Sen. Graham calls out Rep. Greene after she defends military leaker

After Fox host Tucker Carlson and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) publicly came to the defense of the national guardsman who posted classified documents online, Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that stance 'is terribly irresponsible and puts America in serious danger." A panel of political analysts discuss on CNN's Inside Politics.

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  1. Teixeira posted racist and anti Semitic tropes on his platform. Then he showed off to his friends all the classified documents he stole. Remind you of anyone?

    1. Expect if Teixeira gets out on bail to be a guest on Tucker Carlson and invited to Mar a Lago to dine with Trump.

  2. She defends leaking, and she has a security clearance … She should be removed from all committee assignments and stripped of her security clearance. When I had a Top Secret clearance in the US Army, they would have taken mine for doing what she did.

    1. Soon, she’ll sell the nuclear codes for $1 billion each. Profit! Accountability? 1 month community service as long as she remains GOP.

    1. @Dianne Johnson Bad legislators should be voted out. That’s how democracy works. Expulsion by peers should NEVER be used as a political tool as it was recently in Tennessee. It was wrong for Republicans to do it and it would be wrong for Democrats to do it to MTG. Expulsion is for extreme cases, like when a member is convicted of a serious crime, especially one that’s related to their job, like taking a bribe.

      Don’t get me wrong. I despise MTG. She is a problem that has to be solved by voters in her district though.

  3. Guilty is guilty. He stole classified documents. He leaked documents he did not have a legitimate right to access. Bottom line, he is a thief!! Their are no excuses for him or his behavior. NONE!!!

    1. @Patricia Barnes yes how dare someone not be pro- funding or involvement of the war! If someone dosent share my pro-war opinions JAIL THEM

    2. @voteforme thanks I believe the issues is that he took secret documents and posted them on line, how can you make that into a good thing I’ll never know

    3. @Cornelius Gal yeah, I say we vote him as president. He can be Donald Trump, vice president maybe they would work perfectly.

  4. MTG should immediately be removed from any committee that has access to classified documents and have her security clearance revoked. She is clearly a threat to national security.

    1. @Kosmo Kritikós Eric swalwell was caught with a Chinese spy but sure worry about MTG🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @One bad mutha he slept with a Chinese spy, not a crime, but not somebody you should put on, what was he on? Like an intelligence committee?

  5. MTG also disclosed security information, knew she did, and said she didn’t care. She got ZERO repercussion.

    1. MTG is above the law and rules because Kevin McCarthy needs her support. Accept it and stop complaining.

    2. ​@Cornelius Gal You mean like complaining the way you trumpers did since 2020?
      Nah, we’ll just see you at the Polls.
      Our numbers are VAST.
      Biden 2024.

  6. MTG should have her security clearance revoked immediately. She is effectively admitting she will do the same thing if she receives Secret or Top Secret information. She’s admitting she can’t be trusted!

  7. Reminder: MTG is currently on the HOMELAND SECURITY Committee! This is in no way alright. These traitors need to go.

    1. MTG will continue to sit on the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the House Committee on Homeland Security. Why? Because Kevin McCarthy needs her support.

    2. until she hires a chinese SPY to her political office, have a affair with them, and sit on House intel committee she will be fine

  8. I had a clearance when I was in the military. They looked at every part of my life going back to my childhood. Neighbors, schools, teachers, EVERYTHING! How do they give a 21 year old a top secret clearance without looking at all his social media?? 🙄

    1. @Scorpogee Wow!
      Yeah, I agree. A person has to be mature enough and show a pattern of responsibility before getting a clearance. The FBI doesn’t play around. They asked me “is there anything else you could tell us that we might need to know about?” I told them about a minor incident at my first duty station. Then, he opened a folder and there it was. They want to see if people are honest or are they willing to lie or attempt to cover up even minor stuff. They know everything about you before they even walk into the room!

    2. Not sure how the state of Massachusetts handles this but US DoD and NATO classified SCIF’s aren’t exactly the easiest places to “print and walk away with documents.” Even if you’re IT.

