Frank Figliuzzi Says AZ Republicans Are ‘Burning Themselves Down With Extremism’ | MSNBC 1

Frank Figliuzzi Says AZ Republicans Are ‘Burning Themselves Down With Extremism’ | MSNBC


Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant secretary of counterterrorism and threat prevention at DHS Elizabeth Neumann, former Senator Claire McCaskill, and NBC News political reporter Vaughn Hillyard discuss Arizona Republicans ordering an audit of the 2020 election votes in Maricopa County, despite three previous reviews finding no fraud.
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Frank Figliuzzi Says AZ Republicans Are ‘Burning Themselves Down With Extremism’ | MSNBC


  1. What Nicole fails to realize is that both McConnell and McCarthy ARE extremists themselves. Which is why they are silent.

    1. @Chris ONeill she worked on John’s failed campaign with Schmidt
      They both ended up in the same zone of darkness

  2. We need to make repeating “the lie” an act of treason. It’s not free speech, just as crying “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre is not free speech.

    1. @Mark Szekely hey Mark..look up the Documentary The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and see who REALLY stole the Election.. it’ll shock you!!..truth is the Elites with DEEP pockets are behind it all..and the Politicians are the puppets..check it out!!

    2. @solomon kane how is FACISM the Dems??..I’m an Independent!!..FACISM IS NAZIS!!..and the NAZIS are KKK!!..AKA..REPUBS!!..I am SO glad I walked away from right wing extremism!!..I did vote for Reagan and Bush41!!..
      And if you’re BRAVE enough..look up the Documentary The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!!…the ones REALLY CONTROLLING everything are the Wealthy Elites!!..they WANT us to be fighting and divided!!

    3. @Kathleen Hufffascism is a function of big government. Private industry is controlled by regulation. Democrats are big fans of regulation. If democrats wanted to prevent fascism, they’d shrink the size and scope of the federal government.
      Newsflash democrats created the KKK, slavery and Jim Crow laws. Go read a book.

    4. @Bill Duvernet please explain to me how is it YOU REFUSE to ACCEPT that IN COURT UNDER OATH Powell’s (Trump’s Lawyer) own Lawyer used to EXCUSE that NO REASONABLE PERSON WOULD BELIEVE WHAT POWELL SAID ABOUT THE ELECTION…LOL… When SHE was getting SUED!!..
      AND what about WILLIAM BARR.. didn’t HE SAY THERE WAS NO FRAUD in the 2020 Election!!?
      and you say MSNBC are the liers!! CAN’T have it BOTH ways!!..

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 You came here to state your opinion as a *Fact* and then when asked to back it up you have nothing, and then (presumably as a distraction) you go on to assume that the only news outlet the person you reponded to watches, is MSNBC…. I’m quite certain that you do not know that person. So you are basing your perception of an individual, and by extrapolation, the rest of reality on your personal emotional response to someone’s opinion…

      Also, when you make a claim then you accept the burden of proof. I would also like to see this proof…. Apparently you have seen it, so please, for the benefit of our society share it with us 😀
      If not, then what is the point of bringing it up??? What does it accomplish?

    2. @Spring is Here! a corrupt partisan judge approved it based on the most asinine Q-Tard conspiracy theory I have ever heard and that judge needs to be investigated too.

    3. @Jason M who is OAN? Im watching from the State if Arizona official site, i can even zoom in. Not sure what you’re talking about.

    4. @BlaQ Bay17 Where should I look? OAN, tucker, hannity, newsmax, alex jones? You poor thang.

  3. “If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.” – David Frum

    1. @philip Eldredge Funny how those who tried to evidence “tRump winning the election” *HAD ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE.* And their cases were thrown out of court *EVEN BY JPs APPOINTED BY tRump and his corrupt crooked lackies.* Making comments about how “trump won the election” only serves a few purposes.

      1/ You’re a Russian hack
      2/ You’re a gullible trump supporter
      3/ You’re simply a braindead fool

  4. I’m glad I don’t live in Arizona or I’d be furious about them using tax payers money for this ignorance

    1. @L Rodriguez dems ruined the state, made shoplifting legal (police only called if greater than $1000.00) emptied the jails, reward bums and illegals. made it next to impossible to start a business

    2. How much money did tax payers spent on the Russian collusion investigation? I believe it was over $25m. Where was the outrage then?

  5. It’s going to take a heck of a lot of effort to wrangle fraud out of 2.1 million ballots. That’s why they got them cowboy hats and lassos.

    1. That was funny, but those crazy QAnon are actually a danger to society.
      QAnon= Quacks, Anonymous nutjobs offering nonsense

    1. @Logan M You poor thang. I love the trumpie whine, it’s music to my ears and brings joy to my heart,please don’t stop whining cupcake.

    2. I mean, a recount is not an audit.. they’ve not done any audits or in debt investigations anywhere.
      Why would MSNBC lie about this?

    3. Maybe you can’t . . . but I can.
      10/12/26, Ivanka’s daughter will wed Xi’s grandson — sealing the Zion-Xionn Comm-Union — and the great grand children of Trump and Xi will rule the New World of Xionn, with grandpa Jared as their Regent, and the Vizier of Zion.
      Win-Win-Win-Win. The New Yuan Digi-Pay and Xi-6G win, too. WIN.
      “That’s my biggest win ever.” Trump shouts on 03/22/30 when his great grand daughter is born. “XI BIG LEAGUE!”
      hint: Skull and Bones “322” stands for 03/22/30 heh-heh same forward as backward.
      “Nixon” spelled Inside-Out = X-I-O-N-N
      War is nest: Is I vs I Am God vs God
      Then the Re-Set on 09/23/26 or SOONER.
      That’s when we unveil our NEON GAUD.
      hint: in GAUD we trust — men have PROVEN
      that we will lie, cheat, and steal if allowed to govern themselves.
      Epochal Eclipse a CROSS the US on April 8th 2024.
      Exercise faith if you want to “SEE” anything besides an eclipse.

