1. When a politician leaves the party they were elected by, since they no longer believe the parties doctrine, shouldn’t they be recalled instead of disenfranchising the voters who wanted doctrine followed?

    1. No!!! We are not supposed to vote for parties. We vote for individuals. That is shy isi perfectly ok for him to change parties because they voted for HIM not his party. Why can’t people understand this??

    2. @Sandburg Martin your smug arrogance is why democrats (and especially progressives) lose elections you should easily win

    3. You would think that would be Standard Operating Procedure, or something in the By Laws that would automatically kick in at the Governors’ Mansion at their respective States

    4. No. The constitution was never written to give parties any power and many founders were completely opposed to them in principle.
      Parties are not the government and never were created to be. They are private clubs that fund and field candidates to push their private club’s agenda.
      They’ve been given enough powers as it is. Don’t let them become even more entrenched in the laws of the nation.

    1. @James California is by far the most productive state in the Union (agriculturally, culturally, entrepreneurially). 

      California is on verge becoming the 4th largest economy in the world (officially overtaking Germany by $72B in 2023).

      Without California, Americans would be much poorer.

    1. Do what? I didn’t hear him say he was leaving the Democratic Party. He said he was going to keep doing what he has been doing
      (as exasperating as that often is.)


    1. @James Well I believe you spoke those words with the utmost sincerity. Too big a deluded sheep to realize that the world is literally laughing at the traitor maga fascist insurrectionist Republikkkan cult faction, which is home to and supported by ALL of America’s hate groups and domestic terrorists. Thank God for the democratic party. We’d be living in a dictatorship run by the world’s biggest grifter and pathologically lying kook-magnet if not for liberals

    2. Surely you aren’t insinuating that Trump cheated on his taxes. Please tell me that that’s not what you are saying. 🙂

  2. No.. “having a secure border” is not “the rub.” Both houses futzing around with immigration reform for 40+ years is the problem :/
    Once the laws are updated, they can work at fixing the processes that support those new laws. Total dodge.

    1. @jim bob Great comments.
      Many of the super-rich think they are “special” and better than everyone else.
      They lack self-honesty and HUMANITY.
      You are so correct – Roosevrlt’s policies greatly
      IMPROVED the lot of the common person.
      These super-rich are scared, frightened people.
      Society is much better when we attempt to encourage and help each other.

    2. Manchin is so two faced. He says he votes for the people while he votes for big oil and coal projects to line his pockets.

    3. @Roe Jogan Taxing the wealthy literally does create prosperity, but not just for the federal govt. For EVERYONE.

    1. WV is Trump country. If Manchin wasn’t a conservative, then there would be a Republican Trump sycophant in his place. At least, he has helped DEMS to get various important legislation passed.

    2. @James Who’s the richest living politician? Is he a Democrat?

      The GOP are the elite, but only financially. Most of them are morons.

    3. We’re all dead or hooked on opioids, without insulin or epi pens, and exposed to high levels of Dupont/dow Jones environmental toxin exposures that Manchin knowingly allowed to contaminate our water supply. There is no waking up at this point.

    1. Do you know that Manchin voted against the Trump tax cuts because he said that it was too much of a break for the wealthy? I repeat: he voted against the bill. And what is the poster talking about? Manchin agreed for the Inflation Reduction Act to raise taxes on the wealthiest in order to pay their fair share.

    1. Yes, and he has that innocent “aww shucks” act polished to perfection. He’s the kind of guy who would steal your wallet and then help you look for it.

  3. Notice how he said “my Republican colleagues” and then just said “The Democrats” without any friends or colleagues or any term of familiarity attached. Shows you who he truly aligns with.

    1. @Aesop531 treat him like sht? The morherfuker supported trump’s dumps and screams bipartisanship yet blocks democratic agendas . That’s why .

    2. That’s nonsense. His voting record is what shows you who he aligns with, and it Democrats almost 90% of the time.

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