Jake Smith not yet but supposedly a bigger raise next year, but I’m not holding my breath😑

    1. We make school kids stay in from recess if they don’t get their work done. Can’t we expect at least that much from our representatives and senators?

    2. @Tim Kaldahl 2 year old kicked off airline for no mask bunch of tex dems on an airline no masks, no prob… there u go diff standards for law makes based on laws they make.

    3. @Chad yes you are right and the marxist hand book takes it to an extreme. if they cant steal a crisis they will make one and drag it out to bleed as many ppl as posible. most in govt are either lazy, greedy or incompatant or a mix. ive heard stories of gov jobs where they get mad at the new ppl for working too hard cuz it shows how little they are doing. theres also the prince good book, in it they send enforcers to swiftly and brutaly change laws and power than punish those inforcers to shift the blame from the, the leaders. like place holder POTUS biden use him to usher in alot of changes and distractions then the main puppet can dance 100 miles away from the boarder inspector harris… ya nothing new scary part is alot of ppl are just now seeing this its been ramping since 2015 and started as early as the 2000’s atleast now people seem to be snaping out of thier comfortable daze…

  2. I’m so damned old I remember the days when a billion dollars was considered a lot of money….seems so long ago….

    1. @Barnes Thank you for those examples which show just how huge these dollar amounts are. It’s really mind-boggling. 30,000 years to count to one trillion. Wow!

    2. @Mr. White Didn’t trump correct all those problems you just listed? Didn’t you guys say he was draining the swamp and giving back to the little guys.? Just asking for a friend.

    3. @robert williams Did u not read the chart on where the money is going? Seems like all is infrastructure to me. There may be some items you disagree with, but others don’t, so I guess that is what compromise means.

    4. @myyou tubeacct I would prefer to get someone with experience building roads than a new business with no experience. Yes, taxpayers will pay more, but hopefully things will be well made. Somethings u just can’t change, mate, so best to accept and move on.

    1. It’s set up that way. They want to fundraiser instead of do their jobs thanks to the set up by the corporate interests

    2. yup.. they are all greedy criminals.. they’ll be flying on jets all around celebrating , polluting the air, spreading Covid, and thinking of more ways of destroying the country.

    3. What working American gets as many vacation days as our Congress 👀
      And No where near the same pay
      And Please Don’t Forget That We PAY
      Their Salary 🤔
      So we are Working our Butts off for Less pay and Fewer days Off to give them more pay then we earn And a lot more Vacation time 🤔

  3. Prima Dona Sinema who represents Exxon Mobile just like Grandstanding Manchin. She is taking turns from her fellow Senator to play the Court me, Woo me, Tell me you love me game. No one thinks either of them has microgram of sincerity.

    1. Spare me. You would faint in ecstasy if Bernie Sanders had the balls of Sinema or Joe Manchin. But old Bernie is just a ball less wonder.

    2. Hey Ruth Thanks for spreading the word and reminding people that ExxonMobil writes Kirsten Sinema and Joe Manchin’s phoney talking points excuse about bipartisanship being the reason certain Democrats are planning to tank the clmate part of this agenda in either Bill.

  4. Pity the fools who aren’t on government pension plans & who will be paying the $5 trillion through their mutual funds.

  5. Stay at work until you have FINISHED your job!!!! They cried about people not working because of unemployment and took the bonus AWAY. If they go on break they should not BE PAID.

    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone They’re literally representatives of the people. They’re supposed to do the bidding of their constituents.

    2. @Miracles Endless I agree with that but some sectors like live entertainment. Were still under restrictions in most states after the boost was removed. Biden didn’t restrict us. the governors in the states did. In my state it was in fact a red state with Republican governor whom I threatened with legal action if he didn’t drop the restrictions on indoor events capacity. My union may still sue him as it takes at least 3 months to book a show, advertise and sell tickets. We have plenty of working coming this fall as long as we don’t get shut down again because of the idiots that refuse to get a vaccine. sorry if I offended you. Maybe your not one.

    3. @infernaltim1
      Not when their constituents are stupid and don’t understand the consequences of printing money.

      The House of Representatives is akin to children and the Senate are akin to parents. The Senate is expected to keep the House from doing stupid things, like spend $3 trillion.

    4. @Nameless Progressive Clone You’re putting way too much faith in people like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    5. @infernaltim1
      Huh? What are you talking about? She’s a House Representative. She’s part of the problem.

  6. They should add holding local and state governments accountable for their infrastructure too. New York is falling apart and taxes just keep going up and up

    1. Democrats don’t know how to balance a Budget. Republicans do. All past republican presedents have been rhinos.

    2. @Joseph Tulk tell that to Trump who grew deficit spending after all the work Obama did in spite of mitch, after Bush dubya dropped America’s credit rating and lost 2 wars. Republican presidents never have a good economy and if they inherit one they ruin it. Clinton was the last time we can say our economy was strong.

    3. @Trump Lost Get Over It Loser trump spend but we were energy independent and democrats destroyed small business. Fool he spent to make more. Trump didn’t shut down the economy he’s not a dictator. Democrat govenors are

    1. @Nolan Armstrong Ok, but no need for name calling. Btw: more than half of America hasn’t experienced healthcare in another country, say France for example. We/Americans tend to not be savvy on our own history or history in general, kinda Americacentric. Not open to more than one language. You get my point.

    2. @Shelle Capos yes I apologize and agree. With each passing generation in America they keep getting dumbed down more and more and things like history don’t get studied or remembered. As a history buff I find this problematic

  7. Hilarious that this country cannot afford health care for everyone but somehow the taxpayers still pay for the overly inflated defensive budget and all of politicians salaries and of course their healthcare

    1. Most people don’t want government healthcare. Where is the money coming from. We already starting to see inflation yet we keep spending money not even printed yet. Now we are going to spend trillions more on a fake infrastructure bill which is really a Democratic slush fund
      Only 9% will go for real infrastructure. You are so naive and gullible.

    2. @Debra Johnson Please stop your ReTrumplican cultists’ drivel. Stop pretending to know what you don’t know, especially since you still follow your golden idol and give him your money which he gladly accepts. The Lyin King loves fools like you.

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