U.S. Inflation Spikes In April As Consumer Prices Surge 4.2 Percent 1

U.S. Inflation Spikes In April As Consumer Prices Surge 4.2 Percent


The Labor Department released new numbers showing the Consumer Price Index spiked 4.2 percent compared to last year, the biggest jump we have seen since 2008. NBC’s Shannon Pettypiece reports.

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U.S. Inflation Spikes In April As Consumer Prices Surge 4.2 Percent


    1. I expected it as soon as we elected a President with dementia. I knew Potato Joe would screw things up, I just didn’t think it would be this fast.

    2. @Muddy Water yeah it was. Had you paid attention to Trump’s economic policies you’d have seen it coming to. Turns out that slashing taxes while simultaneously doubling federal spending leads to inflation . Shocking I know.

    3. @soylentdean yet Trump had 2017 and 2018 which were both marked by continuous inflation problems and you celebrated it…

    4. Corporate America can raise their prices anytime they want to an they usally do. It’s called Corporate Greed! Yet wages still doesn’t keep up with inflation.

    1. @Millennial Patriot Republicans destroyed the southern red Republican states! They have the lowest paying jobs in America! Who benefits the most from this? Corporate America not working class Americans!

    2. @Paul Crozer why are majority people leaving blue states for red states? Moving to ID, AZ, TX, FL. California losing Tesla is a huge kick to the nutts. Elon’s musk hates california now. Embarrassing for CA. Also I do NOT support either party. I simply state the facts.

    3. How much does your employee get? I wonder how well-off Americans are. I am a builder in Russia, I get $ 500 a month. I pay for the services of my own apartment $ 85 (Water, electricity, heating, etc.). Maintenance of the car without repair costs $ 150 a year. A country house for $ 100 a year where we grow vegetables. The rest is spent on food, clothing, and breeding. I am considered below the middle class. Our prices are also rising. Now bread(400g) is 0.35-0.5$, egg (for 1 piece) 0.1$, pig meat from 5$ per kilogram.

  1. And prices increased the whole time Trump was in office, and not one media outlet commented on it.

    1. @Armandhammer you mean when gas prices spiked because Trump “trusts Putin” enough to refuse shoring up our cyber security, meaning our outdated systems for shipping products became more expensive?

    2. Are you kidding ? EVERYTHING he did was put under a microscope , the leftist media would have reported it . C’Mon Man

    3. @steve woodward you mean when they were worried Trump was Putin’s puppet and was a criminal? Well the GOP Senate Intel Committee report last summer admitted Trump was likely under Putin’s thumb, and Barr admitted he was a criminal when he told the DOJ they can’t charge Trump for crimes he committed.

    4. Sure they did.
      Trump & Fox News only cared about the Stock Market though.
      Not about Working Class Americans costs rising.

  2. Better undo those deficit spending corporate tax cuts and get rid of those corporate tax loopholes.

    1. @Paul Crozer facts. It’s too convenient for people to say “poor people are just too lazy to work” people just wanna have a decent paying job and not be stressed out by bills. Besides no one is knocking on doors trying to figure out who’s being lazy.

    2. @Millennial Patriot is your advice to everyone to just start a business? I personally have a good paying job at a private company. Shame on me for realizing that other people are struggling. Like seriously, do you go around to a single parent paying off student loans and say “start a business bro lmao”? I’m interested in real solutions not bad faith actors. Now hush if you’re not gonna actually help your struggling brothers and sisters.

    3. How about the government not spending another $6 trillion? That’s what’s driving the inflation.
      And stop paying people to stay home instead of working? How about paying a bonus to those who go back to work?

  3. The system is rigged. The rich got enormous taxcuts: result No inflation. Poor people get a little compensation: 4.2 % inflation. Who gains? The rich.

  4. Covid. Here is a tidbit of information: “China’s dominant role as the “world’s factory” means that any major disruption puts global supply chains at risk. Highlighting this is the fact that more than 200 of the Fortune Global 500 firms have a presence in Wuhan, the highly industrialized province where the outbreak originated, and which has been hardest hit.”

    1. @Tessmage Tessera The world is putting most of their eggs in one basket in terms of supply chains. Unfortunately, that usually happens when there is a large concentration of population. China has that and India who is almost next door does as well.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Hopefully so, but businesses have very little incentive to provide security in times of trouble during normal times.

  5. Prices spiked in 2017 and 2018 as well, it’s what happens when the rich want to eat up more of the poor working classes paychecks.

    1. @Paul Crozer typical Democrat you think you know me I’m not a Republican I voted for Obama but this clown has got s*** so f***** up he doesn’t even know it

    2. @Move on Over Biden wants to create millions of good paying Union jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure! Republicans don’t want good paying Union jobs! They would much rather have millions of low paying hospitality and low paying service jobs. Unions offer Collective Bargaining! Which allows Union members to negotiate a raise in their pay with their employer/company. If the employer/company isn’t making profits then Union members will get a slight raise in their pay. If no profits are being made then no raise in pay. Why let all the profits go to your employer/company when it’s the employees who are making them rich?Glad I had a opportunity to join the Teamsters Union!

    3. @Paul Crozer I want no part to do with your unions you give them your dues and you get nothing

    4. @Move on Over When you make a good Union wage no problem paying Union dues. Unions supports the middle-class actually Unions built the middle-class! Gave them paid holidays, vacations, and paid sick days. A pension to retire on. Union dues goes to support Union Strikes.

  6. here is an idea. try going for three days without buying anything that is not actually necessary. you might actually find that you saved yourself from just buying something to buy. use some of the stuff you already have. if you really think about it, we actually only use about 20 percent of the stuff we get, even in the houses we live in, typically you spend 95 percent of your time in three small areas. with doing these things, big business will realize that the prices must stabilize because people dont have to buy stuff all the time. enjoy what you have, buy only when you need, you will surprise yourself on how much you save and also worry less about stuff all the while saving for a trip or experience you might want.

    1. No. Just blame the Corporations, lack of wages and gimme those Biden stimulus gibs and welfare checks. Or just blame Trump and White Supremacy.

      Democrat voters are Democrat voters for a reason sometimes.

  7. Last I seen, we have been in a pandemic well over a year now. It’s called supply and demand.

  8. Yep, all this throwing money around will have that effect. Basically, it means anyone’s savings just took a huge hit, and will continue to do so.

  9. Supply chains are still destroyed from covid so of course prices of consumer goods are going to go up

  10. Demand+supply chain issues+labor issues=inflation. We’ve had inflation for the last twelve months. It was predicted for months.

  11. I’ve got news…this inflation started during the lockdown. With huge price increases for groceries and gasoline. Something like 30%.

    Prices that have not gone down.

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