Sen. Murphy: A Reminder Of Why We Need To Reset Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia | Andrea Mitchell 1

Sen. Murphy: A Reminder Of Why We Need To Reset Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia | Andrea Mitchell


Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about the looming release of a CIA report detailing the investigation into the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. "I would hope that in the wake of this report, when it's released, that we have a much broader set of accountability measures, whether those are financial sanctions or visa withdrawals for any individuals that have been found to have taken part in this murder,” he says. Aired on 02/25/2021.
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Sen. Murphy: A Reminder Of Why We Need To Reset Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia | Andrea Mitchell


  1. This is not new news. It has been apparent since the start but in pursuit of money and favours the previous admin preferred to create a different reality, as Usual. Life was meaningless to trump etal

    1. Right. But a report was released to the public confirming it as an official determination. So it’s no longer conjecture.

  2. Steve Mnuchin went to several Arab Countries looking for Financial investors for his new Company before Jan 6 he met with Saudi MBS this was all done on the Tax Payers dollars

  3. It is all f….up we are the good people we seling weapons to Arabia they seling to turkey turkey seling to isis nobody talk when we capture the weapons where the come from hypocrites????

  4. Hey, whatever happened to that $1 billion lease that Jared was struggling to find investors for? Oh, that’s right his buddies in the Middle East bailed him out. I wonder what they got in return?

    1. @Eric Klaus No actually, it’s not. Unless you know of some $1 billion payment that Hunter was on the hook for, and that was covered by Qatar investors while he was a senior advisor to the President.
      Feel free to share any actual proof, if you can.

  5. We should have done that after 9/11/01 when we learned that MOST of the hijackers were Saudi nationals and that their leader, Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi citizen.

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