Claire McCaskill Says Republicans Try ‘To Cherry-Pick Culture Wars’ | MSNBC 1

Claire McCaskill Says Republicans Try ‘To Cherry-Pick Culture Wars’ | MSNBC


Former Senator Claire McCaskill and New York Times political reporter Nick Confessore react to Republicans’ latest attempts to manufacture a culture war, this time stirring up outrage over a non-existent Biden policy
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Claire McCaskill Says Republicans Try ‘To Cherry-Pick Culture Wars’ | MSNBC


    1. @Faylene Gostanian That is the point of the joke!!!!! ALLL liquor is plant based, HUN! grapes, grain, water its just the dumbest thing EVER. It is going to say NON GMO next

  1. Love the plant based beer mention. I know there is a pork chop in every bottle, but i think that is just a saying Larry.

    1. @Matthew Wilson gotta get them bubbles from somewhere.. tho.. maybe.. the growing process makes up for the co2, I dunno. Not a fermentologist.

    2. The bubbles ultimately come from the atmosphere (via sugar) so the basic cycle is carbon neutral. The problem is the energy inputs to run tractor, brewery, beer trucks …

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck Well you got the second part of your name right. Maybe change the first name to “Racist or. Fascist” to be perfectly descriptive

  2. I am bar-b-quing goat from the out back of Australia on the fourth this year. It’s really lean red meat that has never eaten corn.

    1. @Emerald TabbyCat When cows eat corn they fart a lot more than when they eat grass. Methane gas is ten times stronger than co2

  3. I’ve been mostly vegetarian for 30-40 years, and no problem with barbecuing or beer. In fact, I used to home-brew until the bottles exploded.

  4. John Roberts is Canadian and one of the few honest reporters at FOX

    Next they will be pushing “Meat-gate”

    1. Yeah, but then all of us eating tons of kale would just negate the methane reduction caused by eliminating meat.

  5. Sooooooo…..if I add some “plant based” beer in addition to the other herbs and spices to my ground beef is that OK??

    1. Mz Peachez, are you trying to confuse them with the facts again? Don’t do that it hurts their brainz.

  6. what does it take to get these people to open their eyes and mind???? it’s like they are total zombies.

    1. telling them the truth isn’t enough it would seem. the evidence of that is the number of right-wing trolls that file into the comments section of practically every CNN video to spew bs. assuming they’re actually watching the videos they’re trolling; it doesn’t appear that information can combat indoctrination effectively.

    2. If a person is determined not to believe in real science, then that same person won’t want to believe that raising beef is horrible for the immediate environment. They don’t see what they don’t want to see.

  7. WTF! is wrong with people? The constant lying by some along with their selfish intentions is really quite draining. Especially when we should be coming together as the human race!

  8. I feel that there’s going to be a leak or someone on the inside will or these cyber ninjas will mess up and give themselves away and all these gop legislators in Arizona will be in the same boat as Matt gaetz

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