Sen. Ossoff: 'We May Need To Revise The Senate Rules In Order To Govern' | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Sen. Ossoff: ‘We May Need To Revise The Senate Rules In Order To Govern’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff tells Lawrence O'Donnell, "I entered the U.S. Senate to legislate. To legislate on behalf of the people. To deliver for the people, as I said over and over during the campaign, health, jobs and justice. Not to be mired in gridlock or hamstrung by Senate procedure." Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Sen. Ossoff: 'We May Need To Revise The Senate Rules In Order To Govern' | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The Filibuster needs to GO for Democracy to work..
    The Poisoned Pill that is lodged on the throat of the Senate is choking the Nation.

    1. @cindy o Exactly, all they have done over the last 40 years is look backwards and try to hold onto power for power’s sake. They invariably destroy the nation with their politics, throw the country into a recession, and promote hate and bigotry. They are the party of exclusion, everything they do is designed to make themselves richer while further disadvantaging others.

    2. @Littleman I tend to agree, the traditional filibuster has it’s place for people that are strongly opposed to a bill, not for those that just want to be obstructionist, yes I’m referring to you Mitch McConnell.

    3. @John Barrett you might be right, but the original filibuster required actual debating, and that’s exactly what it needs to go back to

  2. There was bipartisanship when retrumplicans wanted a stimulus package. Now they don’t want to, because drump lost. Help a dem president? NFW.

    1. @Annie Pibbles if the democrats weren’t communists you’d see a lot more bipartisanship. The race baiting has long passed its expiration date. For example, nitwit pocahontas today called the filibuster racist. What isn’t racist these days? LOL, fail.

    2. @Brian S No, it wasn’t debunked. This year, the “blue state” to “red state” is even higher than ever. When are you republicans gonna learn that lying to try to win an argument means you LOST that argument?

    3. @Todd Davis I don’t need to define communist, everyone knows what communism is. A better exercise for you is to look up the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and tell me where the democrats differ from it (answer not much at all. ) Better yet go to communist party USA website and you will see they gush over democrats and democrat policy. Why is that?

  3. McConnell and the GOP aren’t interested in governing, they want to rule, and they want all the power that comes along with ruling.
    Mitch made history on December 6, 2012. This was the date Mitch made history by filibustering his own proposal on the Senate floor.

    Mitch, in an effort to bluff Democrats, demanded a straight up or down vote on a measure that would give President Obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling. His calculation was that some Dems would vote against it, proving Dem disunity on the debt ceiling.

    But then the maneuver backfired, forcing Mitch to filibuster the proposal he’d previously wanted subjected to a straight up or down vote just a few minutes earlier.

    Mitch apparently did not think Majority Leader Harry Reid would take him up on his offer, which would have allowed Mitch to portray President Obama’s desire for such authority as something even Dems opposed.

    Reid objected at first, but told Mitch he thought it might be a good idea. After Reid consulted with Dems, and they reviewed Mitch’s proposal, Reid came back to the floor, and agreed to Mitch’s proposal for a straight up-or-down vote on the idea. Mitch immediately objected.

    Mitch was betting that some Dems would vote against the move, but when Democrats called his bluff, he folded like a paper Origami swan.

    Sen.Durbin (D-Ill.) was flabbergasted, and later stated: “This may be a moment in Senate history, when a Senator made a proposal, and when given an opportunity for a vote on that proposal, filibustered his own proposal.”

    1. @David J The Republicans are intent on destroying that which they can’t have. Rather childlike, actually very Trump like? Manchin regardless of how he tries to justify his illogical position would punish the nation for unjustifiable reasons. Which side is he on?

    2. Mitch has been manipulating the Senate decisions in favor of his own agenda for so long, he need to retire.

    3. @Brian Hard You did the same exact thing for President Trump. You are a hypocrite and everyone would socially ostracize you and your ilk without the internet.

    4. @Callie Smith not true. Good people are seldom ostracized. Hateful people are seldom accepted, except by others who share that hatred.
      More and more people in the real world are rejecting the vicious ideology and extremism that you claim is so publicly popular.
      But friendly, accepting people are usually surrounded by others, whether they share political ideologies or not.

    1. It never wasn’t present. Millions of United States citizens who embrace Republican beliefs and policies didn’t vote for republicans in the 2016 and the 20 elections. They hate racists because they are patriots and BLM supporters. They don’t make the news because it doesn’t meet the talking point of division in America. But believe me, it exists. If we blame all republicans as racists then we are no better than racists saying it’s every black or Asian or any minority group individual doing all the bad things. Every race got horrific actors. But it doesn’t make everybody who share hair color, skin color, or eye color guilty on crimes that had nothing to do with. That why I fight racism. I don’t understand what gives people the right to dictate how others should live, believe, and follow leaders. Who do these people think the are? What gives them the right to judge anyone? NOTHING. NO JUSTIFICATIONS exists. Just hate. Spread love and caring. Let’s do so many of these to show we are not all brainless uncaring people. That’s just the idiots that we elected. Had no idea how far they’d destroy my country and her reputation for freedoms and dreamers. Now we know. Time to push the hands of justice and start dismantling and destroying racist beliefs. Their lies. Power by lying is all republicans have ever done. Hold them accountable and we stop this crap.

    1. @Soupy Anderson there is zero evidence on this. It’s just some upset democrats saying thry want an investigation

  4. I’ll always be a fan of this guy after the public dressing down he did to Purdue on that debate stage. Classic!

    1. I agree. Jon Ossoff will make an excellent Democratic nominee in 2028, 2032, or 2036. He would be the first non-Christian President as well, as he is Jewish and a grandchild of Holocaust survivors.

    1. I used to live in ATL/Athens for 9 years. My cell number’s still from GA so I was bombarded by Democratic Party texts and calls. I actually just got another about Warnock 2 days ago, hahahaha.

    2. espy ya bud the democrats are doing excellent I’m paying 50 cents more on the gallon of gas thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants are entering the country thousands of people have lost there jobs and joe Biden is stumbling into dementia caos

    3. @Tyler Boniol no journalist has gotten murdered…It’s worth the gas going up. Not going to let people die to make people feel good about them self’s loving hate to people of different color..They will figure it out..But it’s good that their not in cages..Yea, that’s a good thing…..smh

  5. Do it. Take all powers from Mitch McConnell. It’s shown he won’t work together. Ever. So do it.

    1. Exactly. Mitch will never work with anyone, and he changed the rules himself so that he could push judges onto the court.

    2. @elroy the great point is, there is no point fighting over the filibuster. They should change it back to the old rules where people needed to stand up and debate. When everyone’s tired of debating, there should be a vote.

    3. Mitch McConnell is NOT the majority anymore!! Republicans only care about their rich donors not the average working family. Rich get richer and poor get poorer. Republican way

  6. Georgia may now have the two most informed, eloquent, and motivated Senators. Watch a clip of Perdue & Loeffler; the GOP’s a joke!

  7. His takedown of Purdue, was the last nail in Moscow Mitch’s ambition to deny the people, of the desperately needed stimulus package!

  8. Warnock and Ossoff are heaven sent, put those two in a room with Katie Porter and we would have a trifecta of justice, honesty and rationality!

    1. Don’t forget our dear Sen.whitehouse who is digging to get at the root of dark money in Congress and scotus.

  9. It’s so refreshing to listen to an intelligent and articulate politician giving a clear and concise response to a question.

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