Sen. Whitehouse Says U.S. Came ‘Pretty Close’ To Seeing Democracy Dismantled 1

Sen. Whitehouse Says U.S. Came ‘Pretty Close’ To Seeing Democracy Dismantled


The former top law enforcement official in the country has confirmed to investigators that Donald Trump enlisted the Justice Department in his alleged scheme to steal the election — and that he was plotting with a mole inside the department itself to do it. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse joins The ReidOut on MSNBC with the latest.
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    1. Unfortunately I believe the organizers of this USA coup attempt were coming from the billionaires club located inside the Trump private IRS that also involve some Democrats who support racketeering & various countries with Dictators – its not coming from the poor. Trump is just the middle man. This is who the select committee will be really dealing with – people who just order Trump, etc. to do their bidding over the phone or through some other means of communication using for example some of the Trump children giving (through the Trump Defense Department) them Top Level Security Clearance.

  1. Again, you all are talking like the “Coup Attempt” is over. It is not. It will not end unless Trump and his enablers are punished for what they have done, and continue to do to this day.

    1. Exactly! Did you get a load of his FAUX “presidential” press conference in front of his FAUX White House props and podium w/faux presidential seal when he announced his ridiculously faux lawsuit against facebook and Twitter? Oh and then mark meadows on fox talking about their daily FAUX “cabinet meeting”? Lmfao! Soooooo, funny yet a little horrifying!

    2. Everybody who saw Jan 6th knew, Trump belongs in jail. Now we learn that he planned a coup behind close doors. In any other country, he would be in jail the second that information came out.

    3. @Iris Hopp because he’s not in jail, tells me all our political parties are complicit, don’t want to charge him,or something.

    1. Ḟ Ḋ Ṁ Ḉ Ḁ Ṡ
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      Ḉ Ṏ J Ḁ Ṇ Ṳ Ḁ Ṙ Ẏ 6 ṮḦ
      Ḳ Ẏ Ṯ Ṏ Ṯ Ḧ Ṙ Ṏ Ẇ Ẏ Ṏ Ṳ Ṏ Ṳ Ṯ !!!!

  2. If it wasn’t for the integrity of a scarce few republicans, we could be living in an autocracy right now. The American experiment is a SERIOUS trouble.

    1. America’s still heading there. Until the voting rights bills are passed, America is essentially finished. Right now the fascist authoritarians have everything they need to end democracy in America once and for all. The country is dead.

  3. “Nobody knew a coup could be so complicated…it’s just like health care.” -convicted politician speech to fellow prisoners.

    1. I think the time has come, they better get on with this coup,and finish it,or actually work for the people of America that it was supposed to be. This way we will know what our next move will be.

    2. Let’s start with Amendment XIII; Section 1, Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment whereof the party shall of been duty convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. 2, Congress shake have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    1. @MrGST360 It was a rhetorical question. Obviously nothing is going to be done about it. It’s clear that our government is broken.

    2. ​@MrJholm26
      The vacuum between your ears is clear. No intelligent human being thinks that was a coup attempt. You are being played for a fool, apparently that’s what you are.
      What’s going to be done to hold capitol police accountable for the murder of UNARMED FEMALE Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt? They won’t even release the name of the officer, or whoever, who shot her to death.

    1. Of course. That’s why they were unarmed. That’s why 5 of them died from being shot by the Capitol police, including UNARMED FEMALE Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt.

    2. @Jonathan Sterling
      Liar. The world saw what the deranged Babbit was doing when shot. The rest of your vapid babbling is rejected.

    1. @Time Surfer LOL you huff and puff little Marxist. The free ride always ends up like Cuba or Venezuela. People trying to escape to America or asking for our help. Marxist are fools delusional.

    2. @Romance with the Past You can call people names all you want, and all it shows me is you are a fascist. Good day.

    3. @Time Surfer I call them as I see them. You are a Marxist betraying the values of AMERICA. Good day.

    4. @Romance with the Past Ah, yes. I want Liberty and justice FOR ALL.
      Regardless of their Skin Color.
      Or the Sky Daddy they worship. Or don’t.
      And yeah… I’m the Un-American…

      Come back when you actually learn what a Marxist is, Putain Puppet.

  4. ya know…Nixon was forced to resign because he ordered the break-In of Watergate. 45 incited an insurrection on our Capitol in order to stop the certification of an election, he pressured election officials in Georgia, pressured Jeffrey Rosen, pressured Ukraine…and he is touted as the head of the of the GOP! we are weary and exasperated, frustrated and skeptical whether Justice will truly ever be served on Donald Trump. somebody…anybody…please put an end to his continued ruination of country.

    1. It’s clear that you watch too much MSNBC and CNN.
      The election was rigged 100%…. Dominion voting systems was rigged……

  5. Whitehouse is smart, he knows there is a connection between the insurrection and the insubordinate.

  6. Whenever I became a registered voter, I became an Independent voter with the objective of voting for the most suitable candidate running without regards to party affiliation. After Trump, I changed my personal rule to exclude all Trump loyalist from my list of suitable candidates for the rest of my life.

    1. @itsmesanto absolutely! The party has a failed history between 1933-1953 when it lost a generation. This troubled party forgot about its own failed history and its repeating it. This time, the party may never recover.

  7. Wait… what?!? Jeff Clark was “a member of the Federalists Society”?!? And he was still allowed to work at the DOJ as an “impartial” state employee??? WTF! That is the first time I’d heard that, and that explains everything. It’s like the DOJ was infiltrated with a spy and was then happy to abuse his position to advance Trump’s criminal agenda to stage a coup and steal an election.

    1. Well, over the years, the Federalist Society has recommended MANY people that are now in office, it will take a long time to clean all that up.. And that was the judicial part of the plan, similar organisations have been doing the same in other areas (economics, education..)

    2. @Laurent Saint-Laurent Agreed. But there’s also a big difference between being _”recommended by”_ the Federalist Society (like Trump’s Supreme Court nominees) and actually being _a MEMBER_ of the Federalist Society. Meaning, a card-carrying member of a group doing the evil work of literally destroying our democracy. I was just surprised to hear that, and equally surprised this didn’t set of any major red flags within the DOJ that a top member of their leadership was an active member of what I would consider to be a corrupt and subversive organization.

    3. @Private Name Agreed… thing is, he’s probably not the only one & I would bet that many of the GOP appointed judges are also members.. Audits of the DOJ (and many courts) should be conducted… Also, around the Kavanaugh nomination, the Federalist had recommended 20 judges… maybe Drumpf choose one of the worst just to “own the libs”or something..?

  8. Well, after reading the note – …just leave the rest to me and the R congress…” leaves little doubt as to why the republicans didn’t want a commission to study the how and why of Jan 6.

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