Sen. Cortez Masto: 'I Don't Believe' There Is A Wedge In NV Dem. Party | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Sen. Cortez Masto: ‘I Don’t Believe’ There Is A Wedge In NV Dem. Party | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) joins Hallie Jackson to discuss Democrats' attempts to reform the filibuster. Cortez Masto also addresses reports of a split in the Nevada Democratic Party, between its progressives and moderates, calling the group "united." Aired on 3/10/2021.
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Sen. Cortez Masto: 'I Don't Believe' There Is A Wedge In NV Dem. Party | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Aaaand about the entire staff of the state party resigning, the consultants ending their contracts, severance checks being written for the people quitting their jobs, and the funneling of $450k out of the state party coffers into the DSCC prior to the vote?

    1. Did you also remember that she ran the DSCC she is just trying to please the big donors and help her self and not the others that could be affected by her selfish actions it’s gross

  2. If you don’t have Division within any political bloc, you have a cult, not a meaningful group of disparate people working towards broadly similar views. You can’t even get an office Anywhere to agree on where to go for lunch or a pint after work (back in Ye Olden Pre-Covid Times), let alone something more meaningful like where they stand on politics, even in the same stream. I’d be worried if there was equal agreement all around – dissent and division are also key instigators of progress and analysis.

    1. Sure but not for the Stepford Party.

      They act with cult like obstructive precision even if the Democrats try to implement one of their own ideas.

  3. Somebody should explain the difference between “family detention” and “family separation” to that ICE official.

  4. I believe the filibuster should always be a talking Filibusters. They should be special and unique and not just a way to prevent legislation for partisan gains.

    1. I wish I could believe that would make a significant difference, but given our current state of hyperporalized politics I doubt requiring a talking filibuster is going to stop one party from obstructing the other. They’ve showed time and time again that they are determined to remain gridlocked on issues with 0 to little compromise. It seems all they care about is putting on a show for their respective supporters more so than actually tackling the issues head on

    2. @Meron A. Admasu have you ever tried to just talk for hours? At the very least I look forward to the toll it will take on the members of senate. Most of whom are over 60

    3. @darena12 True but what’s the point if nothing ever gets done? These politicians hide behind the filibuster and use it as an excuse for why they can’t fulfill the promises they made to their supporters. So long as politicians continue to be rewarded with reelection by doing the bare minimum, they will continue to be lazy while getting rich from their time in office, and nothing will ever change.

  5. If moving 450 k is not concerning idk what is and by the way she ran the Dscc so this all smells a little fishy

  6. Now that people are participating in decisions there needs to be increased accountability. Senators should not be able to block discussions w’out discussion.

  7. Is anyone else as sick of Joe Manchin acting just like McConnell destroying everything we are fighting for??

    1. You should be blaming Joe Biden who gives them room to be do-nothing on everything. Biden is Bought.

  8. I’m glad the Nevada Democratic Party is under progressive leadership, but we got to be on guard when voting next year in Texas, New York, North Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania because we do not what moderate dems to rig the primaries again like they did with Bernie in the previous election cycles in California and Iowa.

  9. Cool this is awesome to hear that Cortez Masto has talked with Judith. Judith is amazing and so happy to be part of the coalition that got the progressive slate elected! #NotMeUs

  10. There is a split, and hopefully the progressives will get rid of all the corporate elitist democrats.

  11. She starts blinking quite a lot when she starts answering the question about asking Judith Whitmer to drop out. She’s lying.

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