Lawmakers Sign Letter Demanding Answers On Iran Strategy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Armed Services Committee member, Rep. Jason Crow, D-Col., along with other lawmakers has signed a letter demanding answers from the Trump WH on the killing of Gen. Soleimani. Rep. Crow joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 01/08/20
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Lawmakers Sign Letter Demanding Answers On Iran Strategy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The orange one has awakened the Lion of Babylon.

    Our enemies will unite against us now because of his foolish actions.

    1. Power corrupts- So you think the Lion of Babylon which is Ishtar the goddess of war and fertility is President Trump? Wow you really need to go back to the basics of biblical history….

  2. Iran is trying to give us a way out by causing no casualties last night. Pray that Cadet Bone Spurs takes it.

    1. @Lapin074
      Nobody gets a deferment without a military physician’s examination, in Trump’s case it was several.
      A note with a civilian doctor’s diagnosis on it won’t do it .
      Had you ever enlisted you would know.

    2. it’s amazing that we’re relying on iran to be the reasonable party here. all they’ve done so far was send warning shots.

  3. An overall strategy requires an understanding of the situation…something Spanky Bonespurs has no clue about.

    1. @Junkyard Hog Probably not. Pres Obama returned all THEIR money, thankfully! If he hadn’t, it would be in Trump’s pockets by now.

    2. v blackwell he didn’t return their money he gave them ours. Typical Democratic diplomacy, payments and bribes. Unfortunately Obama’s daughters weren’t old enough at the time to get high paying jobs in foreign countries. Pay to play much

  4. you haven’t received an intelligence briefing because 1-they are still looking for someone in the administration with a smattering of intelligence, and 2-the administration is still cooking it up.

    1. @animation and news Glad I could brighten an otherwise bleak situation. Sadly, I think, it’s fair to say that about them.

    2. It’s because they don’t care to keep us informed. Why? Because they’re running a whole different operation in that white house.

    3. Someone with military experience like Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama LMAO 😀.

      Bernie, Warren or Biden have tons of military experience!!! 😀 😀 😀

    4. At least with the Gulf of Tonkin they CLAIMED that they HAD BEEN attacked. These guys are so bold they just act on speculation that they MIGHT get attacked.
      And would someone explain to Trump that the reason they are ALLOWED to shoot at us is because…it’s THEIR HOME!!!! WE are TRESPASSING!!!! Bring our kids home and let’s leave others ALONE!!!

    1. @Tony G Bin Laden didnt do 911 either, but did hate America for being in SA.

      Putin get big money too from weapons sales and higher oil prices. War is for money.

    2. @Paul Nolan Putin didn’t want Soleimani gone. Soleimani went to Moscow just a few months ago to meet with him. Russia and Iran are long-time allies.

  5. Flashback: Trump Warned That a ‘Weak’ and ‘Ineffective’ President Would Start a War With Iran to ‘Get Re-elected’…#Flush The Turd November 3rd!

    1. @Just Honest trump is not a terrorist tho, only because he is a state official, same reason the Iranian general is no terrorist, he was a state official. Terrorist have no state this is why thay are called terrorist, And not government, etc..

    2. @everything irie HUM! Good thought. He was pulling us out. Troops in Turkey? Oh! To defend Trump Tower Instanbul Turkey. Remember he gave our allies the Kurds over to Turkey to slaughter.

    3. @Marshall Boling am sure you will know before me. Or maybe not with the news you guy’s get, so sure I will let you know.

    4. robert gibson America is not going to be at war with Iran but I’m sure from what you watch you already think we are lol

  6. The strategy is a simple one. DEFLECTION!!! There has been not one reason given stating the absolute necessity for taking this action against this target at this time and this place. I’m left with all of the normal questions that should have been known, without doubt, before any action like this was ordered. Maybe our assets and alliances around the world should have been notified before we put the world on high alert. Why now? Why there? What immanent threat was there then that has been stopped for all time? I’m supposed to believe that this guy and him alone was a national or international threat? Could it be that now there is a whole religion that wants us exterminated? Was there not a better time and place to take this thug out like when he wasn’t with a member of the Iraqi Parliament and a decorated soldier who was fought for us? And the big question is what did we gain in the end?
    In the end trump has been Impeached and for all time that fact won’t change. If the Senate follows Moscow Mitch’s subversion plan it will totally seal the deal for the complete collapse of the Republican Party over the next decade. That demise has been caused by them publicly following this nut down the rabbit hole. Now they are in the hole with no way out. No back door to slink out of. I just can’t figure out why the whole bunch of them have sold themselves so cheaply.
    RIP Republican Party RIP

    1. DG 1 …I ABSOLUTELY agree with you!!! tRUMP AND THE republiKKKan party ALWAYS DEFLECT, when ANY subject comes up which makes them uncomfortable or they are faced with too much REAL and credible information, they ALWAYS deflect to attempt to make their present situation fade into the background! HOWEVER, that ploy only works with his base of imbeciles who aren’t able to decipher between the TRUTH and LIES, which LIES are what spew from tRUMPS mouth and his republiKKKan party of brown shirts, on a daily basis now! VOTE A BLUE TSUNAMI IN 2020 AND DRAIN THE WH CESS POOL AND LOCK THEM UP!! tRUMP HAS GONE FULL ROGUE NOW AND HE MUST BE STOPPED before his addlepated brain completely shuts down!!!

