Sen. Klobuchar: ‘We Are Not Going To Stop Fighting This Fight’ For Voting Rights 1

Sen. Klobuchar: ‘We Are Not Going To Stop Fighting This Fight’ For Voting Rights


The Senate Rules Committee will hold its first field hearing in 20 years in Georgia on the state’s new voting laws. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), chair of the Senate Rules Committee, says she is holding the hearing because “there’s a concerted effort…to take away people’s freedom to vote.”
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  1. Love you Amy & I wanted to vote for you. Also donated $ to your campaign. I’m just a couple years older than you. Keep on fighting!

    1. Yeah no one should ever have to prove who they are just to vote.. Ids are only for everything else in this country but not for electing the president

    2. @William Masters Voter ID is fine if it’s FREE and easy to obtain. Otherwise it’s a poll tax. You want to restrict the ability to vote? You’ll find that Democrats won’t back down.

    3. @Seventy8 the right to cast a legal vote is sacred in America….I agree…..I am a registered Democrat and I will vote for whoever I choose regardless of party affiliation…..I am opposed to all types of cheating by either side…..its the only way to Make America Great Again ! 😎 GET OUT THERE AND VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATES OF YOUR CHOICE…..EVERYONE ! 😎

    1. Hey Alex it all fell apart today I guess you didn’t hear the news yesterday they fired the election officials from Georgia what a twisted tale you leave anyways I’m not going to break it down for you but it’s over you’re bored by I really never thought Trump would be back in office but I kind of looks like that’s going to happen in Georgia it all fell apart everything’s out in the open busted hey if you like you want to commit suicide don’t do it but it’s okay if you do

    1. @Bubbles as of right now bubbles Trump didn’t need the 12,000 votes already won I just told you they fired election officials yesterday in Georgia lot of finger point going on right now and I’m loving it

    2. @Bubbles did you find it yet bubbles Trump doesn’t need the 12,000 he won by more than that it’s over there ding-a-ling Tucker Carlson tonight you’ll find it points it all out the ballots multiple duplicate ballots tally forms fake zero for Trump hundred biden the list goes on and on

    3. @Donald Rider Lol. I don’t watch FOX fake news, and Tucker Carlson the one who’s being sued for spreading misinformation? But ok, I can be fair, I’ll go listen, hate to give FOX the rating though, but I can always give it a thumbs down if I don’t agree right? Later, catch you on the next thread and we can debate more on this topic.😉

    4. @Bubbles hey bubbles I forgot to tell you that video is actually on my profile you can go ahead and watch it they take it down several times I keep putting it back up I stored it on another device so even when they tear it down I still have it it doesn’t matter now they played the same video last night and they got the proof to back it up but you’re not saying much now you must have went and watch that video what are you crying right now can I drop off some paper towels maybe a truckload of them how about a rubber boat she don’t drown in them liberal tears watch out and then liberal tears turn the ocean tomorrow

    5. @William Masters How does reducing the voting hours ensure that only legally valid voters get to vote? Surely that makes it more difficult for legally valid voters to vote.

    1. @Mark R I disagree we hold the power, 75 million people wanted rump in office, we didn’t, and unlike the Republicans who are still trying to steal the election, we have more work to do, we left way too many Repubs in office.

    2. @from Ireland and yet most of our elected officials become millionaires. You can attribute that to dark money in politics. That’s the draw for many people.

    3. I really don’t see why the Repubs have to try and change voting laws. After the civil rights voting bill in 1965, there were just as many Repub presidents as Dems. Why gut the Law in 2013. We have had both dem and repub presidents since, but they have to take it one step further to add more restrictions. We see they don’t want to work to pass legislation to help better our nation, create more jobs, create cleaner energy sources. Progression is not a bad word regression is stifling.

  2. Fight the good fight, Democrats. Run the good Race, America. Don’t give up and keep Fighting!!!!!

  3. As much I support democrats, I have one question for them: Why no adapt, get voter id for the people, register them well in advance instead of dragging feet with hearings? It is better you prepare early and make Republicans get the taste of their own medicine.

  4. The most egregious thing in the bill was about the water. (This can be known because this was what was specifically mentioned as “egregious egregious”)

  5. Every American citizens should have the right to vote.
    It’s the criminals that are making the rules to fit them the republickin party of criminals.

    1. So the republican party goes into elections but don’t want people to vote hmmmmmmm.
      Only the feeble minded don’t see what the Democrats are doing

      So just what is the Democrats doing????
      Looks to me like the republickin party of criminals are set up voting to be in favor of themselves.
      Just what does the Democrats have plans for.
      Come on spit it out!!!.
      Tell America what the Democrats got planed!!!!
      You sound like you as bright a the trash dump.
      So Come on and tell America just what the Democrats are doing???

    3. @D11Dozer you sound upset but it wasn’t my intention to upset you.
      Do you believe that Americans in the suburbs can’t photocopy their IDs like Kamala.
      Or having to verify that actually you are legible to is racist?
      What is wrong with having to verify signatures on absentee ballots whether they match with the actual people who requested for the absentee ballot? Come on you may fool many but not all .
      Law and order is vital in any community.

  6. “People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    ― Corn Pop

  7. “It took just 8 years to go from the Obama admin denying that they spy on our cell phone data to the Biden admin nonchalantly saying they’ll
    fact-check our text messages.”

  8. 80% of Americans want voter ID, meanwhile Joe Biden thinks the smartest man on earth smokes cheese off the floor

  9. Once again, what I hear, “we the democratic party see the erosion of voting rights to be a problem, but we are not willing to change the filisbuster”. They make make alot of noise, but actions are better then words. Pass the federal legialation Now!!!!!

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