Sen. Tim Kaine On DOJ Investigating Louisville Police Department | MSNBC 1

Sen. Tim Kaine On DOJ Investigating Louisville Police Department | MSNBC


Sen. Tim Kaine and Ayman discuss police reform and accreditation.
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Sen. Tim Kaine On DOJ Investigating Louisville Police Department | MSNBC


    1. @Nonya Bizness hence why it should be mandatory. Imagine a fire department where you can choose to put out some fires but not others and not be held accountable…sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

    2. @Michael Bray agreed. our police departments are all run on the trump university model of policing- unaccredited so that they don’t have to meet any standards or criteria, and don’t have to be accountable to anyone.

      amazing how all those folks who defend cops violating the rights of the citizens by saying “if you got nothing to hide” don’t ask that question about cops hiding behind internal affairs, hiding behind unions, hiding body cam footage, hiding the truth in false police reports… yeah, nothing to hide.

  1. “Trust?! We don’t need no stinking trust!” As quoted from the Treasure of the Sierra Madre…that old classic of white guys shooting non-white guys…

  2. 10 rounds is almost an empty magazine in a Glock. Also, the cop didn’t use their standard-issue tazer. I wonder…

    1. Per circumstance but every time the police deholster their weapon escalates a situation.

  3. All police are guilty of X in my mind. X being anything anyone says about them at any time for any reason.

    1. cop response: all citizens are guilty of X, X being anything i say about them at any time for any reason.

    2. @Nonya Bizness Let’s see how that thinking goes for them. I don’t shoot unarmed people left and right. This is just an opinion.

    1. It happened already before. Remember Eric Holders investigations? Nothing happened after that either. Don’t get your hopes up

    2. @R Torres No, they reformed police departments and got rid of lots of trash cops. Trump stopped all of the reviews because he never was a real president. Holder puts lots of terrorists and mobsters in prison, he was very busy.

    3. @Dog Supremacy – NOPE. Read the article from NYT dated April 15, 2015.


      “At Supreme Court, Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. Routinely Backs Officers’ Use of Force”

    4. @Dog Supremacy – or from The Atlantic

      Obama’s Missing Police-Reform Proposal
      Eric Holder wanted to make it easier to prosecute civil-rights abuses in federal court, but that push has gone nowhere.


      Missing from those recommendations, however, was any mention of a change in the law that Holder proposed on his way out of office earlier this year: It should be easier, he told reporters, for the federal government to bring charges and win convictions in civil-rights cases, including instances where police officers use excessive force against citizens. The Obama administration evidently decided to make its primary focus the changes it could enact on its own, and those it might recommend to local jurisdictions, instead of asking Congress to pursue a more far-reaching overhaul.

  4. I called the Louisville PD and the officer told me to call him daddy and wouldn’t give me a name. Then I got a call back about my complaint about it from some higher up saying how that’s totally inappropriate. The Louisville PD has a toxicity issue

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    2. @Zain Cole Hey, thanks man. Went and looked it up. Been a movie iv been wanting to watch, ”The Little Things” but i didnt want to start a subscription to any streaming site just for one movie. I think it’ll let me watch it, no subscription, for a buck! LOL. Cheers!

  5. Investigation are good to determine what is needed to bring back safety to community and especially our black brothers and sisters.

  6. I guess this is a good time to investigate police officers who commit crimes in Louisville resign and move to other states

  7. While they’re investigating Louisville, they should jump over the bridge and look into Clark and Floyd Counties in Southern Indiana too!!!

  8. They need to find out all the money they’re giving these departments which is wayyyyy too much and where does it go? They don’t need more they need to audit where that money has been going then reallocate it to the proper places!

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