‘Significant First Step,’ Says Energy Secretary Of Bill Passing Key Vote

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm joins Morning Joe to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure bill passing a key vote and what comes next.

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'Significant First Step,' Says Energy Secretary Of Bill Passing Key Vote


    1. This will be a great boon to the nation. Let’s hope that the “progressive” know-it-alls don’t tank this deal.

    2. @Deborah Freedman It’s a shame you don’t like progressives, because they are the future of this country.

    1. That’s a big deal because in the senate something like that never happens . Plus if it made it this far , it’s likely that it’ll pass out

    2. @Jackie Lemon yeah and Pelosi is just a great human being. Well you can always get Joe Biden to go back to driving 18 wheelers since that’s what he used to do maybe!

  1. Finally… for the first time we can actually make America first, make America better, by improving our infrastructure and providing more job opportunities… never understood why republicans were so against all of this…. and if the problem was some of the details, then provide alternative ideas, instead of a flat no…

    1. America was first made first in infrastructure after the Civil War, when government was tiny. Do any of you comprehend history?

  2. Republicans getting on board now that is refreshing. The Infrastructure Bill works for both parties! I drive on the same road Republicans do!

    1. They know it’s a good bill… they just don’t want the Dems to get credit for it. Really, really childish.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera
      that’s a good point, but everybody knows the biden Administration wants to work across the aile and get this infrastructure pass with 17 Republicans on board, that is an achievement! Considering some of the Republicans negative reactions to the Biden Administration policies. Which are very popular with the people.

  3. imagine if the bar was so low that getting 17 republicans to vote just to do their JOB was news worthy… oh wait..

    1. I thought Republicans defined their job as raising money and getting re-elected. 17 voted YES and 33 voted NO, so two thirds think that a NO vote is the best way to get re-elected.

  4. Biden can do it because it was never part of Trump’s plan, which would have required having some concern about the U.S. and a plan of which there was none.

  5. It is just a start. Better than nothing. Lets hope it grows. The US is over 50 years out of date in some areas.
    As a wealthy nation, we should be leading.

  6. The solar panels that Carter installed and Reagan removed from the white house, should be replaced! That’s just for starters!

  7. It’s only a good bill if it benefits average Americans _more_ than it benefits rich people and corporations.

  8. Now set up an ethics watchdog so that none of this infrastructure money is wasted or spent corruptly – extremely important!!!

    1. @Nemo You may be right, but best to oversee both GOP and Dems I think, as both parties seem to like helping their friends and money is a very precious resource when it comes from the people.

    2. @Kay Keelan I agree. In general, I no longer trust (most) humans and money, but especially so on any level in regard to seditionists. They are the bulk of the confederate “culture” I live amongst. No trust whatsoever.

    3. @Nemo I am surprised at that. I would have thought survivalist, militia type people would in fact be pretty upright in most respects, as many of them profess to be fundamentalist Christians. If you live among seditionists, have you an insight into why they so dislike and distrust govt? I am curious about that.

    4. Seditionist Christians make up their own rules as it suits them. Talk is cheap and can change – as we have seen over and over.

  9. Hopefully the USA finally puts most of its powerlines underground like the rest of the developed world

  10. Trump’s “infrastructure week” was reminiscent of a can being kicked down the road, for four miserable years. Promises made, promises unkept!

  11. I (as an American) moved to Europe to get the human infrastructure piece. Universal healthcare, free college and university, and a livable wage job from 1 job… hopefully the US will in the next 50years catch up.

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