    3. Apparently things have gotten very lax since we were in. I expect at least 10 years in Fed prison and then a Bad Conduct discharge. He’ll be lucky to get a job grass cutting or laying sod/mulch.

    1. ​@Lawn Chair , I don’t think MTG is smart enough to be a foreign agent but she’s definitely ignorant enough to be a danger.

  9. Most normal people would have probably looked at the leaked document Out of curiosity then would have proceeded to call the FBI or some other law enforcement agency. That child messed up bad.

  10. If memory serves…
    I believe that one of the steps to receive clearance to work with highly classified information was requiring the person to pass a polygraph test. Also, the vetting process included the FBI doing a deep background check and interviewing friends and their associations, as well as family members, teachers, and whoever else was significant in their lives.

    That was back in the 80’s and 90’s when I was in the military during the Cold War era.

    From what I understand, they vetted much harder from WWII up to the early 80’s. Russian and other communist countries’ spies used to be a huge concern for intelligence agencies and the Defense Dept.

    Intelligence appears to be leaking like a sieve, and security measures seem to be so ineffective.

    1. They vet for ideology not stupidity. Saying that he had numerous red flags that were ignored. He should have never been granted a clearance At one point they did not check financial information because it never occurred to them that someone would sell out their country for money…now they must add showoffs to the list

    2. You know MTG was not vetted that way and i’m sure most politicians are not vetted like that since they are voted in.

  11. They mentioned that potentially “hundreds of thousands” of people had access to this top secret intel. According to recent reports, that number is closer to 1.5 MILLION people. That’s an insane number of people receiving the most tightly contained info. When I heard that number my jaw dropped.

    1. Military and civilian contractors in the USA military total 2.2 million. Somehow over 1/2 have access to classified material????? Might want to check your sources a little better.

    2. I don’t believe that number. The need to know is the guiding factor on all information. You can have an even higher clearance but not have the need to know.

  12. A Canadian friend of mine just returned from the US on a trip. She is non-political and not given to following the news closely. In her hotel room she happened to tune into a right wing news channel and was blown away by the racist hate and delusional beliefs being peddled as truth. She was strongly take aback by it and saddened that this is how bad it is in the US. Robert Reich is on the mark when he wrote recently that the GOP is becoming a fascist party. The giveaway is the growing rejection by Republican politicians of liberal democracy. They characterize it as corrupt and compromised thus they justify releasing classified docs or the ex-pres keeping them for his own purposes. Fascist commentators like
    Carlson are extremely dangerous and it is a crying disgrace that he has such a prominent platform.

  13. He should not have had access to such sensitive information. Whoever gave him access should be investigated too.

  14. good Lord! every time i think i can’t be any more shocked about something going on in this country something else super shocking happens!! idk how much more i can take! 😭 my dad tells me to quit watching all the news … but i don’t think sticking our heads in the sand is the answer. we need to know the truth about what is going on in order to have any hope for trying to change things. it seems like almost everything needs to be overhauled!!! laws, ethics, standards, policies … OMG. where & how do we begin???!!!! 🤦‍♀️😭😭🙏🙏

  15. This airman read and SIGNED, not just one, but MANY documents saying he understood EXACTLY what would happen if he did something like this. I worked an MI job in the US Army, and I had to do the same thing. Many different compartments of a facility need access to each other in order to do their job, which means access to things sometimes outside of the normal “need to know”, but still necessary for the mission. An intelligence worker can’t have an MP breathing down their neck while trying to do their job. And it would be unfeasible to assign a cop to every MI worker. This young man broke the law, plain and simple. And the law, and agreement to protect national secrets was made more than plain to him. He’s a criminal, plain and simple. Those papers he signed, that oath he took, have been the core of what keeps our secrets safe. Not the NSA, or the FBI, or the CIA. Just the understanding of what will happen to you if you betray our country’s trust. And that’s just what he did.

  16. Marjorie Greene is insane. How can any sane person do the complete opposite of what’s right every time?

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