Senator Encourages Masks At Upcoming Trump Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., weighs in on the president's plans to hold a rally this month in Oklahoma amid concerns over the spread of coronavirus. Sen. Lankford says he encourages attendees to wear masks. Sen. Lankford also discusses police reform legislation. Aired on 06/17/2020.
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Senator Encourages Masks At Upcoming Trump Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If a friend or a neighbor invited you to their house for a party, but said you would have to sign a waiver that states you would not hold them liable if you became gravely sick afterwards, would you sign the waiver and go?

    Thousands of people are going to be driving and flying in from different parts of the country to attend Trump’s coronavirus potluck rally in Tulsa. And the number of infection cases in Tulsa are going to skyrocket afterwards. Count on it. Even Trump’s own people are fully aware that the virus is going to spread like wildfire throughout that rally. It’s the reason why they’re making attendees sign waivers for crying out loud. Trump wouldn’t be holding an indoor rally if he truly cared about his supporters. But like a true sociopath, Trump has weighed the value of their lives, and found them to be worth nothing..

    1. @Ima Aven Gov Cuomo made the decision to force Covid-19 positive persons into ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities). That caused the spread of the virus and the death of thousands of ALF residents. If there is someone responsible for their deaths is 1. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and 2. Governor Cuomos decision.

    2. @Ima Aven No, what it shows is that having 100% of Democrat polititians for decades did absolutely nothing to prevent what happen to George Floyd. And consider this, think of the names of place that suffered looting, burning, etc, etc, all of them have one thing in common, they are cities and districts governed by the democratic party.

    3. David J – and all for the grand total of $50.00…..small price for a life…..but then trump isn’t known to pay what he owes.

    4. @Diane Owen This sounds like a soap opera. Here is another sad made up story “…and the Democrat, tired from hauling the heavy coffee machine from a minority business during the riot, had forgotten his mask and in one breath inhaled the covid-19 virus. Already in the ICU they heard him saying -it was for the people-“

    1. @David Hale you say he was a criminal but he did his time didn’t he? Isn’t that the point? Do the crime, do the time. He should be good to go right? Or are you admitting that there is discrimination against people who commit crimes even after they serve their time and repay their debt to society?

    1. @David Gainey Much different age demographic, my friend. I’ve got no problems with these rallies. This is Darwinism in action. Good luck in November!

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD #1 They’re not “Riots” They’re PROTESTS!
      #2 Protesters wear MASKS!!
      #3 The protests are OUTSIDE you fool! Not 20,000 *unmasked IDIOTS* crammed shoulder to shoulder in an inside arena! An arena with air conditioning that will circulate the virus throughout the place while their screaming and spewing their infected spit and snot onto everyone else! Not to mention 90,000 more imbeciles that are invited to packed into another arena 2 blocks away to watch the *HALF WIT* lie on a big screen TV. They don’t have the brains to realize they could do that at home! Speaking of “home” how about YOU and the rest of Trumps *Hateful Racist Base* “Go back to where you came from” … underneath a rock!!

    3. @David Gainey Sleepy should stay in the basement, we can’t let anything happen to him between now and Nov; he’s winning by wider margins day by day blindfolded.

    4. @BlueTalulips Yes! Thousands of “Protesters” smashed windows and looted stores all following social distancing and wearing masks, All made up! Right! HA, HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA, HA,HA, HA, HA, Just watch the shiny item and repeat, Everyone who says any truth is racist, Everyone who says any truth is racist, Everyone who says any truth is racist, Everyone who says any truth is racist, !! Thats better now isn’t it?

    1. @Agolf Tweetler , yeah they are. Already very unmindful of the consequences of their actions.

  2. If Trump and his followers get infected at the rally, a double Hydroxychloroquine on the rocks, and a Lysol chaser should clear that right up.😆

    1. David J liberal Democrats states are still having protesting & rioting then liberal Democrats want to criticize Trump rallies 😂🤣 it’s official liberal Democrats is the party of double standards.

