Sen. Coons Reacts To Senate's Passage Of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill 1

Sen. Coons Reacts To Senate’s Passage Of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Sen. Chris Coons joins Yasmin Vossoughian to discuss the Senate's passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. 

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  1. Thank god the infrastructure was passed.Thank God we have President Biden and let us not forget the great Senator Bernie Sanders

    1. @Scully
      Uh…. sorry but ARRA passed by Obama in 2009 was a huge infrastructure bill. At the time, the biggest since the interstate hwy system. But still, HUGE Kudos to Joe and I have little doubt that Nancy will get this through the House.

    1. @terry harker dude, stfu. You have no idea what you’re talking about. They scrapped trumps garbage (and not even in effect) Medicare drug rebate program (that would do nothing but increase premiums for Medicare recipients). So, no, it won’t cause seniors to live like the Great Depression. Take a Xanax.

    2. @Amy Falkenrath “that would do nothing but increase premiums for Medicare recipients”
      democrats are dumb tho…

    3. @Cid Sapient believe what you want, but democrats aren’t the ones who continue to allow themselves to be duped by a con artist who just tells you whatever you want to hear to get his hands on your “donations”.

      We also aren’t the ones who choose not to believe science because we don’t like to acknowledge facts.

      And we CERTAINLY aren’t the ones who are needlessly dying, hand over fist, of a virus you don’t believe is real even after being warned for the last 18 months.

      But yeah- _we’re_ the dumb ones…

    1. If they stop the bill to raise the debt ceiling this bill will be moot because it will not be funded, Mitch knows this……

  2. At least we can start to slow down the effects of climate change, we can’t completely stop it but we can repair some of the damage.

    1. China and India cause 50 times more pollution than the United States so unless they make huge changes, it won’t help anything

    2. @daniel You think pollution is the only issue? Consumption is just as bad – and America leads at that.

  3. This is what happens when you elect a President with experience in government, things get done to help the Anerican people. This is a big fking thing Joe.

    1. @Ryan Boehm you moron Biden is already getting this passed while the reconciliation bill is going to have to be passed after negotiations bring it to about 2 trillion. McConnell won’t help raise the debt limit so they HAVE to pass the reconciliation bill. McConnell have manchin no choice lol

    2. I don’t know what delusions have taken over your ability to use simple logic, but this is not going to help the country. WHAT IT WILL DO IS MAKE EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR YOU HAVE LESS VALUABLE. REMEMBER THIS POST WHEN YOUR TAIL IS TUCKED AND ITS TIME TO MAN UP.

  4. For all those who worry about paying for this may I ask how the GOP expected to pay for record tax cuts to the rich. Remember trickle down does not work as the rich like to hang onto their money and believe giving the average worker a decent wage would just spoil them The GOP has become a joke and I have been watching them since the 80’s.

    1. republicans are like a 12 year old stealing money out of Mom’s purse….they never worry about putting it back or getting the blame.

    2. oh yea by all means tho haha… when hilary announced her candidacy the first time i hedged against our economy
      im getting quite rich thanks to the uneducated and uninformed voting for democrats 🙂
      i used to call this one wallet the refilling wallet cuz id spend and spend and it would be worth more than it was in a couple weeks
      now i cant even spend fast enough for wallets to go down in value lol
      and as i said im hedged against the economy so that money isnt being spent in the US or with dollars

    3. lol my dads gf thought she was doing good on her retirement investments over the last 6 years
      ive made 80% her portfolio in 6 months haha

  5. Didn’t some ex president declare a week as “infrastructure week”?
    It’s been 5 long years. Let’s make some money.

  6. A great day indeed! Sen Coons excitement and positive vibes showed that this bill will transform ordinary american lives. Congratulations to everyone!

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