Sen. Ron Johnson Promotes Conspiracy Theory During Hearing | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Ron Johnson Promotes Conspiracy Theory During Hearing | Morning Joe | MSNBC


During Tuesday's joint Senate committee hearing, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., promoted conspiracy theories about U.S. Capitol attackers. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board penned a recent op-ed on why the senator 'must go'. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Sen. Ron Johnson Promotes Conspiracy Theory During Hearing | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Witnesses-there were Trump flags and Maga ppl yelling at us stop the vote Republicans-well I heard antifa were there


  2. “There is no excuse for ignorance having a uneducated society is worst than a nuclear disaster . “It’s clear Knowledge is to high for a fool

    1. @Cliff Medina oh give me a break! And a bunch of idiots with viking hats and anti Jewish t-shirts are intelligent? Let’s not forget live streaming their crimes man stfu!

    2. @Cliff Medina Demonstrably false , red states are where the poorly educated are . The worst universities , the worst schools , the worst healthcare . Liberals keep the US going , goobers drag the nation down . The US is now 23rd in world educational rankings , red states are why . Too dumb to know just how dumb you are .

    1. @daniel harris You must live here then, huh? You believe his constituents are brain dead? His bogus and damaging tax plans, and constant overrides of our DEM Gov, are not something we can ignore.

    2. @Ethan He is now debating on running next term(2024). Debating because he will be up against two very well qualified Dems, and if his FB page is any indication, he better bow out. We want him gone, period, and will work to be sure that happens. Trumpians here couldn’t care less that he is nuts, just that he supports the madman. Shameful but true.

  3. “Working class by their appearance and manner of speech” boy the BS coming out of this man’s mouth. If you want to even call him a man.

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 As long as Trump calls them good people, he loves them and remember this day. Trump supports Antifa.

    2. And what did all these ” working class”. People tell their bosses why they wanted January 6,off. I plan on stopping the steal boss.

  4. This is a joke. Republicans like johnson, Hawley, Lyndsey, Cruz were involved in Insurrection with Trump and now they are on the panel asking questions about Security failures.

    1. Yes, I tweeted about Hawley in particular yesterday. It’s like asking a murderer to investigate the death of the person he murdered. “No, officer, I do not believe this knife was the murder weapon. Clearly he was beaten with a chair.”

    2. @mike briganti angels from Africa are coming to save trump . Victory victory victory . Yeah. You trump submissive sheep are guilty of extreme stupidity kid.

    3. @mike briganti finally someone with sense!! Baseless, conspiracy theory, unfounded, all key words the media is manipulating its viewers!!

    1. @Blake Woods Youtube: Trump’s PAY-TO-PLAY Scandal Donation to Pam Bondi/The Briefing tells you how Trump gets his people on his money game.. ” You call, I give . When I call, 2.,3, 4 years later, YOU ARE THERE FOR ME. “

  5. “No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” …
    — Nathaniel Hawthorne,
    The Scarlet Letter

  6. Jovial, friendly crowd, Senator Johnson?
    They were there to drink
    the Trump Koolade and
    feed into his damaged ego with their exhibition
    of anger!

    1. Senator Johnson and the other usual lunatics (Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Raphael Cruz are really amazing human beings … and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  7. Note to Johnson: Just look at the former president and how lies/ conspiracies backed Donald into a corner and he left the WH and hides in a bunker now. End of story !

    1. @Mary Halverson Oh dear, another lunatic conspiracy theorist. Well, that’s all the Trump Cult has. Put your analyst on danger money. You are really unhinged.

    2. @Mary Halverson Look, you can’t provide any proof for your sick fantasies. You can’t cite a single reliable resource. Why don’t you just admit you are another lunatic QANON conspiracy theorist and leave it at that. Next, I suppose you will be regaling us with tales of “lizard people” and “Jewish Space Lasers.”

    3. @Pam Hughes- The truly unhinged are those who still believe Robt. Mueller’s lie that Iraqis had WMDs and that Hillary would’ve won if not for Russiagate. Some here likely haven’t even heard the true nature of the deaths that occurred on Jan. 6, two of which were actually suicides that happened days later.

    4. @Frenchblue8 – How foolish you’ll feel if and when you ever muster the courage to research what I’ve said in a futile attempt to dispute it.

  8. Trump supporters overuse the word ‘fake.’
    They use it for every single thing they do not like, or disagree with, or cannot understand.

    1. @Brian Fergus Never heard of a RW snowflake. I thought snowflakes whined, cried, had temper tantrum and burned buildings down when they had a meltdown over Trump.

  9. Ron Johnson is like the “old” crazy uncle that embarrasses the whole family everytime he opens his mouth. The only difference Is Usually that Crazy uncle is still Lovable. Johnson, Hawley, Cruz and dozens of other Repub’s are either Delusional or Completely Unbalanced Individuals. Or perhaps Both, They Need To Be Removed!!

    1. @Mourly Vold Nothing secret about it, I am asking people to see the testimony in full and then for people to think critically and for themselves. There is nothing cryptic about it. What do you not understand?

    2. @Shawn Corbin You did state that, in another post after the one I reacted to. Never mind, I catch your drift. Be good…

    3. @Shawn Corbin That was an easy question. Move on to the next moron! I watched the live senate hearing Sir and I give you the benefit of a doubt!

    1. @Lars Neilson Oh, my-one of them. One of Trump’s brainwashed cultists. Listen Cupcake, your false God King took his Big Lie to more than 60 courts in this country at all levels and his election fraud lie was dismissed as utter garbage in each and every one. Try to reach for reality.

    2. @Lars Neilson sure he is fake, as long as you agree Trump was fake also. And he was less legitimate because he lost by 3 million votes in 2016.

    1. @don g Please don’t answer him. He is a troll just looking for attention. Treat him like a child having a temper tantrum. If we ignore him, he will stop.

    2. @Pam Hughes That is why I confront them, I like to see their stupidity in their own words, instead of just letting them shout slogans and false analogies. When they say lies you should fight it with truth, researched facts, and condemmed . Ignoring them and just saying they are dumb, just enables them. I know it’s a waste of my time, if I think they would change but no one is forcing me to do it. I have chosen to express my opinion.

    3. @don g Absolutely! Are you going to support the 12 million illegal immigrants Biden is going to let in to the United States?

    1. @Captain J Ignore Cliff Medina. He is just another pathetic Trump Cult troll who is likely unemployed, has no friends, no social outlets, so he comes on social media to make ridiculously stupid comments.

  10. Ron Johnson is no different than Josh, Cruz or Trump, these individuals are extremely Anti –
    – American , there is no argument here – it’s straight forward

    1. @William Custodio You didn’t know the Democrats shielded domestic terrorists from prosecution? That Kamala Harris donated to bail funds used to bail out those arrested for violence during “protests”? Do you not remember the reaction from the Democrats the last time the National Guard was in D.C.? When fires were being set all over the city for a week? They had to evacuate the White House.

    2. @Duy Vo Disinformation! Speaking in strange tongues! Imma tell the Dems to put you on that list they’re making. Don’t try to hide.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx Here’s a revelation for you: your emotions are not a substitute for facts. Trump and the Republicans got slaughtered. That’s a fact. Trump is gone for good. That’s also a fact. Nothing that you people want is ever going to come true. This too is a fact. I hope this helps you out.

    4. @Mimzy Jinx …..gee… hello…?…. really?…. well if you have thousands of people tearing down our democracy & ripping away our Government Freedoms – of course the CIA, FBI, Homeland, ect. are going to take whatever steps to save our country…… if the Government who is suppose to protect our country doesn’t do these measures then there will no country left….

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