Sen. Sinema Faces Criticism From Progressives For Opposing $3.5T Price Tag 1

Sen. Sinema Faces Criticism From Progressives For Opposing $3.5T Price Tag

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said Wednesday she doesn't support a $3.5 trillion price tag for Democrats' sweeping social safety net bill, and she faced criticism from some progressives, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who view $3.5 trillion as a compromise.

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Sen. Sinema Faces Criticism From Progressives For Opposing $3.5T Price Tag


    1. @Florida Man How many Trump supporters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer : None, because. Trump said he already fixed it, and they sit in the dark applauding him.
      Don’t be a Trump supporter, he already showed you what he is.

    2. @Florida Man Florida Man YouTubes are nothing to be proud of, as they are international. I’m on the Baltic, but I’m passing for Canadian instead of an expat.

    3. @Joey Martin Did you see the QAnon nut applauding the moron in the house for challenging masks? DYK, a 1926 treaty banning white lead for causing brain damage in infants and kids, manifested in violent behavior as adults was signed by all western countries, except America. “The only way to stop a lead crazed man is with lead..from a gun” was the likely lead lobby pitch. Carter signed it in 1979 and violent crime fell every year until trump. Stupidity from brain damaged citizens takes time, and universities were swinging the pendulum until Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise on cable told them ignorance is cool.

  1. Somebody, ANYBODY, primary that Republican operative! She is a constant block. What a P.O.S.

    1. @800mEric “stop looking for shortcuts the truth…”???
      Ha! Manchin and Sinema have ZERO Democrat agenda’s… they are Republicons through and through… Not interested in trying to Win over traitors.

    2. ​@eltorocal the shortcut I’m talking about is people like you who are too lazy to actually build support for the policies you push need to understand millions of Americans are not willing to vote for your agenda. So shut up and start getting us support so we can the majorities that FDR, LBJ and even Obama during 09 to 2011 had, before you whine about things not being done.

    3. @800mEric Hey Republicons… Sinema is crying again… she misses home… You can have Your Mole back anytime… and take Your other Manchurian, too.

    1. @B & L Nunya Disgusting, you were never in that position yet!! I’m a small businessman and I have a shop in Europe and pay without tax my labors 12 euros an hour!!

    2. @B & L Nunya Like I said, before, I have a shop in Europe and my employees have 12 euros an hour without taxes, that is decent!!

    1. She’s bought and paid for some would call that a w****, and I honestly agree with that sentiment !!!

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr “Pelosi republivans are show ponies”
      Those are Fords….Republicans like Fords.
      The new Chevy Vans have more chrome, those are the real “show ponies”.

      BTW– This is politics….why are you talking about vehicles?

  2. We need to stop billionaires from buying our lawmakers!!!! We The People can’t compete with gigantic companies!!!

    1. @Chris Kane Oh. If you’re referring to the 2020 election, then I’ll tell you that I don’t believe in allegations without evidence.

      So yeah, no fraud.

    2. @Miter Sangeeta Are you an american citizen or a victim? Power to the People! That’s YOU! Care? Vote! Speak out. Locally! It’s your children’s and grandchildren’ s future. No more, “let someone else do it”! God is on the side of the good guys. Act! Soon! Now! Or answer at the Gate!

  3. Thank you Progressives for actually stepping up like the Texas Dems, it appears you are all we have, Thank you again

    1. Texas democrats ran away when it looked like things weren’t going their way. That’s not “defending democracy ” its doing what a child would do and its pathetic.

    2. No, if republicans did the same thing I’d say the exact same thing. I’m not a idealoge like you seem to be.

  4. END Citizens United!!!! We can’t allow our government to be captured by the few rich and powerful greedy a-holes

    1. It is only ok when it fulfills your agenda..then its, braindead joe getting elected was all accomplished by wealthy billionaires but, that was ok?

    2. Explain how, I mean you know, besides bucking history with Democrats continually showing up to vote eh masse in every singe election, that includes all midterms ya know, because by not, that’s how Citizens United happened to begin with, and so much more, for decades, Democrat voter apathy.
      Convenient outrage, that just doesn’t cut it.

    3. funny that most of us are not billionaires yet we vote for rep of these powerful greedy a-holes. (money buys votes)

  5. The real monsters are people who say “I don’t know if this life raft is affordable, maybe we don’t need it” and then they say nothing when we buy bombs and guns

    1. we have too many rich people in America, every time we want to give something to the poor, ($15/hr) we worry about the deth and big give away to the rich get easy passage.

  6. If she’s worried about the price tag then undo the tax cuts that the GOP passed for the wealthy.

    While you’re at it, put a wealth tax on billionaires. What’s more important, that we have social infrastructure or Jeff Bezos be able to go to space for fun?

    1. Think of the increase in tax revenue they would have gotten if they had increased minimum wage to $15 an hour

    2. Everybody go look up FDR’s infrastructure spend….and the tax the wealthy paid at the time. Trickle down economics is the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon the working class.

    3. @J W That’s not how it works. Doing nothing or not spending money, especially in things that will result in a return, is not going to stop inflation. And I realize the bill is not actually out, but from what has been released…exactly which part of it do you feel is unneccessary spending?

  7. Why do we continue to give them a pass after how obstructive they have been! I’m with AOC on this.

  8. Why are you not covering the Exxon doctumentary on the scam that is happening and two Dems you talk about are involved? That’s news worthy to this topic!

  9. Sinema needs to GO AWAY. She’s just trying to make a name for herself, with an expertise in stupidity.

  10. Trying to portray Manchin and Sinema as seriously interested in helping the average American is just ludicrous and insulting.

    1. What exactly helps the average American in this bill? Break it down for me..I’m pretty sure no one in here knows exactly what’s in it ..
      Maybe now that I’ve made this comment, you may actually take a peek at it..

    1. @Deborah Freedman geez, sorry if fixing our very broken infrastructure by taxing the wealthy who pay less proportionally than any of the hardworking working people is bugging you.

  11. She is a selfish politician who doesn’t care about voters, she cares for her own self! Primary her out

    1. What is so important in this bill..why dont you tell me everything in it..especially the important things..
      And please do not play the word infrastructure..break it down and tell me exactly where the monies go..

    2. @J W Why would or should anyone else do the reading and work for you. We aren’t your secretaries.

    3. @Paul Fannin My point don’t know what you’re talking about and that’s evident by your response..

    4. @william stimulus? The only thing that will be stimulated is those political pocket book..
      Other than that we will guarantee a stagnant and recessive market..

  12. Sinema is the perfect example of how politicians conform to corporate donors and become another corrupt politician

    1. They need to start putting her front and center of the camera she doesn’t deserve that spot she works against her own constituents

  13. Already heartily sick of President Manchin and VP Sinema when they weren’t voted into those roles.

    1. Thank God for both of them. They just might be saving this country from complete financial ruin.

  14. Who is this hack?
    Without progressives, the moderates do not have a majority. That’s not hyperbole; it’s the opposite but equal perspective to the $h!t I’ve just listened to

  15. My impression is she’s more interested in seeing her name in the headlines than in doing anything …

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