Senate Clears Procedural Hurdle On Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

The Senate has cleared a key procedural hurdle that will bring the final passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill closer. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Senate Clears Procedural Hurdle On Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill


  1. Senate republicans will never pass it. Not going to happen. McConnell has said out loud that he will do anything to oppose EVERYTHING Biden wants to pass. This is just another manovre. How many times will democrats turn the other cheek?

  2. Moscow Mitch McConnell has already said that there should not be a timetable set for the debate, which means he’s going to try to stretch this to the next election!!!

    1. Then he will go on Fox News again and brag about how he stood in the way of it. Obama was a lot smarter he would have found a way to pass it.

    2. It would pass easily if they would take out all the things that don’t pertain to infrastructure.

    3. @Randal Walker You, obviously don’t watch actual news conferences do you? Moscow Mitch McConnell said that exact thing a few days ago at a news conference as I was watching it! You Evil Republikkkans, just have no stop in yourselves, do you?

  3. I appreciate Biden romantic idea of how politicians used to work for America but these are not those days. Just let the people vote. I mean instead of the house and senate.

    1. True. Most Americans want infrastructure passed. Most Americans want voting rights. Most Americans want a MASSIVE increase on taxes for the rich.

  4. So they’re one step closer to actually voting on the bill at which point every Republican will vote against it. Because McConnell has already sworn to do just that. Plus it’s what Republicans ALWAYS do.
    They’re just dragging this out as long as they can so that Democrats have less time when they need to start over.

    1. @Ray Dugas nah, that’s where I was. See now you’ve lied about your whereabouts, which makes you look guilty.

  5. Without every Democratic party senator **guaranteeing** they will vote for this………the bill will never pass.

  6. I got 100 dollars for anyone who will bet me that these issues are solved JUST IN TIME for the Senate to take their vacation.

  7. This is going to be Obamacare 2.0. They are going to keep stripping it down, and in the end, not a single republican will vote for it.

  8. This is amazing,I don’t think we’ve ever had a big issue in politics about repairing our country’s roads etc,or on infrastructure full stop,I mean why is it an issuer,and yes it does include a lot of different things, America must be literally falling to pieces, c’mon your getting ridiculous Republicans

  9. Stop wasting time, dragging your feet, being political, when your taxpayers who pay your salaries want it.

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