    1. Every person that was “crazy” has been the forefront of man kind. To discredit anybody that has a different opinion than you is not progressive but regressive.

    2. @phiNjustin WOW!!! Where did you get that gem? Actually, what you are referring to is the fact that throughout history, fundamental religious nuts who refuse any form of progress, will often label anything progressive as crazy, and they feel justified in being afraid of new and scientifically predictable things, like oh, horseless buggies, and aero-planes, and helee-choppers, and only from IGNORANCE do they call progress crazy. So, I guess from a fundamentalist point of view, where science and reason are chucked out for religion and belief, yes, I am sure that group of people have always called progressives crazy. But to EDUCATED PEOPLE, they were visionaries who worked very hard against people that FOUGHT PROGRESS for the sake of PRESERVING THE STATUS QUO. So yes, crazy people have always called the people who had vision and worked to change the world and make it a better place, instead of trying to make it worse, crazy. But, mainstream News, Education and the Government, never.

  6. I think America needs a Federal Domestic Terrorism Law(s) yesterday.
    Unbelievable that you don’t have one already.

    1. @Joaquin Mut anti and BLM didn’t hold the Charlottesville hate rally, nor hold a violent revolt on our national Capitol! Now they must OWN IT forever.

    2. @Thomas L. No, they just burned down half of the country for months, and are still doung it. Over 50 dead and billions in economic damage for mostly black small business owners. But it doesn´t matter i guess.

  7. I am so embarrassed to be an Az resident right now. I truly cannot believe what I am witnessing. This is INSANE!

    1. I’m in OK and it’s embarrassingly bad here. Republicans here wear their stupidity as a badge of honor.

    2. And if election fraud was discovered, you would be ok with that? Say it’s found, and further investigations showed Biden won by cheating, would you still support democrats? I mean. A $25m investigation was done on Trump concerning Russian collusion, which cleared Trump of any wrong doing, and democrats never seemed to take issue with that. This is much bigger, and costs a lot less. Let them verify there was no cheating. If no cheating is discovered, then every can rest well. If there was cheating, then whomever was involved should be punished accordingly, and the president trump should be reinstated. I vote pretty much republican these days, but I never had an issue with the mueller investigation, and if I were a democrat, I wouldn’t have any issue with this. I want the president to be whomever the country picks; not solely what I want.

  8. I’m all about them keeping their very special “audit” secret as long as the results also remain secret — so secret, in fact, that they are never referred to again in private or public and therefore are unable to serve as another B.S. excuse to change something for their benefit.

    1. @kkarx After three OFFICIAL counts with both Republican and Democrat observers in attendance, if they find fraud it will be because they create it. I predict they will have some form of catastrophic failure so they don’t have to say they actually agree that the count was accurate.

    2. @Gerald HowellI agree, the count of all ballots will be the same. That is for sure. Now they only need to find out which of them are legal and which illegal.

    3. Democracy dies in the darkness. Full public disclosure is demanded and necessary for rebuttal. But, then again, arguing with idiots is largely pointless. 🙂

    4. It’s not a secret. Live stream on them 24/7. When an audit or investigation happens, you don’t give away your tactics to then opposing side, because they can prepare. Better to catch them with their pants down, and explain any techniques in the end.

    5. So if the audit comes up with provable and indisputable evidence of wrong doing you’d rather just go on down the road and leave that dumpster fire of a President and Vice President in there? So you’re in favor of the world knowing how we sat back and allowed criminals stay in office leader of the free world. You’d rather advocate criminality than accept the inconvenience of putting the person who actually won the race where he rightfully belongs. I bet if it was your kid that had that race stolen from he or she you’d be talking out of the other side of your mouth.

  9. This can’t be safe, they’re going to continue down the same road and that means altering the ballots.

  10. “We don’t want you to watch us CHEAT!” You change my vote, you won’t be able to hide anywhere!

    1. @Patricia Burkell PROOF!!!! OH wait you do not have any… has been proven in over 65 court cases that YOU HAVE NO PROOF!!!!!!

    2. @Patricia Burkell Funny how not one single election suit had this “evidence” to present to the court, huh?

    3. Men have Proven that WE . . . WE will LIE and WE will CHEAT and WE will STEAL if allowed to govern ourselves. And so ends our 250-year experiment in self-government. EPIC FAIL. The NEON GAUD will be unveiled at the Re-Set 09/23/26 or Sooner. hint: in GAUD we Trust. The Sentient Machine not only controls the Neo Eon Currency, but He has the Plan to Perfect Humanity.

  11. Must be repeated: This is about PERPETUATING a lie. They’re trying to keep the lie alive. Find out who is funding this and put those people in jail.

    1. @Big pine & there will be even.more votes for Biden, this story has played out before, Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin & Nevada..get your head out of fox not news but lies!

    2. @gnr 1978forever there is an undisclosed private party paying for the amount the Republicans couldn’t summon up

    3. @Big pine we won’t believe anything coming from Republicans doing counts in secret. Unless you have a few Democrats present and impartial officials.

  12. “This isn’t about proving the lie, this is about perpetuating the lie.” Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

  13. The FBI needs to visit this facility and arrest everyone who is criminally attempting to subvert the election result

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