Sen. Mark Warner: Cybersecurity Must Be A Higher Priority For Everyone

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., of the Intelligence Committee, weighs in on the Colonial Pipeline hack leading to temporary fuel shortages in parts of the U.S.

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Sen. Mark Warner: Cybersecurity Must Be A Higher Priority For Everyone


  1. This is what happened here. It will settle down. Panic buying does no one any good. We’ve been through it and it doesn’t last long, only a few weeks.

    1. I didn’t freak, but I kind of wish I had. I drive my own vehicle for a living… It’s going to get scary if this isn’t resolved quickly.

  2. Well that’s not infrastructure. Or chips for cars. But as soon as there is a hickup ….. Boom.

  3. This is why we can never forget,We must help all those that voted before,to get all there documents together n Vite in Drones like we did for Presidency, over load the ballot machines n numbers ,and Stop Trumps Republican Party .

  4. Really wish more people saw that yesterday cause seriously some idiots literally had gas cans to fill up like it was gonna run out forever

  5. Willie Geist is so much better than Joe (no stammering). But if he took over, the show would be called Morning Willie 🀣

  6. Didn’t Malcolm Nance write a book 3 Years ago. “THE PLOT TO HACK AMERICA”…???? Hmmmm… why he was ignored is beyond the universe…

  7. How can we become more of a secure society if we have elected officials who swore to secure their constituents are busy flying to Florida and bowing to one man?

  8. One of the biggest things a company could do would be to isolate control of infrastructure from communications…
    The email system being the same system as company functions is what allows this to happen.

    1. Learn about Spear phishing. Those are directed specifically towards the victim (usually with very direct and factual information to and about the victim) and are not so easy to immediately identify. E.g. your wife sends you an email at work (not necessarily something out of the ordinary) from her email account and titled with appropriate familial interest (and yes, the number of people who do this is far greater than you might imagine). Unless, you’re automatically in the habit of calling your wife (don’t text; those too can be intercepted and doctored; after all, your ‘smart’ phone is just another computer – you might not have known that), you may innocently open the email, triggering the worm which causes ransomware.

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