Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Not All Problems Can Be Solved With Military Action | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reacts to the killing of Gen. Soleimani and says that Trump has taken the U.S. to the edge of war and that not all problems can be solved with military action. Aired on 01/08/20
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Not All Problems Can Be Solved With Military Action | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Elizabeth Warren is way more competent than Joe Biden. Joe Biden supported the Iraq war which have led us to this moment.

    1. @Dan91 w. wtf. Yemen was actually attacked by the Saudis. The houthis who were apparently Iranian proxies were still internal rebels. The Saudis instead of getting behind the opposite yemeni side decided to invade Yemen. So yeah. It’s on the Saudis and US by extension.

    2. @Daniel Majumder Iran has propped up the Houthi rebels thus igniting the bloody civil war in yemen and then Saudi Arabia intervened in the conflict. Of course Saudi Arabia has also comitted war crimes but what started the whole thing was iran getting its money back from obama and then using it so the houthi rebels could be armed up; i still blame obama

  2. Now women candidates are wind bags because they explain stuff and think and stuff, and they stop being pretty after about 20.
    I love Warren! I actually love all our candidates!

  3. Biden competent? Is this some kind of extremely sick joke? Is there to be no accountability for the utterly reprehensible and catastrophic Iraq war?

  4. I’m in favor of removing Trump from office, then finding a way to quantify all the damage Trump has done to Iran in the form of a dollar value and then make him pay it with his own funds and/or the funds of his businesses.

    1. @Faith Nelson As I said, its unlikely, but if we adopt a “too hard, don’t even try” attitude, we will always fail.

    2. @Archi Teuthis i like your positive attitude. i think the more informed we are on things, the better. i hope america wakes up soon and starts asking better and more thoughtful questions.
      fingers crossed

    3. @Faith Nelson Thanks! I think a well informed public solves a lot (though certainly not all) problems. I don’t have any social media accounts, but again, thanks!

  5. Right to the edge–>why and hiwd we get here? Cause WE pulled out of the JCPOA?…was Putin the one who told trump about “imminent danger”….hmmmmm

  6. Liz is one tough lady, I seen her rassle a 30 foot earthworm, hook him and go fly fishing in the White House swamp….she caught an orange weasle, but trump was able to escape!

  7. They should just fire Scarborough. Free him up to do a show in Florida. His media presence is the epitome of a privileged tax dodge.

  8. Waiting for Elizabeth Warren to explain where she intends to get the 68 trillion dollars she plans to hand out ..
    .. Or Bernie Sanders to Explain where his 87 trillion will come from .
    .. Few seem to realize how much a trillion is ..all the Gold known to man totals 7 trillion in value
    …. three times all the known gold on the planet would not pay our current debt ! of 22 trillion

  9. “Not All Problems Can Be Solved With Military Action”
    Military action doesn’t *solve* any problems, it just at best puts a pause on a given problem. If the core issues are not addressed during that pause diplomatically, then you’ll in time be right back to where you were, if not worse. Americans are programmed to love their military to such an extent, that this is something all together too many of them just don’t get.

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