Mehdi Dresses Up As Delivery Man, Surprises Parents With Visit After Two Years

Due to U.K. pandemic restrictions, Mehdi Hasan’s parents hadn’t seen their son in person in nearly two years. But that changed when they received a knock on their door from a familiar-looking Amazon delivery person.  
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  1. Holy smokes. Visiting your parents can be wonderful. My 33 year old son Kris is out riding his mountain bike. Separations are difficult. It’s time to realize… that we are generally missing our family lives. Fully vaccinated against the virus situation though! Hallelujah. Let us hope for better days!! Yup!

    1. Good point. I also hope that no one tries that with Texan parents.
      (They could be bleeding out before their mom recognizes them!)

  2. Congrats for a swell time being with your parents! Being with loved ones is a benefit of the covid vaccines. God bless!

  3. You brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful to see loved ones live! (***and without endangering their health!)

  4. The clear, urgent, and heartwarming plea in this prank is to “Please get the vaccine! It will allow you and your loved ones to be healthy. It will allow you to travel and be with them.”

  5. This made me cry then laugh. Your mom was not having it. I bet you got the biggest hug once she figured out who you were. I ❤ it

  6. Nice bit of fun, but I thought his poor dad looked somewhat concerned that a ‘stranger’ pushed his way into his home

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