Sen. Whitehouse: Congress Examining ‘Role’ Of Some GOP Officials In Capitol Riot | The Last Word


    1. Bee Johnson I was just going to say that as well as Stone. Ummmmm makes me wonder. They got a pardon before Jan 6…meetings in the White House a day or two before Jan 6. Seems suspicious to me.

  1. I said that, they created the delay… I actually saw many people say that too.. It just didn’t make sense as to why it took so long when it didn’t before..

    1. ღSwnsasyღ _
      I had an exchange with a commenter a little before Christmas who said at the time that trump: “is definitely going to serve a second term.” My reply to her at that time was; “one man will leave and another will enter”….and that “truth cannot be told but must be realized.” She was adamant and I’ve tried to find her post again but cannot…..makes me wonder if she played a role in the attempted coup.

    2. The objection plan was theatre for the base, if you listen carefully they don’t believe genuinely Trump won. They say concerns, but if Trump’s coup had resulted in Pence, Pelosi and Grassley’s deaths, martial law you bet they would have gone along with it.

    3. @ღSwnsasyღ _ “critical thinking skills,” I don’t think they had any to toss out the window. Those were not the sort of people who took the time to analyze and evaluate anything trump said.

  2. Lawrence, all of those involved in the insurrection must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and punished accordingly. I don’t care who is a ‘senator’ or a ‘representative’; if they had any kind of part in what happened on Jan. 6 they must pay for it.

    1. Super agree. Those complicit should have their votes stripped in this hearing because they will have a partial vote to protect their own interests. Voting to convict would also strengthen the case of them being complicit. Therefore, their conflict of interest should render them unqualified to serve as juror no different than how it would be in a criminal trial by jury.

    2. there were also reports of some GOP legislators allegedly giving a tour of the Capitol so they’d know the layout. wonder what happened to that story.

    3. I support the “Protest” at the Capitol building.
      Come and get me, you fascists, but take heed, I’ll fill you full of lead.

  3. I’ve been saying it since it happened. Convict and expel McConnell! He *Blatantly* Obstructed the impeachment for over a month! It’s on video what Cruz did! Come on now! Hawley too! Can’t forget the pearl clutching, back stabbing, weasel that is Lindsey Graham!

    1. OMG…pearl clutching Lindsey Graham…I about fell over laughing!! BTW…that’s a good way to describe him!!

    1. @Chicken Little Syndrome I don’t know who turns on the computer for you every day. Take a break, go outside and play. Adults are in the room.

  4. Should have gotten rid of seditious GOP Senators and House members b4 going after 45. That’s how prosecutors conduct mob trials

  5. Trump might be screwed.
    A Republican Senator’s self interest will take the path of least resistance, every time. And the House Democrats are not messing around.

  6. Criminally responsible Trump , surely a trial is reasonable here, I can’t see anyway round this, accountability!

  7. As it should be.
    These tools cry “due process” – the longer the process goes on, the more evidence for their complicity will surface.

  8. The phone call to Tubberville was the smoking gun. Said everything in terms of its timing about Trumps mindset and involvement. Squeaky Lee squealed in fear someone has got to him

  9. Charge ALL GQP who demonstrate disregard Democracy, the Constitution and the rule of law with 14th Amendment, Schedule 3

  10. If Trump had admitted he lost, and hadn’t lied about the election, and had a peaceful transfer of power none of what transpired on January 6th would have happened. Graham and others need to stop being Big Lie Keepers and respect their Oath.

    1. Why did the dems falsely accuse Lee of giving tuberville the phone? There certainly is evidence of corruption on both side of this trial. Trusting only one side may be a mistake..

  11. I believe that the Senators involved in inciting this insurrection should have their vote stripped in this particular hearing due to their conflict of interest. If they vote to convict Trump they build a stronger case against themselves for being complicit. This is a huge issue.

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