Senate Democrats Seek ‘Creative’ Ways To Pass Voting Rights Legislation

Senate Democrats hold a field hearing on voting rights in Atlanta as the state of Georgia grapples with recent voting restrictions. 

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Senate Democrats Seek ‘Creative’ Ways To Pass Voting Rights Legislation


  1. Total desperation. Nobody is buying this garbage. Start doing a good job and maybe people will vote for you,if not,don’t bother.

  2. Get an ID… and vote on election day!!! See how simple that solution was and nobody lost their voting rights!!

    1. But what about the over one million illegals that Biden has invited into America since he took office?

    2. @Juan Villanueva he has plans to make them the new second class in America. Like the elites have said before “you will own nothing and you will like it”

  3. Democrats seek their souls while burning every bridge to them in the process.

    1. And republicans sold their souls to a con artist who cheats on his pregnant wife and says believing in god is stupid…

  4. Voting rights?????
    We can all vote. Show an ID, an vote.
    Or prove your who you are, and mail in your ballot.
    Gee, we can’t harvest ballots.
    America doesn’t want the Tracy Abrams routine.

  5. They need a creative way of showing America what the Democrats are really doing to this great nation!

  6. This should fill democrats with hope. Their leadership has gathered together to talk about doing something again. That’s what they do mostly. Talk about doing stuff.

  7. Any one with even a few brain cells knows what they mean by “creative”. What they really want is for people to just be sheep. 🐑🐑🐑🐑

  8. Who cares what they think. They work for their constituents. They act like they aren’t public officials. These people are a sham…and also obviously incompetent.

  9. This administration is the most authoritarian government in U.S. history!
    Ushering in a commun ist totalitarian state.

  10. By “seeking new ways” they mean by violating state rights and the constitution in order to stay in power n power til the end of time.

  11. When the people finally figure out Mitch and his wife played a huge part in enabling Trump, I don’t think he will be as important as he thinks he is.

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