    2. @John Keith yes world leaders found out then mocked uas agian London 4 days of mocking world wide mocking then soon London mocking leaders mocking dictators mock trump is their any one left to mock trump

    3. Yeah that’s a good one forgot to say it’s just for the Republican. Oh my bad you don’t have to say that Republicans are following this like Jim Jones Democrats are smarter than that we will vote for Biden 2020 and blue across the board

    1. @Mainely They must get dizzy – jumping from the past lies and con theories to the present day ones. It’s no wonder they don’t know which way is up.

  3. Mr. Trump……..such a horrible cost to hold a rally! Who is paying for all the extra cost for taking temperatures…..the give a way masks etc. People who catch COVID and are hospitalized are facing horrendous medical bills! How in the World can you justify holding a rally at this time!

  4. I hope he’s still saying it was safe when his hospitals are full and his constituents are sick and dying.

    1. Oklahoma should pull a New York City and tell contact tracers not to ask covid patients whether or not they went to the rally.

  5. Get payment in first for he’s rally. The other states trump rallies at. Still are waiting to be paid.

    1. You gotta love a con artist who makes a huge deal over giving back his paycheck while not paying his bills and spending hundreds of times that amount of taxpayer money on himself to go play golf.

  6. Never in my life seen so many people so willing to hear, lies, hatred and confusion. WE ARE IN TROUBLE IF THIS MAN WINS RE-ELECTION.

    1. Peaches Williams …Oh God yes! Come to Toronto …we have 200 cases and 20 deaths. People wear masks here! They distance from each other….they respect each other and the power of the virus 🦠….Trudeau was thinking I’d mandatory masks and fines if you don’t comply! Look at Trump and his crazy 😜 minions! No masks 🎭 and crowded together like sardines! 🇨🇦🦠🖤🤥🚼💔🤡🐷🍄🎃😷😢

    2. @Vivian Perino HEY friendly Canadian. 1. That’s awesome you all have kept the numbers low by listening to science and having a competent leader and compassion for each other.
      2.ARE YOU INSANE!!! DON’T OPEN YOUR BOARDER TO US!! Don’t let the US come there PERIOD!! Until we get a new president. ✌ 💖

    3. Peaches Williams Trump being reelected will mean him serving part of a 2nd term as he’ll most likely step aside or be dead due to poor health. Pence will become POTUS. PENCE! vote blue 2020.

  7. Its ok if they die, for the good of the economy. Its their patriotic duty to die for Trump’s re-election.

    1. There’s a string of cities that have not been paid for the huge cost of Trump’s vanity rallies. So what did he do with the money, pocket like he tried to do with the Inauguration funds? I do not think he can be trusted about anything.

  8. Why cant Trump have his cult meeting outside? Oh,….that’s right, his hair. So maybe thousands will become sick and many die, because his hair may get messed up. That’s messed up.

    1. Think about it….Trump’s hair issues are the whole reason for millions of Americans wearing those stupid red MAGA caps. He couldn’t campaign out in the wind, rain and humidity without messing up that hair so he came up with the cap idea.

    1. @bingo_fuel not his skin color! makeup heels & wig wearing from the girl who thinks he is a smart tough guy!

    2. @D B think you just made fun of trans people. what’s your problem with them? would you be opposed to a trans president?

    1. @Brady N no this year dude, the republican party led by dump is what is sad, he has proven himself to be exactly what he is a blowhard loser, sad is the description of where his presidency has led us to here,now,today,

    2. @Brady N If you’re going to the trump stroke-me-therapy fest, I will send thoughts and prayers, along with paper towels to your family. RIP.

  9. I hope Trump gets 115,000 people so America just how many people died from the preventable Trump virus

  10. Why are people who attend asked to sign a waiver not to sue him, if they get sick ?? If that’s not cowardly …

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