    2. DG 1- Read the Story of Queen Esther and then maybe you will understand Iran and why President Trump is taking the measures he has..

    1. @Never Again SORRY NEVER AGAIN

    2. Iran informed Iraq was informed this orange ooplama lampa always speaks about Obama is think he forget he has been president for 3 years.

    1. The US is not a democratic country Trump is King Congres has nothing to say and he is there to stay for life

    2. @CITRUS KNIGHT it was the killing of someone who loved a different thinking country, the terrorist is the US president

    3. @cafemartini Wow! I am sure he is excited about you knowing who he was now. If you knew nothing about Trump’s #1 enemy it proves this was nothing more than a diversionary tactic. Just because you don’t know anything about another country isn’t something to brag about, LoL!

    4. @Maarten Mostert … Look at this! Another worthless foreigner leaving their worthless opinion here….. Tell us where your from so I can disparage your leader….

    1. Yeah, very true but just because trump can’t walk & chew gum at the same time doesn’t mean that everyone else on the planet has the same problem.

  7. While you’re at it, demand to see the evidence that Soleimani had an “imminent attack” planned.
    Trump can’t just ignore the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees and Intel Committees. The GOP needs to stop pretending Trump is a king.


    2. @v blackwell you mean the Intel community that for the last three years Trump has said they are deep state and useless

    3. IF you got butthurt over Trump killing a terrorist that would personally chop you up and feed you to the dogs literally, then feel free to call 1-800-BOO-WHOO to file your complaints…..sssshhhh, hear that? that’s the sound of FREEDOM Uncle Donald did for you…

    4. There will never be any evidence, for Drumpff only lies, cheats, steals and a traitor I bet my last dollar.

  8. Sent to war because Donald Trump was worried about impeachment and wanted to switch topic. I feel bad for the troops

    1. @JL Moody who doesent care about money… money makes this country strong and powerful.. and that power keeps us safe ..

    2. @David Sherbert
      The one he nearly started and still may – that’s what war! He took us to the brink for no good reason, and we have non good reason to think he will not do so again.

    3. @gennaterra
      Wait? Objecting to expanding an extending military operations is somehow stupid because people in the past started conflicts? I did not use the word “war” because our last “war” was WW II. So, apparently any armed conflict at all is now “war”. We sent a couple of dozen SEALS to get Bin Laden – was that also a “war”. I don’t blame you much – since congress slowly abdicated their power in this area, “war” can be anything one wishes to call war. Korea was not a war, neither was Vietnam, nor Grenada, or either “Gulf War” as long as people choose to say they weren’t – that is how words work. So we need to hold our representatives and Senator’s feet to the fire and MAKE them declare war before we get into generations long “conflicts”.

  9. The saying : The enemy of my enemy is my friend, has a new meaning with Trump. There are no friends, just enemies.

    1. Trump tries to befriend Russia, compliments and praises their leader, they back Iran that bombs us in Iraq. Trump tries to befriend North Korea, compliments and praises their leader, they threaten to bomb us. Trump is incapable of a foreign policy deal that comes to any type of agreement without war.

    2. @David Sherbert …and you should be very concerned about the concessions he will make, in order to get himself re-elected.

    3. I disagree trump has three friend you can see him jerking them off in live tv. Putin, saudi prince and kim jon un

    1. I’ve been to several hoods, and found nothing that I wanted to take home. Except some people that needed to be rescued and took far away. All cultures are not equal, and hood culture is at the bottom.

    2. That’s what the Shriners say too, as they drive in circles in their little cars with their fez on their head.

  10. Demanding answers from the executive branch. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll comply and get right on that for you. :/

  11. I’m so glad someone is asking for an accounting of information on this. Trump is such a liar he will never give information. I don’t think he has any!
    He is just manipulating the news as usual.

  12. Note this Representative appears much more intelligent than the President in every way . Representative Jason Crow is a true patriotic hero .

  13. We need more men like Jason Crow to lead this country; He is obviously very intelligent and brave. Thank you Sir!

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