Sen. Murphy: House Managers Laid Out More Than One Impeachable Offense From Trump | All In | MSNBC


    1. @K. McKee You are so right and the sniveling groveling Pence will be remembered as a coward instead of invoking the 25th amendment and marched Trump out of the WHITE HOUSE a traitor to democracy

    2. @Eva Akoko we are still a superpower. The only one left. The ability to vaporize a continent necessarily confers that power. Domestic political matters don’t remove that ability.

    1. @Prana It is called gas lighting. Narcissist sociopaths use this all the time. Not even trump would have been aware that he could gas light 73 million voters. sad.

    2. LOTS of senators egging him on, though. An old man’s sad rantings would not have gone so far without Hawley and Cruz etc.

    1. @Progressive Humanist jeb Bush helped Bush Jr win in Florida. If that wasn’t blatantly fraudulent, then nothing was.

  1. They should also charged Trump with criminal conspiracy to assassination of both VP Pence and Speaker Pelosi.

    1. @fallen alpha I think there could be a criminal case, but he was a sitting president at the time so it’s tricky. I think the impeachment managers are making a clear conspiracy case.

    2. If he’s convicted of attempting to overthrow the government, 20 years should see him out. Inciting attempted homicide would be icing on the cheesecake.

  2. If the insurrectionists had ever started killing lawmakers, they would not have even considered identifying party affiliation. It would have just been mass slaughter. Today we saw just how vicious these creatures were.

    1. The GOP and conservative culture cultivates both a violent and less educated population. Remember red states usually have the worst stats for quality of life, education, and economy. That’s how they and the churches keep power. They feed their base red meat lies to keep them angry and irrational. It’s baked into the culture, and Jan 6, 2021 was generations in the making. tRump just pulled the pin. They’ll do it again if they get the chance.

  3. We voted Trump out in spite of his threats. He retaliated by ordering our Capitol attacked. 7 dead 150 wounded. Convict the narcissist.🇺🇸

    1. @Steam fish White rice so agree don’t vote in another Republican senator for 4 years that will teach them to put liars above true

    2. Texans let start preparing ourselves!! We got alot of work ahead!! All the Replubicans cronies here in Texas need to go!! Start registering everyone thats not register just a bit more work we can do this!!! URGENT !!

    1. All the personnel shifts performed in December and early January, at key positions in the Pentagon and his cabinet was the tip off that the fix was in. The fact that @45 called for a rally, in DC, on January for the 6th was the other. After a whole term of promoting divisive actions, and ignoring COVID 19’s spread – even after he caught it; what occurred at his dog whistled event is also no surprise.

      The man can not take that he was soundly trashed during the election. His poor Ego could not taken it. He had to lash out. He had to sure us that he was still in charge—by fermenting an Insurrection like no other since the War of 1812.

      In spite of the evidence presented, I still hang on to my fearless prediction: @45 WILL NOT BE FOUND GUILTY.

      That is how screwed up our current Congress is: The House which represent all American, the Senate full of men over 70 and with attitudes formed during their stone-aged, non-black and Native American and other immigrants whose contributions to the our country’s stature. People, unless we get new faces, younger faces in Congress – and some women and people of color as well; nothing will change. The GOP is the QGOP/Right Wing Party. They have no balls and now courage to do the fight them. I am not a Bot, and I vote. I am out.

  4. Trump needs to go to a real court so he can be tried for all those lives that was lost on his watch those 44 repubs are not going to vote to convict him they are pathetic.

    1. There’s no difference between Trump and Charles Manson, any high ranking gang leader or terrorist organization.

  5. Trump’s reptilian brain just wanted to see his supporters commit violence for him. There was no plan after that.

    1. I agree there wasn’t an actual plan after that, but i do believe the intention was that this effort would lead to his remaining in office.

    2. Makes sense he didn’t really have a plan. Did he really believe sending his violent supporters would overturn the election? Did he think he could declare martial law and stay in office? The military had already said they had no plans to play along with any of his wild schemes.

  6. Criminal charges must be filed against Trump ! What does Pence think of Trump placing a target on his back during the attack on the Capital ?

    1. Pence has no spine or honour groveling back to Trump
      Pence had the power to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office, he would have made it into the history text books a hero instead of a sniveling coward crawled back to Trump the insurgent
      Shame and stain is on him till his dying day instead of an American Hero a John Wayne

  7. Trump is clearly guilty and should be convicted. Trump should not be allowed to hold any government position in the future. After the impeachment process Trump should face criminal charges.

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