1. 1 ou 2 mètres, aucune différence. gardez vos distances. les humains sont très dangereux.

  2. What about cheap gas ,smokes , no tax , free dental , free post secondary education….. shall I go on !! That’s racist lol

  3. Senators are not elected,they are given those cushy jobs,a friend of a friend I would say and that kinda means this one should just shut up and collect her exorbitant Pay from taxpayers. 🙂

  4. Hmmmm…would a different commissioner had pushed on SNC?…I’m not sure Trudeau can have someone he cant control.

  5. My problem is her changing her mind after someone within the liberal party talked with her. To her defence not many completely understands what systemic racism is.

  6. Leave the police alone , this whole systemic racism is so blown outta proportion!!!!!

  7. Only reason to fire her would be for being out of shape. Nothing else i see is wrong though.

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