Sen. Smith On George Floyd’s Death: ‘It Is Extremely Important That These Officers Are Charged’

Sen. Smith On George Floyd's Death: 'It Is Extremely Important That These Officers Are Charged' 1


  1. It’s extremely important that there is a complete over haul to the justice department and how policing works. This is an uprising, either the system changes or the people will die fighting for change.

    1. @PotatoesAre_Jesus It’s 6 months of full-time academy then 3-4 months of on the job or FTO training. I don’t see why more than 10 months of training is needed. They continue to train every month for the rest of their career also. Most jobs don’t do that much training.

      Being a lawyer is not close to the same job.

    2. Nothing gonna change unless the people get violent and turn their hatred towards those who oppress them, an eye for an eye if people started killing innocent policemen you can bet there will be change. There will be death every where if it comes to that

    3. @Iam Gatsby i’m not against change. does MLK jr. ring any bells? these riots are not progressive.

    1. So if i a civilian was detaining someone waiting for police and i did the exact same thing. Dont you think i would be immediately arrested and held until i was either cleared or charged? That is the issue here everyone else gets arrested but not these officers. We want justice

    2. @Zidane Steiner Video shows it was a lie, he wasn’t resisting arrest and even if he was he was in unarmed so posed no threat. You got him on the ground, pick him in the car n go.

      This was murder

      If a white mass shooter can be shipped carefully into the hands of police, then the same can be done for an unarmed black man as well.

      The issue is you people don’t see us as humans, never will. Burn it to the ground.

    3. H20fanatic20 Murder and execution. They are quick to arrest protesters, but not the cops.

      Auckland. NZ

  2. @2:13 “we are asking the justice department to step up as well” The fact that she would say this is just….whats the word?

    1. 2:11 and disappointing because I believe the Justice Department aren’t doing their jobs


    1. @James Peter they burnt down a police station and also when that fire spreads because it will spread it will hit housing stores and so on the government will then need to fix the broken buildings try to help store owners rebuild because some people may have forgot were in a pandemic and kind of need our local stores open to get supplies.

    1. @James Peter Most of the videos of the riots had black people looting and causing damage. I only saw about 2 white people out of the group.

    2. @Rickey H. You mean most videos that you have seen? I mean I can go out and film white people shopping at Walmart. Does that mean that only white people go to Walmart? Try to turn off Fox news, and you will see white people looting in some of those videos.

    3. @James Peter I’ve seen multiple videos including regular Instagram videos from actual protesters on the streets and there’s more blacks than whites and Hispanics out of the whole group.

    4. @Rickey H. I dont understand the point that you are making. BThere are more blacks than whites among protesters anyways because we are the most directly affected by this. But there are people of all races, and you have not been able to show that’s not true. Again, what is your point?

    5. @James Peter My point is that if they’re going to act like animals then they’ll be treated as such. If they don’t want to be seen as thugs then they wouldn’t be fueling the stereotype by their actions.

  4. Society: North Korea, Syria, Iraq, America, cults, terrorism. Our society we live in today.

  5. they protected the officer before, they will protect him again, as he represents the wishes of the ruling class

    1. @bee boo Thats pretty racist of you to say. And completely false. I haven’t seen a single white defending this officer. Justice needs to be done. And it will be done, but even a murderer gets due process. And by the way, there is no death sentence in Minnesota.

    2. Squeaky Vegan Nope, he’s done. Prison as other cops have gone whether you believe it or not

  6. A man only suspected of a transgression is immediately arrested and brutally killed by police. Why are his murderers not immediately arrested when there is clear evidence of their crime?

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    2. J. B. : You must be very anxious for me to see something you wrote, son? Is it irking you, that I’m not reading your comments, because of your childish abuse? Maybe you hope to, “draw me in,” with something? Anything. Just to be able to say I did read you? Or, maybe you’re just too entitled to comprehend that an other person might be genuinely uninterested in your Trump Trollery? I genuinely think you need help, son. Judging from the length of that last one, it looked like you are taking your time? What a senseless waste of human life? 🙄

    3. Local, state, and federal. Almost like corporations, they never take responsibility for the lives of their citizens. They respond like it’s someone elses issue. They tell us, how we are feeling, and disappear. People want to know, what is going to be done about it.

    4. J. B.
      Right. The republicans used to be LIBERAL and the democrats CONSERVATIVE. So LIBERALS freed the slaves from the conservatives and the conservatives got so angry they started the KKK!! But I’m sure you know all this and are just being dishonest and disingenuous because that’s what CONSERVATIVES DO!!

    1. *This has nothing to do with floyds death anymore. They should be shot! They are looting, destroying businesses, vandalizing and stealing people’s property. They set the precinct on fire!*

    2. @fangzea you know I’m talking about your kind pink cretin. Your white fragility is just acting brand new at the moment. 😂😂😂

    3. @Vex The same thing happened in LA. Do you think the commercial area will just remain vacant? Maybe you don’t understand how business works.

  7. That’s what shocked me the most, was those stupid 3 cops standing there doing absolutely nothing!! Not even a “hey calm down dude, you’re killing him” they all just looked at a man murdering another. COWARDS!!!

    1. @Ken I’ve had enough of the Harry Potter quotes. Now you go to the block list with all the other trolls

    2. @tejano151 Maybe if the victim was a member of your family you would be out there with the “thugs” too.

  8. I can’t get over how George Floyd called out for his mom to save him. Breaks my heart. RIP George.

    1. We need a union of citizens of all raise, colors and genders to audit the police chosen and screened by their communities so this doesn’t happen again

    2. @kevin ruona What felony was that? When was he tried and sentenced to death? Please enlighten us.

    3. @SPECTRE who cares? People change and there were so many positive things he has done and people said he had done I’m pretty sure you have done alot

    4. @SPECTRE NO WE WILL NOT STOP DEFENDING THE MURDER OF A HANDCUFFED DEFENSELESS RESTRAINED HUMAN BEING CRYING OUT PLEADING FOR HIS LIFE! btw you deleted the comment i replied to u said ‘was the officer bashing his head in?’ ect attempting to minimize the fact this was clear as day murder of an innocent citizen.

  9. I love how officials are acting like these cops did something unusual when this is standard police tactics. They need to change the rules or this will happen again. Watch any episode of cops and you will see this done.

    1. I guarantee you it will happen again so long as there’s people trying to brake the law and have the police triggered. Don’t brake the law and be an abiding citizen. you’ll less likely to get killed. Tip.

    2. @Alexander Mar So your tip is to live in fear and get lucky to not run afoul of a filthy cop?If you don’t think cops will turn on you even if you did nothing wrong, you are a fool.

      I’m so glad I don’t live in that putrid country, with a putrid president letting
      Putrid cops do that.

    1. “Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody’s civil anymore”- also Joker

  10. getting fired is indicative that you did something wrong so wwwwwwwwwwhy haven’t they been charged

  11. America has become a third world country. Country with dictator in charge and corrupt government. MAGA BS!

  12. If anyone but a police officer did this and had it caught on camera, they would be in jail.

    1. @mark spannar damm must be nice that you need some evidence to be guilt instead of just outright killed in public. The police dept should implement that system too one day.

    2. Backpack PePelon In the meantime destroy property that isn’t yours, that should show em who’s boss 😂 sign up for welfare this year by the way

  13. My heart goes out to all those who loved and cared dearly for Floyd. How would these cops feel if their family/friends were murdered right before their eyes?!

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